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Stagecoach bus driver drugged out of his brain?

November 29, 2014

This afternoon a Stagecoach bus driver who I strongly suspect was drugged out of his brain, or at least he gave every indication of being so.

Bus was running twenty minutes late.

Driver drove past bus stops even though passengers were clearly requesting him to stop.

He ignored requests from passengers for the bus to stop, then at last minute, pulled up past the bus stop.

He sailed past my bus stop. Passengers shouted out he was passing my stop, I shouted at the bus driver, we were ignored.

I alighted at the next stop and asked him why he did not stop, even though a request to stop had been made. I got no reponse, he looked like a zombie with glazed eyes.

I got off the bus thinking OMG that driver is drugged out of his brain.

I was sufficiently concerned that I considered calling the police or Stagecoach, but could not as had no phone on me.

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