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Lincolnshire Echo click bait scaremongering

March 13, 2020

Headline grabbing scaremongering, click-bait fake news.

Talking with people I have not found anyone scared, the county gripped by fear.

I have sadly found stupid people who think no different to seasonal flu, for example a stupid woman on a train, who coughed most of the journey.

I find people who are angry, angry that the government not banning public gathering or sporting events, angry at a Lincolnshire school taking schoolkids on a school trip to northern Italy.

Another example from the local rag, Lincoln city centre a ghost town. Not true, fewer people on the streets yes, a ghost town no.

The front page of the Echo, click bait attention-grabbing scaremongering. Then more of the same. Lincoln like a ghost town.

I was in town Thursday, it was not deserted, it was not like a ghost town, even around 5-30 on Friday not deserted.

I have seen fewer people on the streets in January middle of the day once kids have gone back to school.

If we look at data from mobile phone tracking in the streets of cities. down 3% three weeks ago, three weeks later, down 20%. These are average figures.

In some cities down 27%, worse case down 40%.

Waterside deserted. Grotty shopping centre, not worth visiting, is it ever anything other than deserted?

As always, shoddy journalism.

Nottingham not many people around. I have not visited before on a Friday, thus no comparison, but I was told fewer than usual. A Thai restaurant was busier than previous visits, one coffee shop I was told businesses down, another said half usual level of customers.

People are wisely staying home avoiding anywhere crowded.

Social distancing helps slow the spread of viruses, half the number of people, half the opportunity to spread, which is why avoid crowded places and government should ban all public gatherings.

People are running scared.

Click bait fake news from a scurrilous local rag does not help.

We have no immunity. Our only protection, social distancing.

Avoid crowded places, pubs, bars, crowded restaurants, shopping centres, overcrowded commuter trains. Wherever possible work from home.

People not going into town unless necessary to buy food, are acting wisely.

We have been very badly let down by a government that has steadfastly refused to ban public gatherings.

Eton and Harrow have closed, state schools ordered to remain open. The rich and privileged look after their own. School governors should hold emergency meetings and decided whether or not to close.

Maybe scribblers should ask why no hand sanitiser at entrances to Lincoln Central Bus Station, with signs advising passengers to use?

Maybe ask why hand sanitisers not at entrances to coffee shops and restaurants, clientele asked to use before permitted entry?

Local media acting for the local community, not click bait scaremongering and peddling fake news.

to be continued —

The Lincolnshire Echo a failing local rag

March 13, 2019

The ground used to shake in St Benedict’s Square when The Lincolnshire Echo rolled off the printing press, a daily local paper, several editions during the day, Final had the national news the dailies would cover the following morning, a special sport edition at the weekend, vendors on street corners.

The Echo as known locally a pale shadow of its once former self, a single edition published once a week, stale news, staler that what we once used to wrap our fish n chips in, the one remaining vendor on the High Street long gone, its on-line version Lincolnshire Live, drivel, regurgitation of corporate press releases masquerading as news, click bait, not a clue how to use social media. No in-depth reporting, no investigative journalism, no holding local government to account. This is left to locals with no resources. One of many failed or failing local newspapers now breathing its last gasp.

If we look at last week’s edition, it is easy to see why no one reads let alone buys.

For months The Echo has been demonising the homeless, rather than taking to task the local council for failing to help. And help is not moving them on.

The Street and Steep Hill, many failing if not failed businesses, many do not even bother to open, tea shops that close when tourists are around but open when not, too many run of the mill tea shops chasing the nonexistent tourist pound, shops selling tat.

But what we learn is a popular shop that was rarely open and hardly surprising when open not busy is to close. Any one passing by has known this for weeks.

And this is the same story of a few weeks ago of a soap shop, a popular shop closing for lack of customers.

Spot the oxymoron, popular shop closing for lack of customers.

Maybe the scribblers have a different definition of popular to that in common use.

Little more than click bait, opening of a new Boots store a boost to the High Street. Er no, Boots is relocating to across the street.

