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Fake mediums and clouds of unknowing

January 26, 2012

I detest fake mediums (are there any other sort) who prey on vulnerable people, who tell them they can communicate with their loved ones who are on the other side. All of course for a fee, often as a public spectacle. Not exactly helping those who are suffering.

One such fake medium very publicly exposed by the Daily Mail last year was TV psychic Sally Morgan.

Now I would not give someone like this the time of day. It begs the question as she is taking money why is she not being prosecuted for fraud and deception? Why are criminal charges not being brought against her for claiming to be a medium, which is to commit a criminal offence?

Drawing upon the original story in the Daily Mail the headline in The Guardian said it all: ‘Psychic Sally Morgan hears voices from the other side (via a hidden earpiece)’!

Over Christmas New Year there was an amazing TV programme, it must have gone on for at least three hours. It was not something I would normally watch. It was called something like 100 best magic tricks. Some were quite simple such as card tricks others quite complex. You watched and you thought: How do they do it? But you knew there was some trickery involved. No one claimed to have supernatural powers or to be calling on powers on the other side. Other side of what?

We know the woman has not really be sawn in half, shot through with long knives.

I have seen demonstrated how by asking a few simple, carefully chosen questions, you can quite quickly home in on what the person expects you to say. Watching their body language helps too. A fun parlour trick maybe, but not to exploit vulnerable, desperate, pathetic people, not to make money out of them, not to make a public spectacle of them.

Did your husband pass over recently my dear? Tens years ago. Oh yes that’s right, that is what he is saying.

In a Court Room the Judge intervenes and reprimands for asking leading questions.

These shows in depravity, as that is what they are, represents big money. 2,000 plus gullible audience, each parting with £20, £30, £50 a ticket, maybe more.

What if the plant has a few stooges who mingle with the audience, earwig on their conversations.

My poor Derek, he died such an awful death, I hope he is not suffering still. I hope she will have some good news if I am the lucky one. They may even join in the conversation.

Some questions do not seem to get answered or even appear. I wonder why.

That bastard Mike, he had at least a million pounds stashed way in offshore accounts. Where did the bastard hide it? The bastard died without telling me.

Somehow I do not see forthcoming the answer to what that bastard Mike did with his dosh.

TV shows cannot afford to fail. You probably provided most of the information in the so-called questionnaire you filled out before the show began. And never forget from the viewpoint of the TV company, it is a show, entertainment, you are the fools who are providing the entertainment and not even getting paid for your time.

Paid with a credit card? Well forget it. Everything needed to know will be there on facebook.

Why oh why oh why do people put personal information on facebook? Name of dog, cat, children, partner, date of birth, where you live, where you were born, school, university ete etc. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Remove all personal data from facebook, but first fill out with false data to screw up the databases and give it time to filter through the system, then delete.

People died recently: local press, fresh graves. The information is there if you know how to look.

Google Street View (the most crass stupid thing google ever did, a burglars wet dream) lets you check out where they live.

Now let me see: Do you have a red front door, in the spring a beautiful azalea in flower. Now I see, a red hatchback parked in the drive. Your sisters. Oh yes, that’s right. Now opposite I see …

Shrieks of delight, tears of joy, how does she do it?

Simple really, Google Street View.

Has someone you know recently died? How could she know? Well of course she knows, that is why you are there you bloody fool, that is why you stupidly paid for a ticket.

Sally Morgan is now suing the Daily Mail for libel and loss of reputation for breaking the story she was being fed information from off-stage. Reputation, what reputation?

We live in a strange world where the inexplicable does happen and that is what fakes exploit.

It was once thought we lived in a mechanistic, deterministic world. Know enough information and we can predict.

The real world is not like that. We live in a world with chaos theory, with non-linear feedback loops.

Our world is that of the medium scale, in size and velocity. Go beyond that and what we understand of the world breaks down.

We do not see the world. We have an internal model which we impose on the world. This model can be easily fooled. Although not schizophrenics, their brains are wired differently, they have a different internal model of the world.

When we get to the subatomic level, if we think we understand we do not. The entire universe effects what is happening at this level.

In How to Know God, Deepak Chopra describes some very strange things.

At Auschwitz Paulo Coelho saw a man in a vision. He thought it was a bad drugs trip. Several weeks later he saw the man in a café in Amsterdam. Now he was paranoid. Was he being followed. The only way to find out was to confront the man. A man he only refers to as J.

At St George’s in Iraq, angels appear, wheel within wheels as described by Ezekiel. There are many many witnesses. Photos show strange blobs suspended in the air.

The congregation of St George have dreams or visions. Jesus or the Virgin Mary appears. Avoid so-and-so market, take a different route to school or work. They have learnt to heed these warnings. It means the difference between life and death. Had they not done so, they would have been killed by car bombs and suicide bombers.

Giving a sermon Canon Andrew White felt something was wrong. He could not see anything wrong with the man in the congregation. He did what he was reluctant to do, as all are welcome, he had the man removed. The man was found to have a suicide belt. Had he remained, he would have slaughtered many innocent people in the church

There are people who see what others do not. Maybe they are what we always had, or maybe it was only the mystics, who along with the leader, were highly revered members of the tribe.

Synchronicity: Highly improbable events and yet they happen. They happen to me all the time.

We cannot dismiss what we do not understand, as sadly do those who lack any scientific understanding.

We may not know why something happens. That is not the same as it not happening.

If I was able to show someone only a century ago, communicating using skype on an iPad in video mode, what would they think? I was a magician?

Galileo was dismissed as what he saw did not match the prevailing world view. He was tortured to recant.

The sailors with Columbus or Colon as known in Spain, thought they were going to sail off the end of the world when they set sail from Tenerife, the last known land.

Those who do dismiss what they do not understand are stupid. They are not worth wasting the time of day on.

For a two-dimensional world I can draw a prison by drawing a square. There is no way out. But I can can pick up whoever is in the prison without breaking down a wall by lifting them up (ie via a third dimension) and place them outside. How do those living in the two-dimensional world explain this?

Saints, mystics, prophets can easily cross the transition zone. Why cannot all of us?

Maybe some things are unknowable and will always remain so. A finite mind cannot by definition know the infinite. Merely catch glimpses of what they believe to be reality because it is a reality that works for us. A reality, not the reality.

It is into this cloud of unknowing the fakes thrive, exploit the vulnerable.

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