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Harry´s Gourmeteria

February 24, 2012
Harry´s Gourmeteria en Pueurto de la Cruz en Tenerife

Harry´s Gourmeteria en Pueurto de la Cruz en Tenerife

Harry´s Gourmeteria is an excellent and very popular German restaurant.

Located on the first floor of the Mercado Municipal, on the edge of Puerto de la Cruz, Avenida Blas Peréz, a little way above Hotel Florida (Luabay).

The first floor of the Mercado Municipal is a veritable food oasis, fruit and vegetable shops, including organic fruit and veg, cheese, fresh fish, bread, Harry’s Gourmeteria, Serrano Delicatessen.

Harry’s Gourmeteria now occupies two units, the adjacent café having closed. He now supplies fresh bread and when I passed by a couple of days ago he let me try Limoncello, an Italian liquer. Last week I tried his excellent potato cake, a type of fritter.


February 22, 2012


I was passing by Harry´s Gourmeteria lunchtime today when my eye was caught by attractive bottles containing a cloudy, lemon coloured liquid.

I asked Harry what it was. Limoncello, he replied. Meant nothing to me. Italian drink, he added helpfully. I was still none the wiser.

He offered me a taste. To me it smelt like, tasted like, Ouzo, with a lemon tinge.

Limoncello is a liquer. Made by soaking lemons cut in half in alcohol for three months, with a litte added castor sugar.

The method is similar as that for Sloe Gin. Collect the sloes, spike each one, soak in Gin. I cannot though remember for how long.

No anise had been added so I am baffled by the anise flavour.

Harry´s Gourmeteria is a very popular German restaurant on the first floor of Mercado Municipal en Puerto de la Cruz en Tenerife. On this floor a little food oasis: fruit and vegetable stalls, produce of Canary islands, cheese, bread etc.

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