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Juice at nova gea

October 19, 2016
white pomegranate

white pomegranate

green juice

green juice


Tuesday afternoon two juices  at nova gea.

White pomegranate from three pomegranates picked fresh from the trees in Cyprus a couple of weeks ago.

Green juice, not sure of exact composition but included spinach, lemon, half a stick of celery, ginger.

Cappuccino at nova gea

October 13, 2016
cappuccino and cereal bar

cappuccino and cereal bar

Cappuccino and cereal bar at nova gea.

There are two, one in Plaka, the other off Syntagma.

The one off Syntagma is not in a good location, located on a six-lane highway opposite the entrance to the National Garden.

The cappuccino was reasonable.

nova gea fresh juices

October 19, 2015

Fruit juice, strawberry, blackberry, banana, mint, ginger and watermelon.

I assume list of ingredients is in order of quantity, but that may not be the case.

Some of the ingredients are crushed, and the juice comes pours into a jar in front of the counter. Why, I do not know. Then poured into a blender with the other ingredients added.

Served in a jam jar, quite literally in a jam jar. A screw on lid if you wish. Drink through a straw. The jam jars are recycled.

The addition of a banana made it more like a smoothie than a juice.

Unfortunate a chain.

Located in Plaka.

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