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We are in charge now

January 23, 2012

Carrotmob Makes It Rain from carrotmob on Vimeo.

SUSTAINATION – Find us on from Ed Dowding on Vimeo.

Greening Alton

Greening Alton

apple Malus domestica var Cornish Aromatic

apple Malus domestica var Cornish Aromatic

Politicians have failed to wake up to the fact we are living in a new world where they are an irrelevance. If you want something doing, do it yourself.

Every time two-faced hypocritical Nick Clegg opens his mouth he becomes a laughing stock.

Spineless Ed Miliband and useless Ed Balls have rendered labour unelectable. They oppose the ConDem cuts, but will keep in place in the unlikely event they are re-elected. They will not oppose the cuts to the poorest in society. An odious Labour women on Westminster Hour (BBC Radio 4) last night said their only concern with the cuts was that it might hurt local councils!

Tories justify the cuts on the grounds the poor will be better off having their benefits cut! This priceless piece of news speak would have made George Orwell proud.

Unemployed are to be harassed and bastardised even more by Job Centres making their already miserable lives even more miserable. People are jobless because there are no jobs! Instead of harassment, provide encouragement to make productive use of the time on their hands so they retain their dignity as human beings.

With the ConDem government so hated and despised, Labour should be head and shoulders ahead but they are not, they are trailing, such is the track record of Messrs Miliband and Balls.

The Trade Unions should, as PCS are considering, cut off all funding to Labour and instead hand that money over to activists who are making a difference.

In the States we see an odious vile bunch of Republican wanna be President. Barack Obama should be able to walk the election against this odious bunch, except he has been an unmitigated disaster, the Houseboy in the White House, the tool of Big Business and Wall Street.

Food speculation and crops for fuel, is driving up the price of land and food, driving poor people off the land.

All though is not lost. We can re-engineer from within, bypass Parliament, bypass Big Business.

Occupy is not just about occupying space, it is about using that space, creating a multiplicity of ideas, a parallel world.

Last week St Paul’s in-the-Camp got their marching orders, they are due for eviction later this week. The judge claimed the camp was obstructing the highway, blocking access to St Paul’s, neither statement was true.

Occupy is growing urban food, investing in urban food distribution networks.

Flash mobs and social networks are being used used to re-engineer how food is grown, distributed and sold.

Carrotmob targeted stores in an area. The one store that delivered the best environmental proposals would have a large number of purchasers delivered to the store when its doors opened. Within a couple of hours, over $9,000 had been spent in the store, normal take $1,000 to £1,300, on an exceptionally good day $3,000.

For example Waitrose uses plastic bags for loose fruit and vegetables. There is no reason why they cannot use paper bags as does the local street markets. What if we formed a buying flash mob, a buy pod, to target Waitrose on this one issue?

In the States we have Community Supported Agriculture. The community supports the farm, the farm supplies what the community wants. A world of difference to being ripped off by supermarket chains and food speculators.

Cultivate is small farm of 5 acres south of Oxford. The community invests in the farm, the farm grows what the community wants. The farms goes to the community with their produce. They catch the commuters as they come off the trains, they catch the parents as they pick their kids up from school.

Curitiba has a had urban agriculture for some time. It also encourages farmers outside the city.

Greening Alton finds little plots of land and grows vegetables. There is a plot at Alton Station. Whether one is supposed to help oneself is not clear. They also match people up, those with a garden, those who wish to grow food, and an arrangement reached to share to produce.

Transition Heathrow has taken this to a whole new level. When the threat of a Third Runaway was mooted for Heathrow, the area became blighted. Transition Heathrow seized a derelict market garden and turned it back to productive use. They even had a positive impact on the local crime rate. The owners of the land, now that they see a success has been made, are trying to seize it back.

What has been achieved at Alton and Heathrow has been taken to a whole new level by Incredible Edible Todmorden. First, like Alton, small plots of waste land, now the whole town is involved, food grown by the town for the town. It makes a pleasant change to find a local council working with a behalf of a local community, not in the pockets of developers.

Christchurch was all but demolished by the earthquake last year. Town planners are looking at Todmorden as the model for the new Christchurch, that it will grow its own food.

Sustaination is making it easy to link growers, and restaurants and other local buyers. I eat in a restaurant, I ask where did their delicious lamb come from, or I can tell them where I get my top quality food from.

