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WarmaHome nuisance phone calls

January 22, 2015

Yesterday morning, one call late morning, call from George.

One of many nuisance phone calls, even though repeatedly told not to call.

George explicitly told not to call and the number he is calling, explicitly told to take off their database and not to call again.

Unbelievable, mid-afternoon, George calls again: Do you want any work doing?

He is reminded of the phone conversation in the morning, that he has been explicitly told not to call again, and he is warned that nuisance phone calls, unsolicited calls in this case, explicitly told not to call.

George is told, unsolicited phone calls illegal, and will now be taken further.

His response, he is doing nothing wrong, the company has been making phone nuisance phone calls for the past ten years, and is now quite arrogant that they will continue. Even though informed, companies cannot make cold calls, that to do so is illegal, he is adamant he will continue making the calls.

He says, will pass to owner of company, he is told do not bother, but does not take any notice, the owner of company on the line.

No name given, other than George is his son.

Owner unpleasant and aggressive demands to know who he is speaking to.

This is not given, but he is told nuisance phone calls must stop, that it is now being taken futher.

Owner, father of George, becomes more unpleasant and aggressive. Again demands to know who he is speaking to.

At this point, call terminated due to aggressive behaviour.

Within the next ten minutes, two more nuisance phone calls. These are not answered, but are traced back to WarmaHomes. But, not the number listed for Warmahomes.

  • 1122 — Call ID withheld
  • 1437 — Call ID withheld
  • 1444 — 01522 705 180
  • 1446 — 01252 705 180

These nuisance calls have been ongoing since August 2014, often as yesterday, twice a day. Warmahomes have repeatedly been told not to make the calls.

The matter is now in the hands of the police.

It has taken a warning from the police, for the nuisance phone calls to be stopped.

A reputable company does not have to tout for business, certainly does not have to harass people into being given work, which is what has happened.

A perfectly good conservatory, has had its windows replaced, windows that did not need replacing, work that did not need doing. A quality wooden sliding door replaced by a white plastic sliding door.

Warmahomes, a name remarkable similar to a government scheme for home improvements. Coincidence or deliberate attempt designed to confuse and deceive?

Confirmation of receipt of payment, headed note paper, and yet no telephone number, no VAT number. A telephone number has been pencilled on the sheet

  • (01522) 684133

which is a different number from that used for harassment.

If you are approached by WarmaHomes, if they tout for business, make unsolicited phone calls, please alert Trading Standards, please inform the Information Commissioner, and if the nuisance calls persist, please notify the police.

If you have elderly or vulnerable friends, neighbours and relatives who could be targeted or are victims, please ensure they are alerted, given support, and the authorities informed.

Rotten Borough of Rushmoor commissions nuisance phone calls

September 16, 2014
Rotten Borough of Rushmoor masonic handshake

Rotten Borough of Rushmoor masonic handshake

One thing guaranteed to piss people off is nuisance phone calls.

The latest wheeze from the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor is to commission a marketing company to make nuisance phone calls to local residents to ask them what they think of efforts by the council to trash Aldershot and Farnborough.

We have commissioned the market research company NEMS to carry out some telephone surveys. They will be asking questions about people’s shopping habits and their views on how local town centres are used. If you have any queries, please contact the planning policy team on 01252 398733.

You could not make it up if you tried.

What your shopping habits are, is no business of the council.

From where are they getting the telephone numbers?

Is the council passing over confidential personal data? If yes, a criminal offence under data protection legislation.

Local resident Richard Young very ably sums up the view of local people:

So you’ve used public money to get people to ring us up and piss us off, nice one!

Why not set up an online survey? You’d get better feed back, more of it and you wouldn’t have to pay anyone. Seriously dudes, come on!

Is this not the role of local councillors, are they not supposed to know?

Having trashed Farnborough, having laid waste to Aldershot with Wastegate, the council is now proposing to pour £4.5 million down the drain in Aldershot, the only ‘consultation‘ being an unmanned display panel.

Local people said they did not wish to see The Tumbledown Dick destroyed for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s, did not wish to see Firgrove Green destroyed for an unwanted Premier Inn hotel, or the four local businesses at Firgrove Parade destroyed.

Now, having ignored local people, the council is to waste taxpayers money on nuisance phone calls.

Other than election time, when the pigs are fighting to get their snouts stuck firmly in the trough, when was the last time you saw a local councillor, let alone a local councillor listening to and acting on what you say?

Yet another massive fail by the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor.

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