No explanation of why Boots is relocating to across the street? A question any competent journalist would have asked. Difference in rent, end of lease? Will the other smaller Boots stores in town close and relocate to one store? No mention of Boots a major tax dodger, or that the only reason BHS closed was theft from BHS pension fund, rogue tax dodger Philip Greed.

A game of Pass the Parcel, Musical Chairs, one large empty unit relocates from one side of the street to the other side of the street.

Makes not a jot of difference to the High Street, there is still one large empty unit.

When writing of coffee it helps to know something of coffee. What has been written of 200 Degrees smacks of hype, ignorance and regurgitation of a press release.

200 Degrees is a chain, albeit a small chain, with a reputation for serving mediocre coffee. Better than the large corporate chains but not in the same league as local indie coffee shops Coffee Aroma and Madame Waffle.

No there is not a garden courtyard. There is a back yard, as yet unfinished.

A specialty coffee shop does not serve coffee blended with cheap nasty robusta.

Why poach staff from other coffee shops if host a barista training school? No qualified trainer for the training school.

Sincil Street is not being redeveloped it is being trashed, local Coop and Council in cahoots. Why is this not being questioned?

Why no questioning of the levy on all businesses to support Lincoln BIG, controlled by Big Business, unaccountable to local businesses, the money then squandered, no benefit to local businesses. A levy few can afford.

Why no questioning of Visit Lincoln acting as a quasi PR agency, paid to promote corporate chains?

No questioning of the incestuous relationship between local Coop, corporate chains, local Council and Lincoln BIG.

The Lincolnite little better not an echo, regurgitation of press releases masquerading as news, drivel, click bait.

Bailagte Independent, glossy packed with ads freebie monthly. What little content there is reads as advertising copy without the warning. A shocking waste of trees.

Why is the Mail targeting Naomi Wu?

November 26, 2017

I put up with constant abuse and endless shit, I wake up to DMs and emails full of rape and more rape every day. I’d just like to share my builds and tech stuff without the constant condescending nitpicking. It’s very little to ask why not just show that small measure of respect? — Naomi Wu

Very strange that the Mail appears to be running a smear campaign against Naomi Wu.

Naomi Wu has wisely launched a preemptive strike, as did Charlotte Church when gutter press tried to dig up dirt from her neighbours

But why Naom Wu?

Smear campaigns have been launched against Charlotte Church, Russell Brand, Jeremy Corbyn for having the audacity to attack the tax-dodging oligarchs who own and control the media, even worse for daring to propose an alternative to neoliberalism and a fairer society.

The Budget has estate agents rubbing their hands with glee at abolition of Stamp Duty, which will lead to a hike in house prices in a stagnant housing market, no attempt to deal with tax dodging, tax hand outs to oil companies, the poorest third of society will be poorer, the richest third richer.

The media oligarchs are losing their grip. They smeared Jeremy Corbtyn, nevertheless he manged to win the Labour leadership twice, has turned Labour into the largest social movement in Europe, almost won the last General Election, and has had the government on the defensive ever since.

Where though does Naomi Wu fit into all of this?

Maybe she was confused with Naomi Klein?

We are now postcapitalism.

Do we have a future of low wages, zero hours, part time, temporary, soul destroying McShit Jobs? Deliveroo and Uber are but two examples of serfs working for apps, old fashioned exploitation by any other name.

Or do we have a future of open source, open coops, collaborative commons?

Naomi Wu is an innovator, designer, a passionate and articulate advocate of open source, sino:bit in addition to being a coding project for kids is to introduce at an early age the concept of open source, the first official certified open source hardware project in China.

is this why she is seen as a threat?

Every day Naomi Wu wakes to a torrent of abuse, threats of rape.

The last thing she needs, a smear campaign by the Mail.

It could of course be a journalist collecting background, prior to writing an article on the work of Naomi Wu, two side panels, one highlighting the abuse she receives, the other on how to deal with on-line abuse and cyber bullying. Plus a supplement on projects people can build.