Food security is the issue. Without food we starve and die. We cannot carry on as though the rest of the world owes us a living, that they are under some obligation to feed us, as they are not.

We have to grow our own food. It is ludicrous to import tasteless apples from France, and grub up our own orchards. English strawberries put to shame those imported from the rest of the world, to give all-year-round, out-of-season strawberries. What is wrong with waiting for for the new season strawberries fresh from the fields?

The only food imports should be luxuries, pineapples and bananas, and when in season from southern Europe melons and water melons, and citrus fruits from southern Europe and the Middle East, similarly apricots and peaches.

In Petersfield, there is a walled garden, the Petersfield Physic Garden, all that remains of a medieval burgage plot. There I found the most delicious apples. I know, because I ate one. When the lady came to lock up, I owned up. That is what they are there for she said, please help yourself. A very peaceful and tranquil garden.

We have to move to Open Government, Participatory Democracy, where we are in charge. Social media now makes this possible.

Generation Food
A sense of the masses – a manifesto for the new revolution
Documented@Davos: SOPA Panel

Cant and hypocrisy of Bristol and Sheffield Cathedrals

January 6, 2012
Bristol Cathedral - Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

Bristol Cathedral - Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

The key issue is a theological one … what do we stand for as a Cathedral. Economic justice is the Number One issue in the Bible. — Giles Fraser, former Canon Chancellor St Paul’s Cathedral

One reason many do not like the church in particular and Christianity in general is the appalling cant and hypocrisy. Do as we preach, not as we do.

A religion of the poor and oppressed hijacked by Emperor Constantine to become the official state religion of a military empire. Overnight the oppressed became the oppressors. Religion turned into what it had always been, a tool to control the masses, not a means of liberation and salvation for the masses.

St Paul’s learned the hard way when Occupy London Stock Exchange turned up on their doorstep and St Paul’s decided to close for a week on bogus health and safety grounds. Having learnt the lesson the hard way, the clergy of St Paul’s are now working closely with the camp, having been forced to re-examine the core values of Christianity.

Lessons that have yet to be learnt by the administration at either Bristol Cathedral or Sheffield Cathedral. Both located amidst pockets of acute deprivation.

The Deans of both Cathedrals say they want their grounds back, that it is public space, are threatening eviction.

Are those in occupation not the public? Are they not engaging in wide discourse with the wider public? Have they not shown willingness to engage with the clergy of both cathedrals?

If there is a problem, then why are the clergy not talking to resolve it?

Why is Bristol Cathedral working in lockstep with the local council to mount an eviction? Since when has a local council represented local people, let alone acted for local people?

Sheffield Cathedral, a place for all people, unless you happen to be living in a tent as a protester, then pick up your tent and depart.

It is even claimed the camps are not making a difference. Jeremy Paxman made a similar crass comment on Newsnight two nights ago in his dumb preamble prior to an excellent interview with Giles Fraser, former Canon Chancellor at St Paul’s, when he said nothing has been achieved as it has not changed capitalism.

Nothing has changed?

Would Giles Fraser have been on Newsnight two nights ago? Would David Cameron yesterday have been saying action has to be taken against corporate tax dodgers? Would the issues raised by UK Uncut have been on Newsnight last night?

The entire political landscape has changed. The only reasons these issues of social justice and tax avoidance are being raised at all is thanks to St Paul’s in-the-Camp and the numerous camps across the country including Occupy Bristol and Occupy Sheffield and UK Uncut targeting tax dodgers like Sir Philip Green and Vodafone.

As Giles Fraser said two nights ago on Newsnight, minor issues of inconvenience in the greater realm of things are far less important than the issues being raised, issues which go to the core of Christianity and why churches like St Paul’s and our great cathedrals were built.

Giles Fraser was preceded by an odious woman from the Church of England General Synod, lacking in grace and lacking any understanding of the message of Jesus. People like her give all Christians a bad name.

College Green update
Sheffield Cathedral Media Release: Occupy Sheffield 5 January 2012
Occupy the New year!
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Oh St Pauls, why?

