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Montegrappa launch The Alchemist pen

March 21, 2012
Montegrappa Alchemist launch - Montegrappa/Susan Kime

Montegrappa Alchemist launch - Montegrappa/Susan Kime

Montegrappa The Alchemist

Montegrappa The Alchemist

Montegrappa The Alchemist - Montegrappa

Montegrappa The Alchemist - Montegrappa

I acknowledge the immense power of the pen. It is with the pen and the written word that I have been able to give life to my thoughts. Montegrappa has forged the most beautiful writing instruments in the world. — Paulo Coelho

Montegrappa’s exclusive creation celebrating Paulo Coelho’s best seller, The Alchemist.

The collection was officially launched in Bassano del Grappa on St Joseph’s Day 19 March 2012. VIP guests from all over the world joined the launch and then attended Paulo Coelho’s St Joseph’s Day Party that was held in the Castello Superiore di Marostica that evening.

We were there as guests of Paulo Coelho.

We arrived as the launch started at 3am, dripping wet as it was pouring with rain. We squeezed in at the back.

The launch was the first time Paulo Coelho had seen the pen. Montegrappa would not let him have a pen before the launch just in case he was tempted to show it to anyone.

A man talked about alchemy, but went on and on and was eventually cut off by Montegrappa. Strange we thought as the expert on alchemy was Paulo Coelho.

The pen is heavy with symbolism. A work of art and a delight to look at.

The cap and barrel represent circles or spheres, which stand for the seven alchemical processes. The chain of elements links the Sun with gold, the Moon with silver, Mercury with quicksilver, Venus with copper, Mars with iron, Jupiter with tin and Saturn with lead. They are represented through sculptural representations, with engraved symbols and ancient names.

The Alchemist pen is a limited edition of less than 2,000.

The Alchemist Pen will be issued in an edition of 1,987 fountain pens and roller balls in total, in honor of the year (1987) The Alchemist was originally published. The series will consist of 71 in solid gold (38 fountain pens and 33 roller balls), for the 71 languages into which it has been translated. Nine hundred pens will be offered in resin and sterling silver (450 fountain pens and 450 roller balls) to represent the number of copies in the first edition print run.

One thousand more pens will be produced in sterling silver with accents in translucent enamel. There will be four colors of enamel, representing the four elements: air, fire, earth and water. Only 125 fountain pens and 125 roller balls will be made in each color. Lastly, 16 pens (eight fountain pens and eight roller balls) will be produced in gold with diamond enhancements, the precious gems described in the Alchemist’s journey.

The launch was followed by a factory tour, many of the workers had books signed by Paulo Coelho sitting at their side.

In the evening a St Joseph’s Day Party at a Venetian Medieval Castle.

Montegrappa expected maybe a hundred people to turn up for the launch. By their estimate, over three hundred!

The Alchemist limited edition pen is destined to become the world’s most sought after and desired pen.

A Montegrappa pen is slow fashion, a quality handmade writing instrument that you value for life.

For Montegrappa the day also had another significance, they were celebrating 100 years of Monetegrappa, 1912-2012.

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Launch of Montegrappa The Alchemist pen

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