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Tutu: The Authorised Portrait

December 14, 2011
Desmond Tutu at book launch

Desmond Tutu at book launch

book signing

book signing

Tutu: The Authorised Portrait is one of those books that is an absolute must have. Written by his daughter and a journalist friend who Desmond Tutu has known for many years.

From the pictures alone, a face that radiates joy.

Tutu: The Authorised Portrait is a celebration of 80 years of Archbishop Desmond Tutu by the people who know and love him.

Tutu: The Authorised Portrait was launched in South Africa with Bono.

‘Tutu: The authorized portrait’ book launch with Bono in Cape Town

Synchronicity: The day I stumbled across Tutu: The Authorised Portrait I was on my way to An African Christmas, Christmas carols and African Christmas stories read by Virginia McKenna.

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