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Sustainable Gatwick

February 8, 2023

To make Gatwick Airport more sustainable would be to assume it is sustainable today. It is not.

The only way to increase the sustainability would be to reduce the number of flights.

punto de vista de La Paz

March 2, 2016

Playa Martiánez de punto de vista de La Paz

Playa Martiánez de punto de vista de La Paz

On the way to Botanical Gardens, alighted from the bus too early.

But not to worry, an opportunity to visit La Paz viewpoint.


October 7, 2015



Morning 27 C.

Afternoon heavy rain, still very warm.

Evening warm.

Night cool.

Lunar Eclipse

September 28, 2015

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

A very rare event, a lunar eclipse and a super moon.

Walk over Long Valley

June 18, 2015

open heathland

open heathland



oak and Scots pine in open woodland

oak and Scots pine in open woodland

After a not very good lunch at The Foresters, a walk over Long Valley.

I have not been here for a few years and was surprised by how much it had changed.

Where there was a vast area of sandy soil, it was now impenetrable thicket a couple of metres high. I barely recognised where I was.

Long Valley is open heathland between Aldershot and Church Crookham.




April 16, 2015



What backs a currency?

We used to have gold coins, silver coins.

Some would say, the intrinsic value of the coin was its content, but this was not true, it was the symbol on the coin.

The symbol was the value, by common consent the value.

A ten euro note, is only ten euros by common consensus as to the value.

Symbols can be digits on a computer, can be a crypto-currency like BitCoin or StartCoin or FairCoin.

There are those who wish to revert to the gold standard, a currency backed by intrinsic value.

We could though turn this around, the gold has value because it is easily convertible.

Gold is not that useful. Try carrying around ingots of gold.

Bushels of wheat, cows, all can all be a currency.

A currency has two basic functions, two side of the coin we could say:

  • store of value
  • medium of exchange

When we wish to acquire something, we can barter, you have what I want, I have what you want, but only works if these two conditions satisfied.

With a medium of exchange, we can agree to buy or sell.

Store of value has problems, hoarding, accumulation.

Whatever our currency is based upon, we will try to maximise.

What if our currency was based upon forests? We would increase our wealth by maximising forests.

This is what WoodShares attempts to do, at least it could, only it does not.

If I go to a bank and say I want to borrow a million dollars to buy a forest, the bank will ask me what I wish to do with the forest. If I reply nothing, the bank will show me the door. If on the other hand, I say I wish to cut down the forest, sell off the timber, develop the land, show the bank what return I will make on my one million dollars investment, the bank will ask me are there any other woods I wish to buy.

WoodShares is a commercial forestry operation. Buy land, begs the question what was there before and being displaced. Participate in the discredited carbon trading operation. At the end of the cycle, when the trees have been harvested, ie clear felled, sell off the degraded land.

WoodShares therefore far from being a currency backed by a natural asset, is in reality a crowdfunded commercial forestry project. Neither is WoodShares a green project.

Pufferfish ‘crop circles’

January 2, 2015

Amazing artwork by a Japanese pufferfish to attract a mate.

From BBC Life Story.

Rough sea

October 1, 2014

red flag flying

red flag flying

boats beached

boats beached

no one riding the pontoon today

no one riding the pontoon today

For many days 30C during the day, 27C at night.

A change in the weather, 27C during the day, 24C at night.

At the weeekend a thunderstorm on Saturday, strong winds on Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday rough sea.

Last night a gale blowing, roar of the sea.

Today rough sea, red flag flying, beach taped off, boats beached, larger boats in safe haven.

But it is great walking along by the sea and in the sea.

A pretentious surf shop in the centre of Protaras, as nowhere to surf. But for a few days, yes.


September 26, 2014



Sunrise at 0645 this morning.

Turtle rescue

September 25, 2014

This morning, a baby turtle stranded on the beach.

Carried back into the sea, but kept being washed ashore.

Carried to rock pools. It was ok, but once it reached the sea, it got washed back ashore.

Carried into the sea.

It started swimming, but then got swept along, and dashed against the rocks. Sadly I think it got killed.

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