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Benaki Museum roof top restaurant

November 28, 2022

Benaki Museum rooftop restaurant, contemporary art, rooftop terrace view over National Garden and Athens.

Not somewhere I would think of serving excellent coffee, but surprisingly otherwise.

I ordered a cappuccino.

It is possible to visit the restaurant without visiting the museum until midnight.

National Garden

November 19, 2022

More of the National Garden has been enclosed off. Today, the lake enclosed off.

Not once have I found work taking place. Today, early Saturday afternoon, work taking place.

Today a hot sunny day. More like October than mid-November.

I took a rest in a shady grove.

I hear parrots, rarely seen.

Today, a parrot landed on a dead branch and started cutting through the branch. It then bent the branch to snap it off. Clever. The parrot flew off with the branch. I assume nest building but is this not the wrong time of year? Climate change?

National Garden

November 15, 2022

Cut through National Garden to Kolonaki.

Autumn colours.

I came across a pond I had not seen before. Goldfish and massive koy carp.

National Garden

November 8, 2022

I always cut through the National Garden if on my way to Kolonaki.

Centre fenced off, being renovated.

Bridge over the lake, duck posed on the rail for a photo.

I never made where I was headed, Taresso and Samba. Road was dug up, I took what I thought was a short cut, stopped at Cocona for something to eat.

Sex pest in National Garden

November 2, 2017

This guy has been sexually harassing and following women in National Garden.

The police are aware.

Be wary, keep an eye out, and if he is seen acting suspicious, call the police.


Encounter with a duck 

November 2, 2017

Two years ago I met a duck in the National Garden.

I met him again yesterday.  A  chance encounter

He goes there to seek food in the mud.

In the summer day trips to the seaside where he goes swimming and eats limpets prised from the rocks.

National Garden

October 12, 2016

Wonderful aroma from the trees.

National Garden

October 17, 2015

An area between Temple of Zeus and Syntagma.

Paths, shaded by trees, artifical water channels, ponds, grotos.

A pleasant place when hot and sunny, as shady and cool.

It was here I had a conversation with a duck.

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