December 30, 2011

And making a whip of cords, he drove them all, with the sheep and oxen, out of the temple; and he poured out the coins of the money-changers and overturned their tables. — John 2:15

Oh St Pauls, why?

o cathedral what have u done?
where has ur christianity run?
what would jesus do i ask?
faced with the chapters awkward task.

what to with all those tents?
support them or charge them rent?
who can blame them to be fair,
with so much injustice everywhere.

ppl sleeping in the cold,
while the cathedral resorts to crimes untold,
lying in court,
shaming their kind,

leaving the values of jesus behind.
crucifying jesus with every action,
forgetting that they create such sad reactions,
well with Goldman Sachs on the board of trustees,
and hsbc robbing oaps……

such unethical corps pulling the strings,
makes a sickening situation as the bell rings,
huge wooden doors and hearts much the same,
but if i may ask?who is to blame?

o cathedral what have u done?
why have u allowed such evil to run?
why do you not just do as god says,
and act justly and truthfully in all your ways?

no legal action says ur chapter and staff,
but i heard it in court,don’t make me laugh,
not one kind word for us did i hear,
when the witness you sent spouted crap down my ears,

I couldn’t believe it
that I admit
I sat there and thought
“is this really it

is this religious cathedral this huge house of god,
going to stand their and lie,it was rather odd!
o dear cathedral on the 11th jan,
the violence u didn’t want will happen’
partly at ur hands.

— Tammy Samede

Tammy Samede is the named defendant for Occupy LSX, she is also a mother of four and a christian at heart, recently she has felt dissillusioned and discusted by some of the actions of the church and their activities in the financial industry. The occupy movement has shaken the heart of the church and forced it in to questioning its moral standing. We await to see which side of the line the church will stand when the time for eviction comes.

Originally posted on Farang Rak Thailand.

Contrary to the smears in the media, it is not and never has been the camp v St Paul’s, but for perverse reasons not known the Registrar of St Paul’s decided to give evidence on behalf of the City of London against the camp.

Top story Occupy Global and Local LSE (Saturday 31 December 2011).


December 30, 2011


i buy therefore i am
is the corporate pslam
our democracy – consumerism
we’re caught in a prism
of shiny colours, sparkle
so we can all marvel
at kate middleton’s shoes
pretending we choose
but it leaves you empty
this pursuit of plently
life is more, than more crap
can we all get behind that?
go home and watch telly
have a beer, get lonely
buy something on ebay
thats how u have your say
lets change the set up
from the bottom up
stop messing on the phone
dont be a corporate clone
take control of industry
so its run with empathy
cause its all one globe
so fire up your stove
come pitch ur tent
state ur intent
to change the current system
which stops the world from eating
lets stand in solidarity
strive for equality
there’s an oppertunity
to stop the super rich
dont dig your own ditch
die on your feet or live on ur knees
theres more than 80′s cheese
there’s love and hugs
throw the crutch of drugs
and walk into a freedom
thats of ur own making

— Catherine Brogan

Top story Occupy Global and Local LSE (Saturday 31 December 2011).

Protest the dominant theme of 2011

December 30, 2011
St Paul's in-the-camp Time Out picture of the year 2011

St Paul's in-the-camp Time Out picture of the year 2011

here to stay

here to stay

root out usury

root out usury

Christmas Bishop of London at St Paul's in-the-Camp

Christmas Bishop of London at St Paul's in-the-Camp

As 2011 draws to a close, Occupy and Arab Spring were the defining moments. Historians will note the date when one world changed to another, no longer were ordinary people prepared to be kicked around by corrupt politicians in the pocket of Big Businesses.

Strictly speaking the Arab Spring started in Tunisia as 2010 drew to a close, but it really took off in Tahrir Square at the beginning of the year. Mubarak has gone but the job is not yet finished, the ruling military elite has yet to be toppled. In Libya a job well done, but unfortunately much blood was shed. In Syria, work in progress, Assad has a simple choice, hand himself over to the ICC or leave with a bullet in the head. In Yemen, unfinished businesses. In Saudi Arabia the corrupt House of Saud has yet to be toppled or the Mullahs and Ayatollahs in Iran.

Syria troops ‘clash with Damascus activists’

Occupy started in Spain when the young unemployed occupied the centre of Madrid. It quickly spread to New York, then around the world. Brutal crackdowns in the US. In the UK St Paul’s in-the-Camp has spread to an estimated 60 camps around the country. Contrary to the smear stories in the media, it never was the camp v St Paul’s and the clergy are working closely with the camp. St Paul’s in-the-Camp has revitalised the church, made them recognise the core values of Christianity. Contrary to smears in the media, church attendance up not down.

