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The Sun and Cameron Twin Evil

May 6, 2015

The dark, incestuous relationship between David Cameron, the Conservative Party and Evil Murdoch Empire.

Liar Nick Clegg told students there would be no student tuition fees. In bed with the Tories, backing them on every bad policy and helping to force through Parliament, they backed the tripling of student fees, leaving students with massive debts on graduation.

If you are thinking of voting LibDem, remember they are the party of no principles, they will get into bed with any party that makes Nick Clegg deputy Prime Minister.

LibDems would get into bed with ISIS and claim they had made be-headings more humane.

If the LibDems get wiped out, we will all cheer.

The Sun is the rag that propagates hate. Hate towards anyone who gets in the way of the Evil Murdoch Empire.

Kick the Tories out, kick Murdock out.

How do we do this?

In Scotland vote SNP.

In Wales vote Plaid Cymru.

In Brighton vote Caroline Lucas, Green Party.

In Newham vote Tasmin Osmond, Green Party.

In Aldershot and Farnborough vote Carl Hewett, Green Party.

In Farnnham and Godalming vote  Dr Louise Irvine, National Health Action Party.

Murdoch running scared

May 1, 2015
time to drain this poison from our political system

time to drain this poison from our political system

Right now, the Daily Mail and Rupert Murdoch’s media machines are feeding readers a never-ending diet of fear, smear and misinformation.   — Avaaz

Murdoch is running scared, Murdoch is running very scared.

The phone hacking scandal exposed the extent of his corrupt criminal empire.

Russell Brand has exposed the extent of his tax dodging empire.

Two days ago, Murdoch ran a smear story on the front page of The Sun, smearing Russell Brand and Ed Miliband and The Trews interview, and yet, the interview had not yet been shown. But then why bother with something as inconenient as facts?

The Sun was not the exception, Daily Mail ran a similar smear story.

The next day, ie yesterday, The Sun told its readers in England to vote Tory, in Scotland to vote SNP. In other words vote to stop Labour.

Today the Daily Star had a smear story on its front page saying Russell Brand wanted to be Prime Minister. The Daily Star is owned by a porn baron who so far has bailed out UKIP to the tune of over £1 million. Whiff of trying to buy a seat in the House of Lords?

Russell Brand has more followers on twitter than The Sun. He certainly has greater influence.

The Murdoch media and Lord Rothermere with the Daily Mail, have been doing their best to poison the General Election with their lies.

An editorial in the Daily Mail today was typical, where it blamed Labour for the failings of RBS, the bank which helped crash the economy. No, the fault was entirely that of the banksters running RBS.

Why Murdoch is running scared, so very scared, is because Labour, Green Party and the other fringe parties are willing to push through much needed reform of media ownership, and in particular, of foreign ownership, and they are not scared of Murdoch.

A measure of how scared Murdoch, he recently attacked his own hacks for not running more smears.

Lord Rothermere is running scared, because he will lose his non-dom status and will no longer  be able to avoid tax.

And we should not forget the Telegraph owned by the Barclay Brothers (an oversight not to report the criminal activity of HSBC, a platform for the fossil fuel lobby, smear campaign against Nicola Sturgeon).

For the past few weeks, Avaaz has been working with Open Democracy to monitor the coverage of the election — and it’s clear that the Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Sun are presenting a deeply skewed version of reality.

  • In all three papers the same attacks and soundbites from Conservative HQ appeared verbatim.
  • The personal insults against Miliband (back-stabber, nerd) were running at over five a day but have now shifted to Sturgeon (poisoned-dwarf), which are now running at six attacks a day. All in all, these papers have personally attacked Ed Miliband 85 times and David Cameron only 5.
  • Over the last month, newspapers have already attempted to redefine the winner of the election, with 11 unconstitutional and false claims a week that the party with the most seats is the only one with right to form the government.

So how do we effect change, how do we kill the Evil Murdoch Empire once and for all?

Take direct action. When you see The Sun on display, turn it upside down, back to front, then pile other newspapers on top.

Over 9 million people follow Russell Brand on twitter, over a million subscribers to The Trews. How many live in the UK? Let us assume, that every one who does live in the UK, goes out and votes Plaid Cymru, SNP and the Green Party. Think what shock waves that would send through the system, the message to the political establishment? Don’t just think about it, go out and do it, then plan what real political action you are going to take.

