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BBC: Tories not the Nasty Party

June 30, 2014
Nasty Party

Nasty Party

I have just listened to the most sickening biased programme from the BBC, a half hour programme trying to justify the Tory Party not the Nasty Party.

Try telling that to all those ‘assessed’ by Atos who had their disability allowances quashed.

Try telling that to all the victims of the Bedroom Tax who are at risk of eviction from their homes.

Try telling that to all those who are seeing cuts thanks to slash and burn of public services under the guise of austerity.

Try telling that to all who are now dependent on food banks, not as one stupid Tory councillor claimed because it was a lifestyle choice, but because they are desperate.

Tories have attracted the name the Nasty Party, as that is what they are.

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