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Occupy were right says senior Bank of England banker

October 31, 2012

Anyone who thinks the occupation outside St Paul’s had no impact should think again. Occupy were morally and intellectually right says Andrew Haldane, a member of the Bank of England financial policy committee.

Capitalism is Crisis

Capitalism is Crisis

Andrew Haldane, a member of the Bank’s financial policy committee, said the Occupy movement was correct in its attack on the international financial system.

The Occupy movement sprang up last year and staged significant demonstrations in both the City of London and New York, protesting about the unequal distribution of wealth and the influence of the financial services industry. Members of the movement occupied the grounds of St Paul’s and remained camped there for more than three months until police evicted them in February last year.

“Occupy has been successful in its efforts to popularise the problems of the global financial system for one very simple reason; they are right,” Mr Haldane said last night. Mr Haldane, the Bank’s executive director for financial stability, was speaking to Occupy Economics, an offshoot of the Occupy movement, at an event in central London.
In a speech entitled Socially Useful Banking, he said the protesters had helped bring about a “reformation” in financial services and the way they are regulated.

Partly because of the protests, he suggested, both bank executives and policymakers were persuaded that banks must behave in a more moral way, and take greater account of inequality in wider society.

“Occupy’s voice has been both loud and persuasive and policymakers have listened and are acting,” he said. “In fact, I want to argue that we are in the early stages of a reformation of finance, a reformation which Occupy has helped stir.”

The protesters had been right about bankers’ behaviour and the consequences of extremely high salaries and bonuses in the financial sector and other industries, he said.

“I do not just mean right in a moral sense,” he added.

“It is the analytical, every bit as much as the moral, ground that Occupy has taken. For the hard-headed facts suggest that, at the heart of the global financial crisis, were — and are — problems of deep and rising inequality.”

Mr Haldane concluded by telling the activists that they had helped bring about nothing less than a new financial order.

“If I am right and a new leaf is being turned, then Occupy will have played a key role in this fledgling financial reformation,” he said.

“You have put the arguments. You have helped win the debate.”

In the text of his speech distributed by the Bank last night, Mr Haldane made no reference to the techniques employed by the Occupy protesters.

The occupation of St Paul’s last year was controversial, and led to claims that the protesters were despoiling the cathedral’s grounds.

The protest ended after the Corporation of London won a legal order allowing the activists to be evicted.

Earlier this month, members of the group marked the first anniversary of the St Paul’s protest by entering the cathedral during a service and chaining themselves to the pulpit.

First published in The Telegraph.

Cant and hypocrisy of Bristol and Sheffield Cathedrals

January 6, 2012
Bristol Cathedral - Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

Bristol Cathedral - Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

The key issue is a theological one … what do we stand for as a Cathedral. Economic justice is the Number One issue in the Bible. — Giles Fraser, former Canon Chancellor St Paul’s Cathedral

One reason many do not like the church in particular and Christianity in general is the appalling cant and hypocrisy. Do as we preach, not as we do.

A religion of the poor and oppressed hijacked by Emperor Constantine to become the official state religion of a military empire. Overnight the oppressed became the oppressors. Religion turned into what it had always been, a tool to control the masses, not a means of liberation and salvation for the masses.

St Paul’s learned the hard way when Occupy London Stock Exchange turned up on their doorstep and St Paul’s decided to close for a week on bogus health and safety grounds. Having learnt the lesson the hard way, the clergy of St Paul’s are now working closely with the camp, having been forced to re-examine the core values of Christianity.

Lessons that have yet to be learnt by the administration at either Bristol Cathedral or Sheffield Cathedral. Both located amidst pockets of acute deprivation.

The Deans of both Cathedrals say they want their grounds back, that it is public space, are threatening eviction.

Are those in occupation not the public? Are they not engaging in wide discourse with the wider public? Have they not shown willingness to engage with the clergy of both cathedrals?

If there is a problem, then why are the clergy not talking to resolve it?

Why is Bristol Cathedral working in lockstep with the local council to mount an eviction? Since when has a local council represented local people, let alone acted for local people?

Sheffield Cathedral, a place for all people, unless you happen to be living in a tent as a protester, then pick up your tent and depart.

It is even claimed the camps are not making a difference. Jeremy Paxman made a similar crass comment on Newsnight two nights ago in his dumb preamble prior to an excellent interview with Giles Fraser, former Canon Chancellor at St Paul’s, when he said nothing has been achieved as it has not changed capitalism.

Nothing has changed?

