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Lunch at the Guildford Institute

July 13, 2012
mushroom ragu with salad

mushroom ragu with salad

Eton mess

Eton mess

What used to be one of the best kept secrets in Guildford, Friday lunch at the Guildford Institute, the secret is out. It is now one of the most popular places to eat in Guildford.

No matter how early I get there, and I am getting there earlier and earlier, and no, I do not wish to be there for breakfast, there is little left.

Today it was packed. I think if any other restaurant had half this clientèle they would be happy. Net result was nothing left. Well not quite true, it was a choice of mushroom ragu or mushroom ragu, that was it, there was nothing else left. I had my eye on chestnut and lentil bake. Now if only I had been there a few minutes earlier, as it was I did not dare dally on my way, but no, it was snaffled before my very eyes. Any later and the mushroom ragu would have gone too.

I have to admit, the mushroom ragu was not really to my liking. Mushroom and rice with a creamy sauce. Apart from a creamy taste, I found it rather bland a tasteless.

The meal deal is is main course with salad, free fruit juice, plus a sweet (tea and coffee is extra).

For sweet I had Eton mess and it was delicious.

From now until the middle of September it will be The Keystone (bottom of the High Street, across the bridge and behind the church) or the Thai restaurant in Jeffries passage (beside the Library, connects North Street with the High Street) as the lady who prepares and serves the delicious food takes her summer break.

The back courtyard at The Keystone is lovely on a pleasant sunny day. The downside is the smokers (I wish they would make it non smoking and restrict smokers to the front where they can breath in the traffic fumes) and on a Friday there is often drunk, obnoxious office workers slagging off absent colleagues (and no doubt they go off home saying what a hard day they have had at the office).

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