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Afternoon in Oxford

August 1, 2019

Coolish in the morning then turned hot.

GWR Gatwick to Reading train no water in the one and only toilet. Disgusting. This spreads disease throughout the train.

Why do we have to put up with these Third World Conditions when travelling by train?

CrossTrain was waiting at the platform. It was empty, by the time it left full.

Why a bull outside Oxford Station hidden down the side of the Said Business School.

Oxford is starting to experience the same problem as Berlin, rental cycles dumped everywhere.

Interesting wheel lock on the cycles. The cycles are very heavy. Cannot be pleasant to ride.

I spoke with a traffic warden. He said it was a major problem. He said the bikes are ridden slowly, the problem being the weight. He told a coach to turn off its engine.

The problem is an unregulated sector. Who is responsive if someone trips over an abandoned cycle? The rental company, the cyclist?

From Oxford Station, a pleasant walk along the Oxford Canal to Jericho.

Many of the houseboats are little more than barely floating wrecks.

Cross over the canal on the foot bridge, zigzag, and it brings out opposite 101 Coffee Espresso Bar.

Beyond the footbridge the paintwork on a boat being scoured. The water full of pollutants.

Note: Oxford City Council were notified of this major pollution incident, sent a reminder. They lacked the courtesy to reply.

I carried on until the next bridge, crossed the canal, more dumped cycles, then walked via the road to 101 Coffee Espresso Bar.

101 Coffee Espresso bar. Excellent coffee.

Coffee on the shelves a little old. They had been at a festival and surplus left over. I suggested the Colombian coffee from Coffee Gems was an absolute must to order.

Looked in Branca Food. A little deli, though not so little when walk in. I think I will try one day.

The local recommendation is, good place to eat, but avoid the coffee, for coffee 101 Coffee Espresso Bar.

Then back along the canal to main road, then to the street food market.

I could have carried on down the road past Branca Food, but the canal is a more scenic route and avoids the traffic.

The standards on the market are abysmally low. How many have hand washing facilities? Ice cream van with engine running. Too many using plastic.

I asked one stall why using polystyrene boxes. At least he was honest, would not make enough profit. No, it is not ok to externalise your costs. If your businesses is not viable, close down.

Looked in The Handle Bar. Downstairs empty, moronic music blasting out. Upstairs empty.

Quirky, worth looking in, The Handle Bar though is not somewhere I would recommend. Coffee mediocre, always noisy, service poor and the staff rude.

To Society Café. I was only looking in to see of they had issue 3 of Society. No. I picked up issue 2. No copies left of issue 1.

Commonsense has broken out. They have reverted back to accepting cash.

I stayed and had a V60. As it had now tuned hot, I would have preferred an iced filter coffee. Barista knew how to make, but too much trouble to make.

A brief chat with head barista. I suggested the Colombian coffee from Coffee Gems was an absolute must to order. Currently guest coffee from Origin and Round Hill Coffee.

I have been able to have a coffee in the past at Society Café but only because I was with a Chinese friend and she paid with her Chinese credit card. To her surprise it was accepted.

Filming by one of the colleges.

A new Endeavour? A lot of film crew.

Note: Radcliffe Camera not Ratcliffee Camera. Android not so helpfully auto-correcting.

On to Oxford Covered Market to Colombian Coffee Roasters.

I stopped off and had a 1/3 pint at the craft beer stall.

Excellent cappuccino at Colombian Coffee Roasters. Not so the smoothie. It sldudl be made from fresh fruit.

Indians taking coffee. Must have filled the cup of coffee half full with sugar.

A bag of Wush Wush coffee. Expensive, £25 per 250g bag.

A alk alng thev River Thanmes.

I watched a duck usher duckling across a path.

By now I was running late.

I psoke to an Ethioppain girl. I do not think I have eber met a girl from Ethipia. She was intetsred in the vcoffee shops. I took her ona tour and showed her Cafe Society.

Wer tenwlaked to the Oxford Canal sayt and had a chat.

Now I was going to be very lucky if aI cuaht a train at at nine. I was lucky, I caught, what I thought was a slwo train was no stop to Readin.

Shock horror. In time to miss a train. No trains for at least an hour.

For once I was gateful for a train being delayed. Otherwsie over an hour late fo the next train.

— to b e continued —

Oxford street food market

June 22, 2019

An excellent street food market, spoilt for choice.

I settled on souvlaki as I had already decided, but other stalls were very tempting.

Oxford City Council needs to set higher environmental standards, assuming set any.

A fruit juice stall with moronic music blasting out should be told to cease, as they are disturbing the peace and quiet of the square.

Food served in polystyrene boxes not acceptable.

There needs to be bench seats as n York for people to sit and enjoy the food.

The street food market comparable with a street food market I happened upon in Berlin. That in Berlin market better, but still excellent choice and variety. As a street food market should be.

Half the market is a traditional market at least it is on a Wednesday when bread, fruit and vegetables. Not so on a Saturday, second-hand books, art, Jewellery, music.

Oxford street food market puts to shame the travelling circuses hosted in Lincoln.

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