Would Giles Fraser have been on Newsnight two nights ago? Would David Cameron yesterday have been saying action has to be taken against corporate tax dodgers? Would the issues raised by UK Uncut have been on Newsnight last night?

The entire political landscape has changed. The only reasons these issues of social justice and tax avoidance are being raised at all is thanks to St Paul’s in-the-Camp and the numerous camps across the country including Occupy Bristol and Occupy Sheffield and UK Uncut targeting tax dodgers like Sir Philip Green and Vodafone.

As Giles Fraser said two nights ago on Newsnight, minor issues of inconvenience in the greater realm of things are far less important than the issues being raised, issues which go to the core of Christianity and why churches like St Paul’s and our great cathedrals were built.

Giles Fraser was preceded by an odious woman from the Church of England General Synod, lacking in grace and lacking any understanding of the message of Jesus. People like her give all Christians a bad name.

College Green update
Sheffield Cathedral Media Release: Occupy Sheffield 5 January 2012
Occupy the New year!
The Occupation Continues

Oh St Pauls, why?

December 30, 2011

And making a whip of cords, he drove them all, with the sheep and oxen, out of the temple; and he poured out the coins of the money-changers and overturned their tables. — John 2:15

Oh St Pauls, why?

o cathedral what have u done?
where has ur christianity run?
what would jesus do i ask?
faced with the chapters awkward task.

what to with all those tents?
support them or charge them rent?
who can blame them to be fair,
with so much injustice everywhere.

ppl sleeping in the cold,
while the cathedral resorts to crimes untold,
lying in court,
shaming their kind,

leaving the values of jesus behind.
crucifying jesus with every action,
forgetting that they create such sad reactions,
well with Goldman Sachs on the board of trustees,
and hsbc robbing oaps……

such unethical corps pulling the strings,
makes a sickening situation as the bell rings,
huge wooden doors and hearts much the same,
but if i may ask?who is to blame?

o cathedral what have u done?
why have u allowed such evil to run?
why do you not just do as god says,
and act justly and truthfully in all your ways?

no legal action says ur chapter and staff,
but i heard it in court,don’t make me laugh,
not one kind word for us did i hear,
when the witness you sent spouted crap down my ears,

I couldn’t believe it
that I admit
I sat there and thought
“is this really it

is this religious cathedral this huge house of god,
going to stand their and lie,it was rather odd!
o dear cathedral on the 11th jan,
the violence u didn’t want will happen’
partly at ur hands.

— Tammy Samede

Tammy Samede is the named defendant for Occupy LSX, she is also a mother of four and a christian at heart, recently she has felt dissillusioned and discusted by some of the actions of the church and their activities in the financial industry. The occupy movement has shaken the heart of the church and forced it in to questioning its moral standing. We await to see which side of the line the church will stand when the time for eviction comes.

Originally posted on Farang Rak Thailand.

Contrary to the smears in the media, it is not and never has been the camp v St Paul’s, but for perverse reasons not known the Registrar of St Paul’s decided to give evidence on behalf of the City of London against the camp.

Top story Occupy Global and Local LSE (Saturday 31 December 2011).

Jesus was born in an empty building

December 24, 2011

Brilliant poetry reading on the life of Jesus at St Paul’s in-the-Camp.

Jesus was a protester by Catherine Brogan.

For Lina to bring a smile to her face.

Top story SPOT – a poetry paper (Friday 24 December 2011).

Freedom to protest

December 19, 2011
Egyptian army army beats woman

Egyptian army army beats woman

police outside topshop

police outside topshop

Father Nathan Monk removed from Council Chamber for raising free speech

Father Nathan Monk removed from Council Chamber for raising free speech

We have the freedom to protest.

Not it seems if you live in Syria or Egypt.

Not in Syria where thousands have been killed for daring to challenge the corrupt President Assad.

Not in Egypt where a US-backed military junta rules. For three days military and security thugs have been attacking peaceful protesters who are calling for the military junta to be overthrown, rocks have been dropped from buildings, people beaten, live rounds fired.

Egypt: Army thugs attack protesters
A third day of violence in Tahrir Square

Not in England.

People gave their lives in WWII to fight for freedom. That included freedom to protest.

At the weekend UK Uncut targeted tax dodgers Vodafone and Sir Philip Green (owner of Arcadia group which includes Top Shop). At least six people were arrested.

Press release: UK Uncut to shut down high street tax dodgers this Saturday 17th December

One guy who had only just arrived and had managed two minutes of chanting before being bundled away by two Top Shop Security thugs who pinned his arms behind his back, handed him to the police who promptly arrested him and threw him in the cells where he languished for several hours.

