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Russell Brand And New Era Estate Score Amazing London Housing Victory

December 20, 2014

You can let corporate power walk all over you, or you can do as the New Era Estate tenants stand up and fight.

Westbrook acquired their estate. They were facing a tripling of rents and eviction. But instead of being cowed, they stood and fought.

First they drove out the Rachman Benyon Brothers who held a 10% holding, and the latest news, they have driven out Westbrook.

New Era Estate tenants are an example to everyone, either lie down and roll over or stand up up and fight, do whatever it takes, not look for pathetic excuses for inaction.

It is easy why the corporate controlled media is so keen to smear Russell Brand, last week it was The Sun, this week Daily Mail.

These ideas could spread.

New Era Estate has been sold to a charitable trust who will set fair rents, and woe be to them if they try to do otherwise.

People are willing to come together and participate in a democracy where they know they can make a difference. What they are not willing to do is to cast a vote in a sham democracy to decide who has a turn at getting their snouts in the trough and act for Big Business.

All over the world, at the frontier between corporate power and local communities, people are standing their ground and winning.

Tax dodgers and hypocrites

December 5, 2014
Sun garbage

Sun garbage

Earlier in the week, Russell Brand and tenants from the New Era Estate marched to Downing Street and dropped off a petition signed by around 300,000 people.

The tenants at New Era Estate, an estate of social housing built in the 1930s, are facing eviction following acquisition of their estate by US vulture capitalists WestBrook aka WestCrook, who wish to triple the rents they pay.

Interviewed outside 10 Downing Street, a Channel 4 News reporter wished to know about the plight of the tenants. Er no, he was more interested in where Russell Brand lived and how much his house cost. Of absolutely no relevance to the New Era Estate protest.

The following day, The Sun ran a smear campaign on its front page, featuring Russell Brand a hypocrite because his landlord is a tax dodger. Not Russell Brand a tax dodger, his landlord.

To avoid being labelled hypocrites please avoid the following tax dodgers:

  • The Sun and any Murdoch company
  • Top Shop
  • Starbucks
  • Vodafone
  • Boots
  • Amazon
  • Google

George Osborne in his Autumn Statement on Wednesday, announced more cuts for the poor. Meanwhile the tax dodgers laugh all the way to their tax havens.

If you wish to know more about tax dodgers, then please follow UK Uncut and join in their actions when they next target a tax dodger.

Russell Brand: Who are the real hypocrites?

December 3, 2014
Sun garbage

Sun garbage

So @rustyrockets is to be condemned for the behaviour of his LANDLORD! How much more desperate can The Sun get? — George Monbiot

Warning all those who have dodgy landlords: you could find yourself on the front page of the Sun, being attacked for the way they behave! — George Monbiot

When Russell Brand helped the New Era Estate tenants fight their Rachman landlords, went with them to No 10 Downing Street to deliver a petition of almost a million signatures supporting their cause, he was accosted by a journo from Channel 4 News, who wanted to know how much his house cost, the reply was it was rented, and what had that got to do with tenants on New Era Estate facing eviction.

Natasha Devon, The Independent:

A television news crew was sent to report the protest; something we can only assume would not have happened had Brand not been supporting them. During the subsequent interview, Russell was quizzed about the cost of his own private accommodation (which, incidentally, he rents). When he (quite rightly) responded that this had nothing to do with the protest, the reporter insisted that Brand’s own housing circumstances were relevant, in that the relative opulence of the same seemingly jarred with Brand’s socialist politics. Several times Brand attempted to move focus back to the plight of the New Era estate and was shouted down by his interviewer. Visibly angered, Russell called the reporter ‘snide’.

Now, apparently according to gutter Murdoch press The Sun, Russell Brand is somehow at fault because his landlord is a tax dodger.

What matters, is not where Russell Brand lives, what matters is that poor people are being socially cleansed out of London, what matters is that Russell Brand is prepared to go down to their estate, listen to what they have to say and take up their cause.

And that is what has the establishment worried.

They would be even more worried if they read Revolution.

People are no longer prepared to waste their time and energy and cast a pointless vote, they are more and more willing to take direct action, to man the barricades, to confront the corruption that passes off as a democracy.

Ordinary people are learning how to organise, how to use social media, how to link up with others fighting the same corrupt elite.

Russell Brand was there. He even talked to the Mayor of New York, where tenants too are being abused and evicted by WestCrook aka Westbrook.

The questions the media should be asking, and would be asking, were it not they are owned by the same corrupt elite, is why are these tenants facing eviction, where was David Cameron, Ed Miliband and London Mayor Boris, where are the local councillors?

New Era Estate protest at 10 Downing Street

December 2, 2014
New Era Estate at 10 Downing Street

New Era Estate at 10 Downing Street

New Era Estate WestCrooks Leave Our Homes Alone

New Era Estate WestCrooks Leave Our Homes Alone

New Era Estate WestCrooks Leave Our Homes Alone

New Era Estate WestCrooks Leave Our Homes Alone

The thing about Westbrook is they’re known throughout the world as predatory landlords, they’ve done this kind of stuff in New York City. — Russell Brand

Real democracy, is not what lies behind the door No 10, it is what lies in front, people power.

