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Morrisons Café takeaway coffee cups

June 21, 2018

Takeaway coffee cups in Morrisons Café illustrate why we have a problem and why we need a latte levy.

The cup a composite structure, a cardboard surround wrapped around a who knows what inner core forming an integral whole.

The cup showed the outer is card and can be recycled but how? It would have to be separated from the inner.

Questions to Morrisons lead nowhere.

Why are there takeaway cups in Morrisons Café when there are ceramic mugs? It would not seem very likely anyone would pop in for a takeaway coffee. Maybe shoppers wander around the store with a coffee in hand. But in that case use compostable cups with a bin provided in which to deposit the cups.

What this highlights yet again is the need for a latte levy.

Morrisons café: confusion pricing and over-complex menu

March 13, 2014
Morrisons crude copy of J D Wetherspoon menu

Morrisons crude copy of J D Wetherspoon menu

It is easy to see why Morrisons is a failing supermarket chain.

Yesterday I had late lunch, scampi and chips, in their café.

Take a look at this, I was handed their menu.

WTF. Someone had copied J D Wetherspoon, and done a very very poor job.

The menu was so complicated, I said I would take it with me and look at it whilst I had my lunch.

Luckily I knew what I wanted, scampi and chips, and that is what I ordered. It was then a session of any questions.

They have introduced big menu changes in their café. Someone must have visited J D Wetherspoon, decided to copy their menu, and then done a very bad job. Not only have they copied J D Wetherspoon, they have also copied worst practices from phone companies and energy companies, confusion pricing.

It took me whilst I was eating my lunch to try to make head or tail of the menu.

Order scampi and chips after 4pm, and you get a meal deal, the main course and a free drink, in my case a pot of tea.

A good deal, no?

Er no, a blatant rip off.

Prior to this week, if you ordered scampi and chips after 4pm, you received a free pot of tea.

Now with tea time meal deal, you pay a fiver to get a ‘free’ cup of tea. That is with scampi and chips costing £4-75, you are paying 25p extra for what was previously free.

But it gets worse.

blatant rip off verging on fraud

blatant rip off verging on fraud

Sitting at the table, I noticed scampi and chips was on offer at £3-75 (normal price £4-75). Had I ordered scampi and chips, then ordered tea and paid for it at 99p, I would have paid in total £4-74.

This is the level of dishonesty being practised by Morrisons, con the customer into thinking they are getting a deal, when in reality are overcharging, or charging for something that was previously free.

And if you think the menu complicated, spare a thought for the cashier.

Anyone wanting to eat in a supermarket, is either wishing to get through quickly before or after shopping.

Expect long queues at the checkout, as people try to negotiate their way through this complicated menu.

The menus does not even show tea, coffee, and cakes.

With this level of crass stupidity, it is easy to see why Morrisons is a failing supermarket chain.

Last year Morrisons reported a £176 million loss. Today Morrisons was the worst performer on the FTSE100, shares fell more than 10% at one point during the day.

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