But until that happens, until we start to see quality journalism, retailers will continue to pull their advertising from the Mail, Paperchase being but the latest to do so.

Media has a vital role to play, challenging corruption, informing democracy, and holding government to account. But less and less does it play that role, it acts as a megaphone for the corrupt, smears anyone who does expose corruption. 

To be a journalist is a dangerous profession, we see that with the number of journalists put in prison, killed. 

Journalists are put in danger when Donald Trump attacks the media. 

But we need to question when vile trolls like Katie Hopkins are granted a media platform, as the hate they espouse then becomes the norm, by granting her the oxygen of publicity all attention seeking trolls crave, it acts to normalise and encourage their behaviour.

John McDonnell: the Media are trying to destroy us

November 22, 2015

I for one, was very impressed by John McDonnell yesterday afternoon at Beyond Austerity at Methodist Central Hall Westminster. It is unfortunate the entire meeting was not dedicated to a discussion between former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis and John McDonnell, as it would have been a far more informative and productive meeting.

We had excellent analysis, and intelligent proposals.

A breath of fresh air compared with Ed Balls or Alistair Darling.

Maybe that is why both he and Yanis Varoufakis are  being attacked in the mainstream media, to drown out what they are  saying.

Mass media has become rabid propaganda channels for the 1%, spewing a daily drip, drip, drip feed of misinformation, lies, smears and hate.

We must form our own communication channels. The media must be broken up. We cannot have people like Murdoch, Lord Rothermere, Barclay Brothers owning large chunks of the media.

Media channels that give an alternative view and help nail many of the lies.

Transition Free Press

December 2, 2013
Transition Free Press - Winter 2013

Transition Free Press – Winter 2013

Who other than a madman would launch a new newspaper?

Who in not only today’s economic climate but in the climate for newsprint, when newspapers are losing money, would launch a new newspaper?

Local and national newspapers are losing money.

A downward spiral, less news, less frequent, less reason to buy, shrinking income, fewer resources for news gathering and quality journalism.

It is into this climate Transition Free Press has been launched. A real newspaper, real newsprint, not a digital newspaper, like the recently launched Guardian Australia.

Transition Free Press was launched this year as an experiment, a toe in the water, a pilot of four quarterly issues.

Transition Free Press has proved to at least be sustainable. Whether it will continue into 2014 will depend upon securing funding.

I came across Transition Free Press in The Barn in Farnham, one of their fifty plus distribution hubs.

Why print and distribute a newspaper, with all the risks involved? Why not be like the Huffington Post or Guardian Australia, on-line only?

A newspaper is shareable, and yes, on-line is shareable too. Indeed, I would go further, when you find something interesting on-line, be it Transition Free Press, this article, music, then please share, tweet, re-tweet, recommend.

Transition Free Press is quarterly, it is not transient like a daily newspaper, it contains useful information, thus more likely to be valued, kept for future reference.

So what is in it?

Articles on self-sufficiency, local communities, alternative energy, local economies, carbon reduction, protest, local currencies, sustainability, art, music.

The very first issue, what could be called a pilot for the pilot, came out last year to test the feasibility.

I have read Transition Free Press whilst in The Barn, and have been suitably impressed. At the weekend I found the latest edition, hot off the press.

The front page of the current winter 2013 edition, out now, has a front page lead story on protest. Taking the lead from comments on not voting and the need for revolution from Russell Brand, communities are taking the lead.

Activists staged a mass work out at COP19 Climate Talks in Poland last month. The talks had been hijacked by Big Coal, Big Oil, and other big carbon emitters and polluters. The point the activists made with an impromptu press conference outside the talks, was that we can no longer trust politicians, if we want change, we have to take action ourselves.

That is what Transition Heathrow did, they squatted derelict nursery gardens and brought them back into productive use, ran workshops. Even the local police reported they had a positive impact on the local community, with reductions in low level crime.

With the collapse of the Co-op Bank, and the unfolding scandal, whereto ethical banking, and was it so ethical at the Co-op Bank?