Guest post: Why are the police protecting Philip Green? Thoughts from a police cell

If nothing else he has grounds for assault by the two Top Shop security thugs. He can also file a complaint to have their licence to operate in security withdrawn.

People did not lay down their lives so scum bag filthy rich scroungers could rip off the public.

If a single Mum struggling to make ends meet does a few hours in the local pub she is pilloried and called a scrounger.

The camp outside St Paul’s is facing eviction.

Not it seems in the US.

We have seen across the US peaceful demonstrators savagely beaten by the police.

Paramilitary policing and police brutality from Seattle to Occupy Wall Street

Father Nathan Monk tells the Pensacola City Council, “We have the right to redress our government without fear of being arrested,” and gets nearly arrested! He was objecting to the fact people speaking on behalf of the homeless were ejected from the council chamber because it was not liked what they said. He finds he is treated the same way.

Council urges civility, threatens priest with police removal

Free speech!

Top Story OccupyWallStreet (Tuesday 20 December 2011)!

The revolution has started

November 17, 2011
has the Lord Mayor got the message? - Lewis Whyld

has the Lord Mayor got the message? - Lewis Whyld

The Arab Spring, the Spanish youth movement, now Occupy the World.

The people have spoken and their voice is growing stronger.

Violence will not supress the voice of the people.

It was tried in Tahrir Square. The people resisted, a dictator was toppled.

It was tried in Portland. The people are back.

It was tried in New York. The people are back.

It was tried in Libya. Col Gadhaffi was dragged like a rat out of a drain and a bullet put through hs head.

In Syria Assad has resorted to violence. He has a simple choice, hand himself over to the International Criminal Court or be removed from power with a bullet through the head.

This is not a revoultion of left or right, such terms lack meaning.

It is a revolution on the ground and in cyber space and the people are winning.

This is not people against people, one country pitted against another. It is people united across country, across race, across colour, across ethnicity, across religion.

It is the people pitted against corrupt politicians and their paymasters.

It is the people pitted against those who exploit the poor and marginalised, against those who exploit the earth for their own greed.

We are the revolution
Bankers love Boris
Only Nazis destroy books
NYPD police brutality against Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street Protesters Return to Zuccotti Park After 200 Arrested, Camping Barred
Arundhati Roy: Occupy Wall Street is “So Important Because It is in the Heart of Empire”
Tahrir Square in NYC
It is time for Twitter and its citizens to take back #OccupyWallStreet

Bankers love Boris

November 16, 2011
bankers love Boris

bankers love Boris

This morning a small protest took place against London Mayor Boris Johnson for his crass comments that judges should show some balls and evict St Paul’s in-the-Camp.

Boris calls for judges to have the courage to remove ‘crusties’
“Bankers love Boris” protest at City Hall
Occupy protesters accuse Boris Johnson of defending the rich
Boris Johnson Dubbed ‘Mayor of the 1%’ as St Paul’s Camp Faces Eviction

Since becoming Mayor in 2008, Mayor Boris has had official meetings with bankers 86 times, compared to only 15 public meetings.

Now it may come as some surprise to Mayor Boris but we actually live in a democracy, we do not all dance to the tune of the City of London. Who does Mayor Boris represent?

What makes Occupy different: inclusion
Occupy and anarchism’s gift of democracy

Those in the camp are driving the national debate. What we are seeing is real democracy in action, not the sham democracy, the childish public-school point-scoring that takes place in Westminster, where the public is reduced to election fodder. Participatory democracy, not representative democracy where Mayor Boris and his ilk represent the 1%.

A sense of the masses – a manifesto for the new revolution

Were Mayor Boris to actually visit the camp he would find that it is not obstructing the highway, that it is not damaging local businesses, that visitor numbers to St Paul’s are up.

When Pandora and I visited St Paul’s in-the-Camp a couple of weeks ago during Sermon on the Steps, we talked to the sushi bar across the road. They told us business was up. Looking in the adjacent coffee bars we could see they were packed.

Sermon on the Steps at St Paul’s in-the-Camp

Today the City of London let slip that the only reason they engaged in talks with the camp was that they thought it would hasten their eviction. Now it is back to legal action. But does the City of London really expect a brutal eviction in the eyes of the world’s media being fought out on the steps of St Paul’s?

