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September 30, 2012


The last few evenings I have watched a full or almost full moon rise above the horizon.

A beautiful path of moonbeams across the sea to my feet which then widens into a broad swathe of moonlight reflecting on the sea.

This evening it was already dark as I walked in the sea. It was very warm.

No moon, hidden behind dark clouds. Then it emerged, not as a white disc, but as a fiery red flame.

Then it vanished behind a black disk, light all around. It was as though I was watching an eclipse of the moon. Maybe I was though I was not aware one was due.

I stood in the sea, transfixed, mesmerised.

Then my heart stopped as a ghostly apperition materialised in the sea. I then realised it was a woman coming out of the sea who I assume had been swimming though I had not noticed her swimming.

I noticed the moon was exactly in line with the rising sun that I had observed at exactly 12 hours early.

That would explain why the sea was so high this morning and the previous morning as sun and moon exactly in alignment exerting maximum gravitational pull on the sea.

It was 27C and the sea was very warm.

As I write tonight nearly midnight very hot and humid in the street.

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