Payday loan sharks, are not only screwing those they have got their teeth into, they are draining money out of our poorest communities, communities that should be plugging the leaks and recycling money within the local economy.

An evaluation inspired by the Reconomy Project of the potential to ‘relocalise’ Lambeth’s economy … switching just 10% of the borough’s supermarket food spend to local retailers would release £37 million (and “money spent in independent local businesses can create 2-4 more times as much real value as money spent in chains”), and retrofitting housing stock with solid wall insulation could payback in 15 years and generate £100 million of local employment.

And yet, we see the opposite. The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor, has been practising ethnic cleansing of local businesses in Farnborough and Aldershot. Squandering £1 million on repaving Queensmead will not attract people to Farnborough, any more than wasting £15,000 on a free wifi scam, a scam that will collect personal data, in order that locals can be bombarded with spam e-mail and spam sms text messages. Neither will demolishing the c 1720s Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s. The local economy will only benefit, when there are local shops and businesses to spend money in, local shops and businesses which then recycle money within the local economy.

The ConDem government, under pressure from the Big Six energy suppliers, are poised to axe or reduce the green and social levies on the Big Six, to reduce their commitment on green measures such as house insulation. Even if these levies were halved, at only 10% of the average bill, it would only see a reduction of 5%. On the other hand, if only 10% was knocked off the 90% of the bill the Big Six are responsible for, this would lead to a 9% cut in bills. The poor will save money if they use less fuel, they will use less fuel, we will all use less fuel, if our homes are better insulated. If we use less carbon-based fuel, we emit less greenhouse gases.

Money paid to the Big Six on fuel bills, is money drained straight out of the local economy. If we insulate, not only do we cut our fuel bills, reduce our greenhouse emission, that is money that is retained within the local economy, money, which if spent with local businesses, is money recycled within the local economy.

Transition Free Press is produced by a not-for-profit collective and supported, although not financed by, the Transition Network. You can help back the paper by signing up for an annual subscription, minimum £15 per year, though you can pay more if you wish.

You can also help, not only by buying a copy from a distribution hub, but chatting to your local indie coffee bar and similar local businesses, and suggesting they too become a distribution hub. It helps them, as they can bulk buy at a discount,and it helps them by bringing people into their coffee bar.

In a coffee bar, having a copy to read, or a pile on display helps. That is how I came across Transition Free Press in The Barn.

If there is not a distribution hub near you, you can find Transition Free Press on-line.

An edited version of a longer article published on Medium.

Who controls the message? – Noam Chomsky

December 1, 2012

Manufacturing Consent – Noam Chomsky

December 1, 2012

In a totalitarian state you force people to do what you want through fear. This is not possible in a democracy. In a democracy you manufacture consent through necessary illusions for the elite, the top 20%. The bottom 80% obey orders. The bottom 80% dull their minds, feed them rubbish, the last thing you want is for them to think.

The corporate controlled owned and controlled media are the agenda setters. They filter what we are allowed to see, and that is our perception of reality.

In 1968 we carpet-bombed North Vietnam, then the surrounding countries. Today we us drones to bomb Pakistan and Afghanistan. The delivery mechanism may have changed, not much else has changed.

Stop Murdoch’s BBC robbery‏

February 11, 2012

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are two types of News International managers: those who have been arrested and those who should be. — Mark Thomas

I find it offensive that every year the BBC is forced to hand over tens of millions of pounds of our money to Rupert Murdoch’s BSkyB, under a hugely unfair law unprecedented in any other country.

These unbelievable regulations cost our public broadcasters up to £100 million a year. Rather than being paid for their valuable content, they actually have to pay BSkyB to show their programmes. This extortion is unprecedented in any other Western country, is a sign of Murdoch’s power and influence.

In the coming days, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt will decide whether to renew this obscene deal. With daily exposures of his papers corrosive influence on British culture, do we really want him to be getting his hands on public money, especially at a time of public austerity and belt tightening? Our pressure has stopped Murdoch in the past and we can do it again, we can stop this BBC robbery. 

