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101 Coffee Espresso Bar

July 10, 2019

101 Coffee Espresso Bar could not be easier to find.

On a summer’s day, a pleasant walk along the Oxford Canal, after the first lock, cross the canal over a footbridge to Jericho, a zigzag, out of Juxon Street, opposite the other side of the street, 101 Coffee Espresso Bar.

Only no sign, nothing to indicate 101 Coffee Espresso Bar. Only on walking in, thinking this looks interesting, did I see on the counter 101 Coffee.

I was the only one there, or at least I was, a steady stream of customers.

Pleasant ambience, natural wood tables with an impressive polish. Excellent varnish. No, it is resin.

Coffee I have not come across before, Quarter Horse Coffee. Apparently they were in Oxford, a coffee shop and roastery, then upped sticks to Birmingham, closed their Oxford coffee shop.

101 Coffee Espresso Bar an unusual set up, a tiny coffee shop, up narrow stairs on the first floor a tiny barber shop. The only indication of this, as walk into 101 Coffee Espresso Bar a barber’s chair. I commented on this, asking had I walked into barber shop or a coffee shop?

Excellent cappuccino.

Copies of Standart, to read not for sale.

Something I had never seen before, water in a can not a plastic bottle. From what I could make out the can was in itself unusual in that it was resealable.

Society Café revisited

June 22, 2019


A little further down St Michael’s Street from The Handle Bar, opposite Oxford Union, Society Café.

I looked in Society Café a few days ago, but no coffee as do not take cash. Today I tried credit card, but did not work. A friend tried her Chinese card, surprisingly it worked. I think because of one of the card readers which bypasses the banks. I am still though not happy their refusal to accept cash and they need to think again. Use of cards profits the banks and tracks people.

From Society newspaper

A place for everyone

Not exclusive
All welcome
Cant’t wait to meet you

But not if wish to use cash or for what ever reason lack the credit rating  to obtain a card.

I had a cappuccino which was excellent.

Espresso from Origin, guest coffee for V60 from Round Hill Roastery.

Staff very professional.

Picked up Society and down the cellar found an earlier issue. It started as newspaper, now a magazine. Next edition due soon.

They also had latest edition of Standart. My friend paid with her Chinese credit card and I gave her the cash.

Note: On a later visit I am pleased to report now accepting cash.

The Handle Bar revisited

June 22, 2019

Looked in The Handle Bar but did not stop, upstairs too noisy and the coffee bar downstairs no time for a coffee.

Colombia Coffee Roasters

June 20, 2019

Ideal place for a coffee shop thought I as I wandered through Oxford Covered Market, and no soonest had this thought occurred as if by magic one was conjured up.

A board said artisan coffee. They all claim artisan, gourmet is another, means nothing.

A fool was giving the barista a hard time, whilst at the same time blocking customers.

I ordered a cappuccino. It was excellent. Long chat with a Colombian lady, the owner, whose family own a farm in Columbia from where sources her beans from adn from other farms she knows.

Knowledgeable and professional staff.

What I liked which I have not come acrioss before, an intern from Latin America, learns the coffee shop side of the coffee trade, improves her English.

Society Café

June 19, 2019

I would like to be able to comment on Society Café coffee but never got the chance. They refuse to accept cash.

Society is their in-house magazine worth picking up a copy.

Note: A few days later revisited Society Café and was able to use a Chinese card. Used to purchase cappuccino and latest copy of Standart. Cappuccino excellent, but still not happy that not possible to use cash.

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