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Podemos: Mass anti-austerity march in Madrid

January 31, 2015
Podemos anti-austerity rally

Podemos anti-austerity rally

Podemos march

Podemos march

Last Sunday, it was Syriza in Greece.

Today, all eyes turned to Madrid.

Inspired by what has happened in Greece, eager to repeat in Spain, they came in their tens of thousands from all over Spain, to demonstrate their solidarity with their Greek brothers and sisters, to demand an end to austerity, and to show their willingness to overthrow the corrupt political elites.

Syriza has given Spanish people hope. They have shown what grass roots activists can achieve.

EU and Germany are already trying to destroy Greece, but the Greek people will not be intimidated.

And what of UK, what of Tweedledee v Tweedledum, Tories v ToryLite, David Cameron v Ed Miliband? Can anyone tell the difference?

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