Occupy London statement on renewed legal action from the City of London Corporation
Notice served by Corporation of London
OccupyLSX: Eviction Back On
St Paul’s protest: Eviction notices put up at camp

In serving notice on St Paul’s in-the-Camp, two people at the camp were assaulted, one of who was sufficiently injured to require hospital treatment!

Occupy London responds to City of London Corporation notice; Alleged assault

The City of London is a Rotten Borough that should be abolished. It is a parasitical organisation that harms us all. Vulture funds are preying on the world’s poor. The City of London does not create wealth, it accumulates wealth from the rest of us.

UK urged to prevent vulture funds preying on world’s poorest countries
Wealth Destroyers

Following their violent eviction by NYPD and following a court ruling in their favour, Occupy Wall Street are back.

NYPD police brutality against Occupy Wall Street
Court order allows Occupy Wall St. protesters back

It would appear that the attack on Occupy Wall Street was part of a coordinated crackdown across the country.

Update: ‘Occupy’ crackdowns coordinated with federal law enforcement officials

During their attack on Occupy Wall Street the thugs in the NYPD destroyed the cycle power system, trashed or stole several laptops and a wifi system. They also trashed or stole the People’s Library containing around 5,500 maybe more books. At least 50 of these books were donated and signed by their authors.

Will the mayor and NYPD be compensating for all that they have stolen or trashed?

The 19:57 from Euston

November 4, 2011

Flash mob on a train.

Recounted in Aleph, Paulo Coelho tells of being on the Eurostar train to London. Strange he thinks, I have never seen a flower seller on this train before when he spots a man witha dozen red roses. The man then asks for volunteers. Paulo Coelho volunteers but he is not chosen, but he hangs around to see what happens.

On arrival the man asks each volunteer to hand a red rose to a girl he points out. He then asks her to marry him.

Paulo Coelho arranges something similar at the end of a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway but that would be telling.

We got it wrong admit St Paul’s

November 3, 2011
Dean of St Paul's and Bishop of London at St Paul's in-the-Camp

Dean of St Paul's and Bishop of London at St Paul's in-the-Camp

The dean and chapter were clearly wrongly advised and I don’t know why they took the decision to close the cathedral – some of my clergy were down there doing flash mob evening services among the tents. — Right Rev Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden

The symbolism of the closed door was the wrong symbol. — Richard Chartres, Bishop of London

All Saints be praised! Clergy at St Paul’s Cathedral handing leaflets to Occupy London Stock Exchange inviting them to All Souls Durufle requiem at 5pm. — Ruth Gledhill

People want to think about finance “in the context of ethics and morality and God. — Bishop of London Dr Richard Chartres

The church shouldn’t just be supporting this, it should be part of it. — David Jennings, canon theologian at Leicester Cathedral

God works in mysterious ways. One path is blocked, another opens. Things happen.

Occupy London Stock Exchange had not intended to camp outside St Paul’s.

Contrary to the nonsense in the mainstream media, there is not a conflict between the camp and St Paul’s and never was.

Why was St Paul’s closed for a week? No one knows. The best that can be said is that they were ill-advised.

If you are in a hole, stop digging.

The clergy at St Paul’s were advised they could not talk to the camp because of impending legal action against the camp.

The Bishop of London and the clergy at St Paul’s had the good grace and humility to admit they were wrong. They suspended their legal action. The Bishop led the clergy out of St Paul’s and into the camp to cheers from the camp.

Yesterday the clergy were in the camp, invitations were issued to attend All Souls Durufle requiem that evening.

Once St Paul’s had made their decision to suspend legal action, the City of London suspended their legal action too. Not only that, they were in the camp talking to people.

As I think it was Churchill who said: jaw jaw is always better than war war.

A group has been formed headed by Ken Costa, a former top investment banker, with the aim of “reconnecting the financial with the ethical”. This will also involve Giles Fraser, the Canon Chancellor at St Paul’s, who stepped down last week over concerns that the cathedral’s support for eviction could see it complicit in eventual violence. Ken Costa has already visited the camp.

St Paul’s in-the-Camp has energised the wider church like nothing since the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Clergy have been working in the camp since it was started.

The irony is that St Paul’s initially welcomed the camp, said they were welcome and asked the police to stay away.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has also joined in the call for social justice.