Freedom to protest
St Paul’s plans for lasting legacy of Occupy protest
Archbishop of Wales urges church to ‘get hands dirty’ in the fight against poverty and injustice
The origins of Christmas
The Nativity of Our Lord
Attendances prove Christmas surprise

On Christmas day the Bishop of London delivered a box of chocolates to the camp outside St Paul’s. The year will end with a reading of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol at 6pm this evening on the steps of St Paul’s.

Protesters celebrate Christmas, as judge postpones decision
An Occupy reading of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’
Occupy London presents a reading of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – 6pm Friday 30 December at the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral
Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol especially adapted for Occupy London
New Year’s Eve Weekend at Occupy London – Make it count!

As Dickens’ bicentennial approaches, it seems only fitting for Occupy London to stage a public reading of A Christmas Carol at St Paul’s Cathedral. Dickens was compelled to write A Christmas Carol out of a strong desire to comment on the enormous gap between the rich and poor in Victorian Britain. It is a similar strength of conviction that has motivated the growth of the Occupy movement to work to transform the growing social, economic and political injustices of our time. As Giles Fraser, former Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral said:

Christmas is the most political of the Church’s festivals … all politics is about people, and without a fundamental sympathy for the plight of other human beings, and in particular for the dispossessed, no political movement for social change is ever going to capture the heart. For Dickens, Christmas was the emotional centre of the big society. Peace on earth and goodwill to all.

Arab Spring and Occupy have become key words and phrases of 2011. St Paul’s in-the-Camp picture of the year for Time Out. Time Magazine proclaimed this year’s Person of the Year to be “the Protester”. Five of the Top 10 Most Commented Stories this year in the New York Times were about Occupy wall Street!

New words: the official* glossary of 2011
Best of 2011: pictures of the year – Occupy London camp
The Protester

In Leeds, when the unaccountable town council announced £90 million cuts protesters stormed the council chamber, then Occupy Leeds arrived.

2011: when year of global protests became local in Leeds
Quiet in the August troubles; but Occupy looks here to stay

UK Uncut has forced tax dodging up the political agenda. A damning report on HMRC by a House of Commons Select Committee. The Head of HMRC forced to resign, with effect next year. UK Uncut and Occupy London Stock Exchange have exposed the City of London as one of the few remaining Rotten Boroughs.

The tax haven in the heart of Britain

Who would have thought Russians would have taken to the streets in their tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands to call for democratic accountability and to call upon Vladimir Putin to go?

Not all good news.

There has been coups in Greece and Italy. Italy no longer has a democratically elected government, it has a government put in place by EU and German bankers. A government to serve the banks and EU not the people of Italy. In Greece the government is acting for the EU and bankers not the Greek people.

Ryanair refused to allow a passenger on his way home for Christmas to board a flight to Malaga. Hints of terrorism. Yet one more reason to boycott Ryanair.

Occupy protester ‘banned’ from flight home for Christmas

Iraq is descending into Hell.

The Truth as Iraq descends into Hell

Occupy has inspired poetry.

Jesus was born in an empty building
Oh St Pauls, why?

For Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho 2011 was a very good year, his latest book, the biographical Aleph released last year in Brazil, shot straight to No 1 in every country published. The noticeable exception was in the UK thanks to High Street bookshop chain Waterstone’s deliberately choosing not to put Aleph on display.

What a year!

As 2011 draws to a close there is still much unfinished business. The list is long, libraries closures, cuts in public services, Welfare to Work programmes, privatisation of the health service …

How to help disabled people fight the welfare reform bill

I will give but one example.

Lincoln City Council has decided to put a heritage site, The Lawn, up for sale. Set in a 8 acre site, this museum complex was a pioneering mental hospital, it now houses the Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory. Sir Joseph Banks was chief scientific officer on the Endeavour, established Kew gardens, President of the Royal Society. The Lawn is the ideal site for Occupy Lincoln.

Not for Sale! Hands off our Lawn!

As we head into 2012, the fight goes on …

Happy New Year!

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