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El Rastro en el Mercado

February 24, 2016
El Rastro en el Mercado

El Rastro en el Mercado

Todos los Miércoles.

Every Wednesday, a smaller version of the Saturday market.

Ground floor and top floor of Municpal Market.

Mainly junk, but you can find everything: books, clothes, antiques, jewelry, knives, watches, honey, clothes …

First floor is food, fruit and vegetables, fish, little restaurants, a tea and coffee shop.

There was actually more here today, than Saturday, as Saturday torrential rain, but food stores not busy.  I have never seen the tea and coffee shop busy, and cannot see it surviving. Their coffee is undrinkable.

Most things can be found on this market. A strange cross between a car boot sale, farmers market and craft fair.

espadas y fusiles

espadas y fusiles

Today I found muskets, a blunderbus and swords.

King’s Cross Station market

December 21, 2015
Kings Cross Station market

King’s Cross Station market

Billed as the Real Food Market, artisan products, outside King’s Cross Station, I found to be something of a disappointment.

I had spotted it last time I passed through King’s Cross Station, and thought I would get something to eat.

I had in my mind a street food market something like the South Bank Street Food Market, but it is more like a farmers market, in which case the wrong location, as most people are going to be travellers hoping to find something to eat on their journey.

Produce on sale was expensive (though that may be a reflection of pitch fees), for example £2.95 for something like a flapjack.

The market was all but deserted, and that was lunchtime.

Sign said Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Today was Monday.

Having a quality  artisan food market outside King’s Cross Station is an excellent idea, but it has to be quality fare suitable for travellers.  Could it be the chains peddling their rubbish within the station, are preventing this happening?

El Rastro en el Mercado

February 14, 2015
El Rastro en el Mercado

El Rastro en el Mercado

Todos los Sábados.

Every Saturday

Ground floor and top floor of Municpal Market.

First floor is food, mainly fruit and vegetables, including organic, but also fish and meat.

Kerfuffle at Rasta Man veg stall

June 6, 2014

This afternoon, a very unpleasant kerfuffle at Rasta Man veg stall in North Street in Guildford.

A young lady was complaining that she had been sold two rotten mangoes and politely requested than Rasta Man change them.

Rasta Man refused, on the grounds they were cheap. The young lady, said no, and stood her ground.

Rasta Man then became quite aggressive, but to her credit she refused to be intimidated and refused to back down.

Rasta Man was entirely in the wrong, there can never be any justification for selling rotten fruit, and he was also in the wrong trying to intimidate the young lady. If nothing else, he owes the young lady an apology.

One market stall I will think twice supporting.

Market in Cascias

March 19, 2014
fruit and vegetable stall

fruit and vegetable stall

Morning of Wednesday and Saturday, 6-30 until lunchtime, Cascais holds a street market.

Different areas: Clothes, many specialist stalls with jeans or t-shirts or shoes, also household appliances; fruit and vegetables; fresh fish.

One of the best stalls had loose, dried nuts and figs. I came away with 11 euros worth. Best I have across since Istanbul.

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