Bishop of London moves to dissociate church from St Paul’s legal action
Big tent church: clerics across England lean on side of the angels
St Paul’s and Corporation of London halt legal action against Occupy camp
Occupy London protesters celebrate after winning eviction battle
Time for us to challenge the idols of high finance
Rowan Williams: St Paul’s protest has ‘triggered awareness’
Archbishop of Canterbury backs new finance tax

Sermon on the Steps at St Paul’s in-the-Camp

October 31, 2011
Revd Dr Kevin Snyman

Revd Dr Kevin Snyman

Canon Paul Oestreicher  of Coventry Cathedral

Canon Paul Oestreicher of Coventry Cathedral

here to stay

here to stay

root out usury

root out usury

Saturday afternoon, Sermon on the Steps at St Paul’s in-the-Camp took place outside the West Door of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Pandora and I got there mid-afternoon, a little after it had started. We found Anglican clergy, Catholic clergy, Christians of all denominations, a Sikh, a Rabbi, a humanist, a Rastafarian.

A canon from Coventry Cathedral told us of the sadness at hearing of the resignation of his friend Giles Fraser who had resigned two days earlier, but he added that the Dean and Chapter were not our enemies, that they were his brother clergy.

A Catholic priest told of a message from the Vatican, a message that strangely was overlooked by the media, that the markets had to be regulated.

Bruce Kent said he had been waiting decades for something like this to happen.

I do not know who said it, it may have been Bruce Kent, it may have been his fellow Catholic priest: You are only strangers and guests on this earth.

All had the same message to convey: Jesus worked with the poor, Jesus would have been here among us, Jesus was here among us.

All were highly critical of St Paul’s closing for a week.

Why was St Paul’s closed?

As we wandered around, Pandora and I could see no health and safety issue requiring St Paul’s to close. The public highway was not blocked, access to St Paul’s was not hindered or obstructed.

We attended evensong, the second day St Paul’s was open. It was a full house.

Evensong at St Paul’s

The tents were in neat orderly lines, the public highway was clear and unobstructed. Indeed walking there we walked side-streets with narrower pavements with traffic thundering by. Every day I encounter cars parked on pavements forcing people out into the road.

The only health and safety issue we encountered was lack of any street lights. Over to you City of London Corporation.

The i on Saturday showed a picture with the heading: visitors pick their way through protest tents at St Paul’s Cathedral. Not true! It showed someone wending their way to the food tent. If it was a visitor trying to enter St Paul’s then they were able to walk through a wall!

The Mail on Saturday claimed Anarchists were taking over. Not true! If any group is taking over and no one is claiming they are, it is Christians.

God moves in mysterious ways. The protest was intended to be outside the Stock Exchange. But things happen. It found itself outside St Paul’s. As a result, Christians have been motivated to join the protest.

Everyone has been very impressed by the Christians who have joined the camp.

We found a very friendly, helpful atmosphere. Pandora helped distribute leaflets.

Last Wednesday and Friday, Flash Evensong organised evensong on the steps of St Paul’s. Saturday Sermon on the Steps. Sunday morning the Bishop of London and the Dean of St Paul’s came and talked to the camp. Sunday afternoon London Quakers organised a service on the steps.

Flash Evensong at St Paul’s-in-the-Camp

It was sad news to hear of the resignation of Giles Fraser last week. Sad news to hear today of the resignation of the Dean of St Paul’s the Rt Rev Graeme Knowles. No one has called for them to resign. Who is forcing out these senior clergy at St Paul’s?

Resignation of the Dean of St Paul’s

This goes far beyond St Paul’s. It raises issues far more important than gender, women Bishops, gay clergy. I would urge that the Church of England calls a General Synod as a matter of urgency.

I would urge churches up and down the land to send a delegation to St Paul’s in-the-Camp. Please if possible bring food to donate. To then report back to your congregation and community.

St Paul’s must not back an eviction. Any attempt at eviction will be protected by a ring of prayer.

We are seeing real democracy in action, not the fake democracy of the neo-Gothic House of Horror called Westminster, craven puppets jumping to the tune of the City of London.

The City of London is the last of the Rotten Boroughs. It must be abolished.

During WWII St Paul’s stood as a symbol against Nazi tryranny. There is a famous photo of St Paul’s standing surrounded by London burning. During the Blitz, Sir Winston Churchhill ordered that St Paul’s be saved.

Directors of the FTSE 100 companies awarded themselves an obscene 49% pay increase, their workers a mere 2.5%. Many in the private sector have seen their pay decrease, it is either that or lose your job. In the public sector pay has been frozen.

The Church led the fight to Abolish Slavery. The Church must now lead the fight against the tyranny of the City of London. St Paul’s should once again be a symbol of hope. The clergy must work with the camp. St Paul’s Institute must publish their report on corporate greed.

Note: Special thanks to Pandora for pictures.

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