Yesterday, the New Era Estate tenants took their protest to 10 Downing Street to deliver a petition with nearly 300,000 signatures.

Disgraceful behaviour by Channel 4 News journo, asking Russell Brand the price of his house. Behaviour worthy of the gutter press.

The question had absolutely no bearing on the issue, social cleansing of the poor out of London, of the buying of an estate of affordable housing by US vulture capitalists and the proposed quadrupling if not more of their rents. A return to Dickensian London, where the poor ether walked into work in London everyday or lived on the streets.

Yes, there is a problem of dirty money pouring into London from China, Russia and the Middle East, of property being bought not to live in, of property not occupied, of property being bought as a capital investment, of property not even being put on the market in London.

The vulture capitalists buying the New Era estate is part of that problem.

The role of the press is to hold the powerful to account. The problem begins when the press is owned by the powerful

New Era Estate tenants have already notched up one victory, they have forced out the Rachman Benyon Brothers who have relinquished their 10% stake.

Russell Brand has enlisted the support of the New York Mayor at the American end, who has condemned US vulture capitalists Westbrook. In New York, Westbrook has the reputation of Rachman landlords, unlawful treatment of tenants.

What is London Mayor Boris doing?

What is David Cameron doing?

What is Ed Miliband doing?

What is Labour aka ToryLite doing?

Ninety two families on New Era Estate face eviction

November 10, 2014

We are all in it together, we are told.

Today, party leaders were kowtowing to their paymasters at CBI.

Austerity is not working. David Cameron promised more austerity. In a race to the bottom, and not only in poll ratings, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband promised anything you can cut, we can cut even further.

Not all in it together if you live on the New Era Estate in Hoxton.

The New Era Estate in Hoxton has a long history of providing affordable housing and has been home to some people for 70 years.

Not for much longer.

Devastated families are facing being evicted after the inherited estate of Britain’s richest Memeber of Parlieament bought a stake in their homes.

Tory Richard Benyon’s £110 million family firm is part of a consortium that recently bought the housing estate and announced plans for a massive rent hike.

Berkshire Member of Parliament Richard Benyon is a director of the family 300-year-old Englefield Estate, which owns 20,000 acres of land from Hampshire to Scotland.

Its portfolio includes the 250-property Benyon Estate in East London which is now a “minority shareholder” in the flats on the New Era Estate.

Do we let Richard Benyon MP and his bother Edward, motivated by greed, drive people out of their homes?

We need Fair Rents we need tougher action against Rachman landlords like the Benyon Brothers.

A strange article in the Daily Mail, on the one hand attacking Russell Brand for taking part in the New Era Estate protest, whilst at the same time acknowledged that following acquisition of the estate by modern day Rachman Benyon Brothers, tenants face a hike from affordable rents to market rents, which could see a tripling of rents and them forced out of their homes.

Daily Mail more interested in attack on Russell Brand, than reporting on eviction of ninety two families by the Rachman Benyon Brothers.

We are creating a situation where ordinary working people are being socially cleansed out of London and will be forced to commute into London, or live on the streets of London.

A return to the London of Charles Dickens.

We already have food banks and workfare, how long before we have the workhouse? Look at the advantages, why have consumer tat produced in China, when we can have the poor working in the workhouse to earn their keep?

The ConDem government complains the Housing Benefits bill is too high. The reason it is too high, is because taxpayers are subsiding Rachman landlords like the Benyon Brothers. Keen to put a cap on benefits, not so keen a cap on rents.

The New Era Estate was built by a charitable trust in the mid-1930s, the redbrick square has provided homes to local working people at affordable rents. That is until sold to a consortium of greedy developers, of which the Benyon Brothers are part.

Remember the slogan at the end of WWI, homes fit for heroes. But we’d rather stick plastic poppies on lampposts.

Lyndsey Garratt is a 35-year-old mother, works as a care co-ordinator at the local NHS trust. Her rent was £640 a month for the two-bed flat she shares with her daughter. When her contract expires in July 2016, she will be charged around £2,400 a month. For Lyndsey Garratt that is way more than her entire take-home pay. Since the Benyon Brothers acquisition, her rent has already shot up by £160 a month.

Her local Council has told her what to expect should she be evicted. As a single mother, she and eight-year-old Daisy will be moved into a homeless shelter, for anything up to four years; then it’s temporary accommodation, which could be in Manchester or Birmingham.

Richard Benyon lives in Englefield House, a stately home just outside Reading, complete with deer park and 3,500 acres of woodlands. Within the estate’s walls lies most of Englefield village. being a Tory, he backed the Bedroom Tax. He gets £2 million of public money from the EU to keep up his farmland. Handouts for the rich taxes for the poor.

Russell Brand was there, supporting the tenants against greedy Rachman landlords, where was Ed Miliband? Oh yes, talking to the CBI.

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