Pressure is mounting on Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt to end this outrage. Please add your voice to the on-line petition objecting to our money going to line Murdoch’s pocket. 

Stop Murdoch’s BBC robbery

These are our millions , handed over in license fees to fund British content, not to boost Murdoch’s profits. But an unfair system of “retransmission fees” designed by Murdoch leaves the BBC and other broadcasters with no choice. They are forced to pay BSkyB to show their channels, even though they add huge value to the satellite platform , accounting for 41% of all shows watched on BSkyB and vastly increasing customer retention.

Surely should it not be the other way on, Murdoch pays them to carry their channels? Is this not a case of a pirate being paid to pirate other companies intellectual property?

Murdoch is the first to bleat about piracy, but not it seems when he is lining his own pocket at our expense.

Amazingly, Murdoch has argued the exact opposite in the US . In the US, he charges cable TV companies over $250 million a year to show his content. With the same deal Murdoch gets in the US, our public service broadcasters would have hundreds of millions of pounds extra every year to invest in quality content. This money would allow the BBC to reverse its cuts to World Service, BBC Four and local radio overnight.

For years, Murdoch has had a sleazy, cozy relationship with our politicians. It is such an association that has won him this outrageous UK scheme, but his power is starting to crumble, and together we can end it. Labour has already registered their opposition to this deal, and Culture Secretary Hunt is about to make his decision in his communications review.

Send your message now to make sure he stops this outrage:

Stop Murdoch’s BBC robbery

We have to once an for all destroy the Murdoch mafia. Last year public pressure blocked his proposed takeover of BSkyB, forced the closure of The News of the World, forced press inquiries he didn’t want, press inquiries which are daily exposing the sordid practices of the Murdoch Empire

Now, we can stop the BBC robbery. By continuing to challenge his corrupting influence where ever it appears, we can destroy the Murdoch Empire for good.

This morning several journalists working for The Sun were arrested in dawn raids.

Sun newspaper ‘will continue’ says Rupert Murdoch

Good riddance News of the World

July 8, 2011
Murdoch answers critics

Murdoch answers critics

Ofcom ‘has duty to be satisfied on on-going basis that any person holding broadcasting licence remains fit & proper to hold such licence’ — John Prescott

The News of the World meltdown is progressing from “shit hits fan” toward “running Rolls Royce jet turbine lands in sewage works”. — Mitch Benn

Excellent news that News of the World is to close. A cause for celebration, but do not pop the champagne corks just yet.

Unbelievable, people power brings down the News of the World in less than a week. Murdoch must be hurting.

Well done everyone. Well done too the Guardian that landed the first blow and the Evening Standard, Independent and Telegraph for landing the follow up blows.

But do not celebrate too soon. We have won the first skirmish, we have a war to win.

Inside News International there are two secret projects: Project X, cut costs by 50%. Project Y, move to a seven-day-a-week newspaper.

A couple of days before James Murdoch with Rebekah Wade in tow, accompanied by security guards, told staff at the News of the World it was being closed, two web addresses were registered for The Sun on Sunday.

It is goodbye News of the World, hello Sun on Sunday.

We were told it was one rogue reporter, now we are told it was one rogue newspaper.

No, it is a rotten toxic organisation that has had a corrosive influence on British culture and politics.

We have gutless, spineless politicians who fight over who can brown-nose Murdoch.

Endorsement now or association with Murdoch would be the kiss of death.

Why is Rebekah Wade still there?

Today Andy Coulson, former NotW editor, was arrested for phone hacking and corruption. If he knew and authorised what was going on why not Rebekah Wade? And she has already admitted to a Select Committee of payment to police.

James Murdoch has said Rebekah Wade has high ethical standards. George Orwell would be proud.

Over £130,000 in bribes has been paid. And no one knew?

James Murdoch signed off massive sums in hush money to keep victims of NotW phone hacking quiet, but he claims he did not know what the money was for?

