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Milk & Honey

April 23, 2013
Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey

I had never noticed Milk & Honey before, probably because it was not there.

A little deli cum café on the left hand side of the main entrance into the Castle Grounds in Guildford, the top end where is located the bowling greens and a bandstand where plays take place.

I was actually on my way to visit Alice Through the Looking Glass, but the best laid plans of mice and men …

I decided to pop in and take a look. I was there all afternoon until late afternoon or early evening.

Occasionally one finds a lovely food place, where as soon as you walk in the door you see it is a labour of love. Grocer and Grain in Brighton is one such place, and that is what I was reminded of when I walked into Milk & Honey.

Home made cakes, coffees, teas. In the window Easter eggs. Easter eggs? Greek Easter is 5 May.

When people bought a cake, or a piece of cheese, it was lovingly wrapped and tied with a ribbon.

I looked up, and what I had not noticed before, handmade jewellery hanging from the ceiling.

I suggested for the summer, tables and chairs outside, freddo cappuccino. If Costa Coffee can block an alleyway and cause an obstruction, I can see absolutely no reason why Milk & Honey cannot have tables and chairs outside obstructing no one. Although with the park benches outside, pull up a milk churn as a coffee table.

We tried making a freddo cappuccino, but did not work, wrong glasses, wrong milk, and ideally need better coffee.

Another idea I suggested was little picnic packs for people to take and enjoy in the Castle Grounds.

Some hours later, I left to go off in search of Alice.

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