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Mindful Chef Clipper Tea promotion

February 11, 2021

An Instagram promotion by Mindful Chef, directed to Instagram from Facebook.

mindfulchefuk  GIVEAWAY! 🎉 As a proud @bcorpuk we’re here for you, our people & the planet 🌍 so we’re thrilled to be teaming up with the world’s largest fairtrade tea brand @clipperteas 🤩 whose products are made with pure, natural ingredients 🌱 & a clear conscience 🙌 For your chance to win a bundle of quality teas ☕ & healthy recipes 😋 simply 👇

1️⃣ Like our post 💚
2️⃣ Tag a tea-loving friend 👯‍♀️
3️⃣ Follow @mindfulchefuk & @clipperteas 🤳
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Winner announced on Friday 12th February – good luck! 🤞 #mindfulchef

No company or  individual who lays claim to being ethical has a presence on Instagram, least of all directs to Instagram.

  • owned by facebook
  • theft and abuse of personal data
  • pictures not visible on twitter
  • complicit in teen and pre-teen self harm and suicides

Overuse of tiny icons give the impression social media account handled by a teenager.

What we are seeing is a scam to generate yet more data for Instagram facebook, Mindful Chef and Clipper Tea.

  • like
  • tag
  • follow
  • share

Never tag friends, play quiz games survey, like, share. You are generating a data trail for Instagram and Facebook

The FairTrade scam. Pay a tiny premiums above commodity price. There is no incentive for farmers to improve quality, thus maintains farmers in poverty.

Direct trade, higher premiums paid for quality incentive for growers to improve, win win for everyone, consumers receive a higher quality, growers receive higher prices.

Always buy coffee from indie coffee shop or reputable coffee roastery.

A few years ago an expose of an Indian tea planation The Cost of a Cuppa, a BBC Radio 4 documentary looked at tea plantations in Assam, the appalling working and living conditions on the tea plantations, the child slave labour, whether the tea was supplied to some of the most expensive tea suppliers on the market or commodity tea it made no difference, the various designations meaningless, not worth the paper they are written on.

Tea workers in Assam earn 115 rupees a day, just over £1 ($1.50), well below the minimum wage (177 rupees in Assam). This is legal, a legacy of the British, part of their wage is paid for with housing, clean water, sanitation, food. There has been a small increase in wages since the programme was recorded.

The housing not fit for human habitation, no safe drinking water, no toilets, cesspits overflowing, roofs leaking. Plantation owners in India are obliged by law to provide and maintain ‘adequate’ houses, and sanitary toilets for workers.

The women pick the tea leaves, hard work, but not hazardous. In the fields the workmen are spraying hazardous pesticides, no protective gear, wearing only t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. The chemical used deltamethrin, harmful possibly fatal if absorbed through the skin or inhaled. The local hospital sees 5–6 patients a week suffering from pesticide poisoning.

The plantations visited, Rainforest Alliance Certified. A marketing tool to sell tea to make middle class buyers of tea feel good.

Clipper Tea is owned by Royal Wessanen (now Ecotone), a massive Dutch food conglomerate. Ecotone owned by Vulture Capitalists PAI Partners (62%) and Charles Jobson (38%).

Companies owned include

  • Clipper tea
  • Kallø
  • Whole Earth

Whole Earth, like Mindful Chef, a greenwash name to hide the reality. Check out their peanut butter. No sugar, no salt, yeah, but check the list of ingredients, padded out with palm oil. For peanut butter choose Meridian or Suma from wholefood stores, local cooperatives and zero waste stores.

Mindful Chef, despite its prostrations of ethical, is owned by Nestle.

I am hard pushed to find anything ethical

Buy coffee from indie coffee shops or reputable coffee roasteries, chocolate from bean-to bar chocolate makers, tea from small specialist tea merchant’s.

The only giveaway we are seeing here is Mindful Chef customers giving away their personal data, for what, a chance to win a  few teabags. A crude data harvesting exercise by Mindful Chef and Clipper Tea, which also helps generate more data for Instagram and Facebook. 

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