David Cameron showed appalling lack of judgement in employing Andy Coulson. Did Coulson employ NotW techniques when working from 10 Downing Street? Was Coulson not subjected to positive vetting?

John Prescott is one of many who warned Cameron re Coulson.

It is sickening hearing NotW hacks saying what a marvelous newspaper News of the World was. Have they no shame or integrity? Still they can now enjoy a life of luxury on the Dole as they are wont to tell us Benefit Cheats and Welfare Scroungers enjoy. If they had any integrity left they would put out a Not the News of the World exposing what has been going on at News International.

Plod of the Yard in his investigation of the phone hacking left no stone unturned. He could have tripped over a stone and fallen into a quarry and denied it was there.

Two companies refused to pull NotW advertising, Vodafone and Tesco. Like Murdoch, serious tax dodgers.

Murdoch is not a fit and proper person to own and control media in the UK. He should not be allowed to own and control BSkyB.

If Murdoch thinks he has silenced his critics and the matter is over he is wrong. The baying dogs have tasted blood. They will not now be satisfied until they have gone in for the kill.

Not one to miss a trick, British Gas has used a bad news day to bury their massive hike in gas prices.

News of the World sinks to new low
BSkyB takeover plan receives flurry of late submissions
Phone hacking probe: Ex-News of the World editor Coulson arrested
Rusbridger: ‘I warned David Cameron over Coulson link’
Phone hacking: Police probe suspected deletion of emails by NI executive
Sun on Sunday set for launch following NOTW closure
End of the World: James Murdoch announces News of the World will close this Sunday

Is there any difference between China and USA?

December 8, 2010
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange refused bail

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange refused bail

“There is nothing so strong … as the simple truth.” — Charles Dickens

‘ … one of the major reasons for government secrecy is to protect the government from its own population.’ — Noam Chomsky

“There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, nothing hidden that will not be made known. Everything you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight; what you have whispered in locked rooms will be proclaimed from the rooftops.” – Luke 12:2-3

‘EVERY attack now made on Assange and Wikileaks was made against me and release of Pentagon Papers.’ — Daniel Ellsberg

“The corruption of the press is part of our sad reality, and it reveals the complicity of the oligarchy.” — Monseñor Romero of El Salvador

“What WikiLeaks has done is make people understand why so many Americans are politically apathetic … After all, the evils committed by those in power can be suffocating, and the sense of powerlessness that erupts can be paralyzing, especially when … government evildoers almost always get away with their crimes. …” — Pravda

‘Assange’s accuser wrote- “7 Steps to Legal Revenge” which explains how women can use the courts to get their own back on unfaithful lovers.’ — Jemima Khan

‘Rape is being used in the #Assange prosecution in the same way that women’s freedom was used to invade Afghanistan. Wake up!’ — Naomi Klein

In Freedom for Sale, John Kampfner looks at a number of countries where freedoms is for sale, China and the USA are in among his case studies.

The recipient of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize will be marked by an empty chair. That chair signifies more than any other symbol the committee were correct in awarding the prize to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. A far more worthy recipient than last year’s sick joke.

A number of countries will not be attending. They have been bullied and intimidated into not attending by the corrupt thugs who run China.

The US Diplomatic Cables (so-called Cablegate) released by Wikileaks reveals Russia to be a mafia fiefdom. Mafia intimidate businesses to get their way.

The Diplomatic Cables reveal US intimidated countries at last year’s climate talks.

The US has intimidated companies to shut down Wikileaks, hackers have tried to shut down the site. As I write, wikileaks is now mirrored on over a 1,000 sites around the world.

The latest has been Visa. This evening on BBC Radio 4 news The World Tonight I had to hear stomach churning garbage from Visa justifying their blocking of Wikileaks from the Visa payment system. Now correct me if I am wrong, but do not Visa facilitate and enable all manner of Internet scams? We all know how difficult it is to get companies to stop dealing with dodgy regimes.

