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Kudu Coffee Roasters

November 29, 2019

Last day of October, up late, no sun, misty.

A day of hunderstorms and heavy rain.

A day for the Metro.

After a trip out to Peristeri to visit Mind the Cup, it was back to Syntagma then back out to Ethniki Amyna on the Blue Line to find Kudu Coffee Roasters.

Neo Psychiko not a pleasant area, at least not walking along busy polluted roads, but Kudu excellent coffee shop, excellent coffee.

But tea pigs tea, no way.

I tried the cold brew from a cold drip tower. Eight to ten hours to brew. It was excellent.

During the summer, selling 8 litres a day of cold brew, during the winter one litre.

Information on their boxes of coffee bad advice, consume within two years.

Six month old coffee is old coffee.

Only show roast date and advise best used within one month of roast date to enjoy the coffee at its best.

I loved what was on the counter, offer a coin, face and hand appears out of a box and takes the coin.

Alight at Ethniki Amyna on the Blue Line and take the exit for Ministry of Defence. Ten to fifteen minutes walk, not a pleasant route.

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