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Satomi Morimoto

December 31, 2016

I had the pleasure of meeting Satomi Morimoto a couple of weeks ago.

I saw her at Teatro Timanfaya where she played jazz with ST Fusion, then a couple of days later when in a classical trio  OpenART Ensemble she played music from the film Amelie and the modern tango of Astor Piazzolla.

She is an amazing jazz and classical pianist, and has an incredible voice.

Film is at her house, then centre of La Laguna.

Músico en vivo en Mansión Abaco

March 10, 2014
músico en vivo en salón de Mansión Abaco

músico en vivo en salón de Mansión Abaco

Openart Ensemble: trío, violín, violín y violonchelo.

Last part of programme was very good.

The name come from their desire to introduce new works, or works less familiar to the audience, as they did with six pieces by Paul de Wailly.

Paul de Wailly (1855-1933) started to compose when 17 in 1871 and became one of the rare students of César Franck, who taught him “everything I know.”

I suggested they recorded and released on bandcamp.

After the concert, we ate in the restaurant. A big mistake, the food expensive and not good.

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