Swiss banks will not handle money for Wikileaks. Quite though happy to handle money for Nazis, Third World thugs, mafia and and any number of corrupt and dodgy individuals and organisations.

Try searching Tiananmen Square Massacre in China. Try even mentioning the date. [see Eyewitness account of Tiananmen Square]

US has done its best to remove Wikileaks off the net, from servers hosting the site, from domains name servers needed to find the site.

Remember Scot Ritter, US weapons inspector who said Blair’s Dodgy Dossier was dodgy, that there were no WMDs, that we were being taken into an illegal war on a lie? Out of nowhere came sex allegations against him.

Remember David Mellor, a Tory Minister in the last Conservative Government? He launched a scathing attack on Israel. Next thing he knew he was embroiled in a sex scandal. She turned out to be an Israeli.

The Swedish lawyers say the extradition request for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has nothing to do with politics. Why then following his arrest did US Defence Secretary Robert Gates welcome his arrest!

Anyone who has read the excellent Millennium trilogy knows how dirty is Sweden when it comes to locking away dissidents who threaten the state.

Since when has a relativley minor alleged sex crime been at the top of Interpol’s most wanted list? A sex case that had previously been dropped as no case to answer. Do we now report all sex crimes to Interpol? Not political?

It is difficult to understand why the US is so upset about the release of the Diplomatic Cables. Most of it is tittle-tattle, more what you’d expect in Hello magazine than of diplomatic concern. The information of substance is nothing what is not already known to informed opinion.

But White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs suggested in somewhat Orwellian fashion that “such disclosures put at risk our diplomats, intelligence professionals, and people around the world who come to the United States for assistance in promoting democracy and open government.”

What though this release does expose is the crass hypocrisy, governments saying one thing in public, another in private.

The US regards diplomatic secrecy as sacrosanct, and yet its own cables reveals it was spying on diplomats at the UN.

Julian Assange has been denied bail. Why? Thugs are let out on police bail. People of standing were prepared to vouch for him. He is not a danger to society. The very fact he has been denied bail says this is political. The establishment has had its tail tweaked and does not like it.

What is maybe more revealing about the Diplomatic Cables, if we put to one side the Hello magazine tittle-tattle is what they do not tell us, and here I quote Noam Chomsky in conversation with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! (30 November 2010):

One of the most interesting cables was a cable from the U.S. ambassador in Israel to Hillary Clinton, which described the attack on Gaza- which we should call the U.S./Israeli attack on Gaza- December 2008. It states correctly there had been a truce. It does not add that during the truce- which was really not observed by Israel- but during the truce, Hamas scrupulously observed it according to the Israeli government, not a single rocket was fired. That’s an omission. But then comes a straight line: it says that in December 2008, Hamas renewed rocket firing and therefore Israel had to attack in self-defense. Now, the ambassador surely is aware that there must be somebody in the American Embassy who reads the Israeli press- the mainstream Israeli press- in which case the embassy is surely aware that it is exactly the opposite: Hamas was calling for a renewal of the cease-fire. Israel considered the offer and rejected it, preferring to bomb rather than have security. Also omitted is that while Israel never observed the cease-fire- it maintained the siege in violation of the truce agreement- on November 4, the U.S. election 2008, the Israeli army invaded Gaza, killed half a dozen Hamas militants, which did lead to an exchange of fire in which all the casualties, as usual, were Palestinian. Then in December, Hamas- when the truce officially ended- Hamas called for renewing it. Israel refused, and the U.S. and Israel chose to launch the war. What the embassy reported is a gross falsification and a very significant one since- since it has to do the justification for the murderous attack- which means either the embassy hasn’t a clue to what is going on or else they’re lying outright.

The truth is always the first casualty in war and make no mistake this is war. It is a war between those who want an open society and those in power. We are seeing the first infowar for control of cysberspace. What we are also seeing is a dying empire lashing out at its critics.

For Julian Assange, a facebook suport group has been established Justice for Assange. How long before it gets taken down?

Nutters in the US may huff and puff, but has Wikileaks done anything illegal?

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