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Dancing in the street

July 10, 2012
dancing in the street

dancing in the street

When you’re waiting for the subway late at night, there’s not much to do but dance and celebrate life. — Caroline Stern

Dancing in the street, or in this case dancing on the subway leads to police brutality, cuffing and arrest.

Caroline Stern and George Hess were on their way home from Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing. A steel drummer was playing as they were waiting for their train, as they had the platform to themselves and were in the mood they decided to dance.

Two dumb cops, the NYPD finest, approached and asked what they were doing.

Dancing, they replied.

The cops demanded ID and told them to stop.

A credit card was produced.

When an attempt was tried to film the Keystone Cops they turned nasty.

Out of nowhere eight ninja cops materialised. George Hess, who had been filming, was tackled to the ground and both were handcuffed.

They were charged with disorderly conduct, impeding the flow of traffic and resisting arrest. They were detained for 23 hours.

The couple have filed suit for unspecified damages against the city.

NYPD police brutality against Occupy Wall Street

November 15, 2011
NYPD blockade in contempt of injunction

NYPD blockade in contempt of injunction

pedal power bike systems that powered the entire camp trashed by NYPD

pedal power bike systems that powered the entire camp trashed by NYPD

If the mayor and Wall Street think this is just about a park, then they don’t have clue about what’s next. — Michael Moore

It’s too late. Tens of millions of Americans won’t let the Occupy Wall Street momentum stop. They want the banks stopped and they want their America back. — Michael Moore

Phase Two of this massive, nonviolent MAJORITY movement will now commence. Wall St will wish they had just left it alone in the park. — Michael Moore

I urge you to call the 1st precinct in New York at 1-212-334-0611 to demand that NYPD stops their attacks on Occupy Wall Street protesters. — Bianca Jagger

Last night NYPD targeted Occupy Wall Street, the area was sealed off, journalists were denied access, local residents were locked in their apartments and not allowed out, even news helicopters were not allowed to fly overhead.

Occupy Wall Street: New York police clear Zuccotti Park

Protesters were not deterred and vowed to return. A temporary injunction was granted allowing them to return, but in a blatant contempt of court, the New York Mayor and NYPD have ignored the injunction.

Is this the form of democracy the houseboy in the White House wishes to export? Has his Wall Street backers whispered in his ear, enough is enough, do you not want us to fill your campaign coffers?

A call out has gone to local churches to follow the example of St Paul’s and work with the protesters.

Today Occupy London Stock Exchange marched to the US Embassy in London to protest the police brutality. They found a police cordon and only those with US passports allowed through.

Solidarity Action with Occupy Wall Street eviction
Occupy London expresses solidarity with Occupy Wall Street at the US embassy

Last night was the Lord Mayor’s Banquet. Peaceful protesters were attacked, seven were arrested. Their bail conditions that they may not be within the City of London means they have to leave St Paul’s in-the-Camp, but fortunately Finsbury Square is not in the City of London.

Police use unprovoked force against peaceful Occupy London campaigners

St Paul’s in-the-Camp held a feast for the poor.

On Sunday private security evicted people from St Paul’s who wished to attend the Remembrance Sunday service, including an Iraq war veteran.

On Guy Fawkes night, police kettled people from the camp who tried to join the Jarrow March.

Guy Fawkes night

St Paul’s learnt the error of their ways and are working with the camp, but this message has not got through to clergy at other cathedrals who are repeating the same mistakes made by St Paul’s.

Church support for camps is tested by protesters’ conduct

The City of London are rumoured to be re-instating their legal action against the camp. The City of London broke off amicable talks with the camp.

Occupy London faces renewed eviction attempt

Mayor Boris calls on the judges to have to courage to clear St Paul’s in-the-Camp. He seems to forget, as does the City of London, that we live in a democracy, which means the right to protest, not the right to be for sale to the highest bidder.

Boris calls for judges to have the courage to remove ‘crusties’

And by the way Boris, if you troubled to visit the camp rather than talking out of your arse, you would see that it is not obstructing the highway!

An afternoon with the NYPD

April 17, 2011

Guy Arrested for Cracking Jokes Near Police

While it’s still, obviously, legal to watch cops ticket a cyclist for riding his bike on the sidewalk, we recommend not cracking any jokes—even at the cyclist’s expense—because then you might get arrested. As this gentleman learned.

The videographer writes on YouTube:

Here’s the scene:

We were enjoying the nice spring weather from our balcony. A friend was visiting on his bike, and he rode up on the sidewalk from the street to our front door. In NYC this is illegal. You are supposed to stop in the street, get off the bike and walk it on the sidewalk. Although he was merely coming from the street up to our front door, those few second were illegal. NYPD rolls up and tickets him for this ($150 fine or appear in court!).

Meanwhile our neighbor walks by while this scene is unfolding. They exchange some banter. We all laughed. He keeps walking.

From there everything escalates… Seems completely unnecessary to me…

At the end of the day, he was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Welcome to an afternoon with the NYPD.

Ha! Fourth amendment? What Fourth Amendment?

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