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Monsters signed

October 10, 2014
Monsters signed

Monsters signed

Just sent off through Royal Mail my first signed CD, all the way to Tenerife. If you want a copy of your own, let me know and I’m happy to send you one. xx — Jewelia

Limited edition of 50 signed copies.

Monsters is début album from Jewelia, released mid-August 2014.

Downloading and playing music on Google Nexus 7

October 8, 2014

You cannot download Monsters the début album from Jewelia, or so I was told.

I knew this not to be true, as I had never had any problems downloading from bandcamp.

To check, I downloaded Monsters to a computer, then as I wished to play on Google Nexus 7, dragged my download across to a folder marked music.

What now, how was I to play Monsters?

Google Play Music did nothing, other than try to access the net.

In the absence of a music player, I downloaded and installed a music player from Google Play. I cannot recall what it was, but nothing happened, and so I deleted it.

The other problem, Google Nexus 7 has no means to explore folders or file content.

I can explore the Google Nexus 7 by connecting to laptop or computer, but this is ridiculous, and defeats having a tablet if need a laptop too.

It then occurred to me, maybe I am going abut this the wrong way, maybe I need to use bandcamp app to download and play Monsters.

I downloaded and installed bandcamp app, then used it to download Monsters.

I actually succeeded in downloading more than one copy as I thought nothing was happening.

I only learnt this when I tapped and slid down the status and saw several copies downloaded.

Although I still could not see where the albums were stored, maybe in downloads, maybe in music, at least the downloads showed.

Tap, and everything should be automatic, that is what usually happens, the appropriate app takes over.

Er no, I get an error message, can’t open file.

I guessed it was because the albums were zip files. But should not the bandcamp app download files in a format it can use?

I also noted the albums downloaded had meaningless names

  • …

When I downloaded to the computer and transferred across to the music folder, at least the file had a meaningful name.

It was time to visit TechStart, where they know more about Android than I.

Very much as I suspected, need to install a file explorer (which can also unzip files) and a music player.

Following their suggestions, downloaded and installed

  • File Manager
  • N7 Player

File Manager used to unzip Monster files and placed in a folder

  • Jewelia Monsters EP

within the music folder.

As more than one copy of album downloaded as mp3 and FLAC, allowed comparison between mp3 and FLAC.

mp3 320 is high quality. Quite impressive. Then FLAC, a noticeable difference. [see mp3 v FLAC]

Monsters is not only excellent musically, it is also high audio quality.

A curious thing. I tapped on Google Music Play, and there was Monsters already loaded and waiting to play. I had done nothing. That is other than making Monsters available as an album in a folder in the music folder.

Monsters now also in Google Music Play Library.

Which means I had no need to download and install a music player.

And now for books …

Note: Google Nexus 7 an Android device. Discussion thus applies to all Android devices.

Note: Bandcamp allows live streaming if you purchase and download an album. Cannot see what this offers, as can live stream albums on-line as often as you wish.


September 11, 2014

Two versions of Monsters, title track from Monsters, debut EP from incredibly talented singer-songwriter Jewelia.


August 17, 2014


Singer-songwriter Jewelia (Iulia Tache) from the magic land of Romania, has released this month Monsters her début EP.

Album cover very 1960s, as is the music, avant garde rock. Indeed you would have to go back to the 1960s to find anyone this good.

I came across Jewelia playing Staycation Live, a free music festival by the banks of the River Wey in Godalming. There her music was very different, acoustic, herself on keyboard, accompanied by Andy on acoustic guitar.

Highly recommended.

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