Murdoch let off the hook

February 6, 2015

Once again the Evil Murdoch Empire gets off Scot free.

Facing $850 million fine for phone hacking and bribing public officials, the Justice Department has dropped the case.

Russell Brand: The Sun smear campaign

December 8, 2014
Sun garbage

Sun garbage

Once again, The Sun shows it occupies the gutter.

Last week, Russell Brand and a group of tenants from New Era Estates, presented a petition to No 10 Downing Street. Their concern, they face massive rent increase and eviction following acquisition by US vulture capitalists Westbrook aka Westcrook.

Russell Brand was interviewed outside 10 Downing Street by a reporter from Channel 4 News, but instead of focusing on the issues, families being socially cleansed from London by rapacious American corporations, the reporter persisted in asking question about where Russell Brand lived, how much did his house cost.

The following day The Sun ran a smear campaign on its front page, calling Russell Brand a hypocrite because he rents his apartment from a tax dodger.

A few days later, the smear campaign continued on the front page of The Sun.

As Noam Chomsky discusses in Manufacturing Consent, only a narrow discourse is permitted in the mainstream media. Straying outside of that discourse, as Russell Brand has learnt, is not tolerated.

On the BBC, we get the same tired old has-been politicians who do not know what they are talking about, the trivia of Westminster, so-called experts are wheeled out.

A journalist very quickly learns to toe the line, if not, they are out on their ear, as recently happened with Nafeez Ahmed, when The Guardian in a disgraceful act decided to part with his company.

We are moving into a world of energy, economic and environmental crisis, of brutal crackdown and criminalisation of political dissent, of smearing those who speak out, of rapacious global corporations, of conflict between civil society and global corporations resembling war zones, of corrupt politicians on the take, for sale to the highest bidder, Islamists and terrorists used as excuse for Draconian state powers, of the State being there to protect the rich and powerful.

The State, is developing tools to monitor the Internet, to sniff out signs of dissent, social deviancy. Sound familiar? It should do, read Nineteen Eighty-four. We even have the language of Nineteen Eighty-four.

The pre-conditions for Revolution in the West already exist. All it needs is one spark, one incident, our Tunisian fruit-seller moment.

Murdoch wants to give you his view of the world. But things are changing, we have social media, we have people living on New Era Estate who are willing to stand up and be counted, who are inspiring others to stand up and be counted. It is not a world Murdoch wishes you to know about.

Stop Murdoch’s BBC robbery‏

February 11, 2012

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are two types of News International managers: those who have been arrested and those who should be. — Mark Thomas

I find it offensive that every year the BBC is forced to hand over tens of millions of pounds of our money to Rupert Murdoch’s BSkyB, under a hugely unfair law unprecedented in any other country.

These unbelievable regulations cost our public broadcasters up to £100 million a year. Rather than being paid for their valuable content, they actually have to pay BSkyB to show their programmes. This extortion is unprecedented in any other Western country, is a sign of Murdoch’s power and influence.

In the coming days, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt will decide whether to renew this obscene deal. With daily exposures of his papers corrosive influence on British culture, do we really want him to be getting his hands on public money, especially at a time of public austerity and belt tightening? Our pressure has stopped Murdoch in the past and we can do it again, we can stop this BBC robbery. 

Pressure is mounting on Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt to end this outrage. Please add your voice to the on-line petition objecting to our money going to line Murdoch’s pocket. 

Stop Murdoch’s BBC robbery

These are our millions , handed over in license fees to fund British content, not to boost Murdoch’s profits. But an unfair system of “retransmission fees” designed by Murdoch leaves the BBC and other broadcasters with no choice. They are forced to pay BSkyB to show their channels, even though they add huge value to the satellite platform , accounting for 41% of all shows watched on BSkyB and vastly increasing customer retention.

Surely should it not be the other way on, Murdoch pays them to carry their channels? Is this not a case of a pirate being paid to pirate other companies intellectual property?

Murdoch is the first to bleat about piracy, but not it seems when he is lining his own pocket at our expense.

