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Sea daffodil

September 29, 2013
sea daffodil

sea daffodil

sea daffodil

sea daffodil

Sea daffodil, Pancratium maritimum, is found on the coast of the Mediterranean, Caspian and Black Sea.

A member of the Amaryllidaceae family, it used to be widespread in Mediterranean, but now quite rare. Protected pockets can be found on the edge of the sandy beaches in Protaras, and isolated plants beside the Protaras-Pernera Coast Path.

For Annie, with love.

Nighttime walk along Coast Path

September 27, 2012
lights from pier reflected in the sea

lights from pier reflected in the sea

Meet me at the pier, said my Russian friend Irena.

It was at her insistence that I found myself walking along the Paralimni-Protaras Coast Path in the dark.

It was surprisingly warm. It was interesting to see the coast path in a different light. In the distance, the lights from the pier reflecting off the sea.

I was reminded of walking along the seafront at Brighton and seeing the lights of Brighton Pier refected in the sea.

On arrival at the Pier, I was greeted by Captain Gregory of Napa King, on whose boat Irena and I had sailed that day.

No sign of Irena, then a shout Keith.

We walked back along the coast path as far as Fig Tree Bay, then walked the short distance to Nicolas Tavern where we had agreed to have dinner.

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