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Paulo Coelho t-shirts from Mango

October 20, 2009
Priya sher – Paulo Coelho t-shirt from Mango

Priya sher – Paulo Coelho t-shirt from Mango

In the spring Mango launched an exclusive range of Paulo Coelho t-shirts. Such is the magic of the magician that within days the t-shirts were the No 1 best selling item in Mango shops worldwide and shortly thereafter they sold out.

In a strange ironic twist, life imitating art, the launch of the Paulo Coelho t-shirts coincided with worldwide publication of The Winner Stands Alone, a damning indictment of the world of fashion and film and the cult of celebrity!

This autumn Mango has launched a second collection of exclusive Paulo Coelho t-shirts. These are already selling out.

All monies raised from the sale of the Paulo Coelho t-shirts goes towards supporting the Paulo Coelho Institute in Rio.

Please support the Love Fashion Hate Sweatshops campaign.

This evening The Witch of Portobello has its world premier at the Rome International Film Festival.

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