Amazingly, Murdoch has argued the exact opposite in the US . In the US, he charges cable TV companies over $250 million a year to show his content. With the same deal Murdoch gets in the US, our public service broadcasters would have hundreds of millions of pounds extra every year to invest in quality content. This money would allow the BBC to reverse its cuts to World Service, BBC Four and local radio overnight.

For years, Murdoch has had a sleazy, cozy relationship with our politicians. It is such an association that has won him this outrageous UK scheme, but his power is starting to crumble, and together we can end it. Labour has already registered their opposition to this deal, and Culture Secretary Hunt is about to make his decision in his communications review.

Send your message now to make sure he stops this outrage:

Stop Murdoch’s BBC robbery

We have to once an for all destroy the Murdoch mafia. Last year public pressure blocked his proposed takeover of BSkyB, forced the closure of The News of the World, forced press inquiries he didn’t want, press inquiries which are daily exposing the sordid practices of the Murdoch Empire

Now, we can stop the BBC robbery. By continuing to challenge his corrupting influence where ever it appears, we can destroy the Murdoch Empire for good.

This morning several journalists working for The Sun were arrested in dawn raids.

Sun newspaper ‘will continue’ says Rupert Murdoch

The Day the Sky fell on Murdoch

July 14, 2011

Shame on politicians that courted Murdoch for decades, and in one week decided he should be stoned. — Paulo Coelho

Yesterday was the day the Sky fell in on Murdoch.

For at least a decade Murdoch has had a corrosive and toxic influence on British culture and politics. Yesterday was the day his creatures, the fawning politicians, lost their fear and turned on him.

Ten days ago it was a foregone conclusion that the Murdoch-controlled News Corporation, the world’s largest media conglomerate after Disney, would sieze control of BSkyB. It was all done and dusted, all that remained was for Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP to rubber-stamp the deal.

Yesterday, Wednesday 13 July 2011, was the day fawning politicians lost their fear of Murdoch. They were his creatures, but they turned on him. It was their Tahrir moment.

The House of Commons were unanimous, Murdoch should not be allowed to take control of BSkyB. Murdoch pre-empted the debate by pulling out of the deal, but it made no difference.

Politicians may think they took the lead. They did not. The lead was taken by the people, all the politicians did was follow. But that is how it should be in a democracy.

The revolt was organised on twitter with the hashtag #notw

News International controls 38% of the print media in the UK. If you think that is bad, in Australia Murdoch-controlled News Ltd owns and controls 68%!

Media control, cross-media control. No one person, no one company, should control a major sector of the media, they should not own and control print and televison.

The limit should be one daily, one Sunday. If you own print media, then you cannot own TV.

The cross-media ownership has looked at print and BSkyB, but we should not forget that Murdoch owns HarperCollins, Fox TV and a film studio.

In the press, a book is promoted that just happens to be printed by HarperCollins, a film is promoted that just happens to come out of a Murdoch film studio, a TV programme has a good review that just happens to be shown on BSkyB, the BBC is slated, it just happens to be a global competitor to BSkyB.

Reputable writers, for example Paulo Coelho, should be asking themselves do they wish to continue with HarperCollins.

In the UK, a Judicial Inqiry is to be launched into police bribery and the behaviour of the media. In Australia, an inquiry is to be launched into Murdoch-controlled News International. In the US, the FBI and Justice Department have been asked to launch investigations.

A tsnami, with its epicentre in London, is now travelling around the world.

Murdoch, savaged in parliament, pulls British TV bid
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News Corp shares go down the toilet

July 13, 2011
news corp down the toilet

news corp down the toilet

News Corp shares are in a free fall.

Murdoch plans to buy back News Corp shares in a desperate attempt to stop them going into free fall.

Shareholders fear massive claim for damages following News of the World phone hacking scandal, and further scandals that are rocking the Murdoch Empire on a daily basis.

Questions are now being asked in US and Asutralia about Murdoch.

It is highly unlikely that Murdoch will be allowed to buy BSkyB, which has forced News Corp to withdraw its bid.

Where now without the BSkyB cash cow? BSkyB shares have fallen by 20%!

News Corp withdraws bid for BSkyB
Church of England investment in News Corp
Good riddance News of the World
News of the World sinks to new low

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