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Metro and the suburbs

November 6, 2020

Friday, last day of freedom before lockdown, will then only be able to go for a walk locally for exercise.

Tuesday all restaurants, bars and coffeeshops closed. A night time curfew at midnight. Saturday, lockdown.

A cold day, gale blowing, cloudy, no sun. A day for the Metro, visit the suburbs. Also the last day this will be possible, as would not be able to travel on the Metro during lockdown, or at least not without a plausible excuse and prior consent.

First Cholargos to visit Eat Me, Metro, then 418 bus. Cannot get on where driver is sat, have to get on at exit. No idea how to pay. Some have a card, others simply walk on.

Eat Me I do not like. A bakery cum, coffee shop. Lack of ambience. The coffee though good.

Hop back on No 418 bus. As bus nears Metro station, I know the locality, hop off bus and head to Kudu.

Visit Kudu, excellent coffee shop. Very busy. Have a coffee and a bite to eat. New Synesso espresso machine. They have bought two for lockdown. They expect to be busy.

Then  back on Metro for Peristeri. Outside Metro station man selling the Big Issue.

On my way to Mind the Cup I walk past Cashew. Interesting concept, nuts dried fruits and coffee.

To Mind the Cup,  coffee and a bag of coffee.

As with The Underdog last year and now Kudu, Mind the Cup also coffee in Nespresso capsules.

I look in Manor House but do not stop.

Peristeri life on the street, queues for a bookshop before lockdown. Contrast with Plaka, deserted.

Then Metro to Acropoli.

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