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Attacks on democracy by the police state

January 22, 2011
will the real Mark Kennedy please stand up

will the real Mark Kennedy please stand up

Go on any protest or demonstration and you will be filmed by the police. Those wielding the cameras are FIT (Forward Intelligence Unit). FIT Watch do their best to highlight what FIT are doing.

But they probably already know who you are, what you are doing, where you live, how you think.

Go to any meeting meeting and you will always find at least one individual who does his or her best to disrupt, create negative vibes. People will leave as a result of their behaviour. Then there are others who are gung ho, suggest all sorts of ridiculous actions, which too many people get carried away with, but a moment’s calm reflection shows to be nonsense.

I used to to think these were simply nutters, dysfunctional people lacking in any common sense or social skills. Well now we know they are just as likely to be undercover police officers who are infiltrating, informing on and disrupting green and other activists.

According to Mark Kennedy aka Mark Stone, who spent seven years undercover infiltrating the climate change movement, there are at least 15 police infiltrators.

Mark Kennedy aka Mark Stone was exposed on Indymedia UK last autumn. He became known to the mainstream media who have since gone on a feeding frenzy when the Ratcliffe-on-Soar conspiracy trial collapsed through lack of evidence. We now know that Mark Kennedy had made secret recordings which showed those charged were innocent.

Since then three more have been exposed bringing the list of known police infiltrators to four – Lynn Watson, Mark Jacobs, Jim Boyling.

Lynn Watson posed as an environmental activist for five years, claiming to be a care worker living in Bournemouth.

Mark Jacobs, not thought to be his real name, infiltrated anarchist groups and had an affair with at least one woman. He did a huge amount of damage within Cardiff Anarchist Network where he was known as Marco. He claimed to be a landscape gardener and long-distance lorry driver.

Jim Boyling aka Jim Sutton married an activist and had two children while working undercover with environmental group Reclaim the Streets! He even persuaded his ex-wife to change her name by deed poll so as not to raise the suspicions of senior officers. It is reported he has been suspended.

Sex was used as a means of obtaining information. Mark Kennedy aka Mark Stone in his interview with the Mail On Sunday last weekend claimed female activists used sex to interest men in the movement. This is something I have never observed or encountered.

A former undercover officer has said infiltrators were required to have sex with activists as part of the job! It helped them to blend in.

Post a report or make a comment on Indymedia UK and your IP address is held in a temporary cache, then lost. This is to protect the ID of those who are posting, in the same way Wikileaks protects its sources. If you are leaking highly sensitive material, you would be advised to go somewhere anonymous where you are not known such as a library or net cafe and use a guest account .

Indymedia UK became suspicious of some posts and comments and so they installed a filter to examine where these were coming from. The postings were found to come from government servers on a secure network!

Police postings came to light following an internal investigation on persistent disinformation being published to Indymedia UK. Technically Indymedia is supposed to safeguard it’s posters by not logging IP addresses. In actual fact there are IP filters. Although IP addresses are only stored temporarily, those of persistent abusers are kept in order to prevent the site from being overwhelmed. Moderators of Indymedia UK identified the Gateway-303 server as being the source of numerous such posts. A filter was set up to capture the behaviour of the individual(s) who were hiding behind the server.

One IP address so identified was , which correlates with the server There are similar servers, gateway-301 & gateway-302 with IP addresses and respectively. Other servers identified are gateway-101, gateway-202, gateway-201, etc

GSI stands for Government Secure Intranet. It is a network established by the UK Government to allow secure transfer of files across its computers. The Police National Network is separate from it, but can connect to it. Currently GSI is operated by Energis, a UK based internet company now owned by Cable & Wireless.

It is clear from the consistency of the usage of gateway-303 server that the IPs are probably assigned to particular premises or else specific units within the UK Government. One of the purposes of the GSI network is to provide a secure proxy network behind which users can maintain their anonymity. Hence the lack of solid information as to exactly who is behind the postings. However, SchNEWS is gonna take a stab in the dark (if only) as to who they are; in fact some actually signed NETCU. Of course it could be the old double bluff, but given the level of intelligence behind some of the postings even this level of sophistication seems unlikely.

The messages posted were smears and misinformation, incitement to break the law, incitement to break up peaceful protests.

“No – stuff that – SHUT the place: Let’s not all stand around like lemmings – lets shut the place!Bring ladders and wire cutters. If there are enough of us we can shut it!”

Postings even included personal phone numbers of targets for animal rights activists.

I personally have had direct experience of this when smears and falsehoods were posted on Indymedia UK to discredit certain individuals. What was posted was not true. How did I know? I was with the individuals at the time, thus I knew it was not true. I at the time said that what was being posted was not true, raising a big question mark against those were making these smears and more important what was their motive? They used to be regulars at the Anarchist Book fair in London running a stall.

What is all very odd these operations are run by Acpo, the Association of Chief Police Officers. Odder still is that it is a limited company.

Even PR companies are jumping on the bandwagon, but it is going to take a little more than a few splashes of greenwash to give their clients a clean image.

A couple of years ago CAAT was infiltrated by Martin Hogbin, a guy working for BAE-Systems. He was a nice guy, everyone not only liked him, they trusted him. He made himself indispensable and was soon running everything. I had direct experience of what he was up to. I let him know of something going down. Next thing I knew, there was BAE-Systems heavies everywhere.

Over a decade ago London Greenpeace had more infiltrators than real activists!

This all sounds like something out of Stalinist Russia, KGB infiltration of dissidents. But no, this is England and Wales over the last decade.

Practises that cannot and should not be tolerated in a free and democratic society. If nothing else it puts Wikileaks in context.

There is an urgent need for a full Judicial Inquiry. A facebook group has been formed.

I called for an independent Judicial Inquiry last week. Police State infiltration of activists has no place in a democratic society. The police should uphold the right to protest. It also undermines public confidence in the police. The police should be dealing with crime, not protesters who may at times carry out mild acts of civil disobedience, which has a long and honourable tradition of forcing peaceful democratic change. Infiltration should be of criminal gangs and drug dealers, terrorists, people traffickers, not activists.

Monday female activists are to protest outside Scotland Yard in what they see as violation of their bodies by the state. [see Abuse of women by police must stop now!]

Tuesday the acting Met commissioner Tim Godwin and Commander Bob Broadhurst who is responsible for public order in London will have to appear before the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee to explain why they lied about undercover policing at the G20 protests in London in 2009.

Article reposted by Police State UK with permission.

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Political police infiltration of activists

January 15, 2011

Mark Kennedy aka Mark Stone infiltrated various political and environment groups for over 7 years.

Mark Stone aka Mark Kennedy was first exposed as a police infiltrator on UK Indymedia UK.

He came to mainstream media attention who went into their usual feeding frenzy when the Ratcliffe-on-Soar conspiracy trial collapsed earlier this week. It is difficult to prove conspiracy when those charged have not engaged in a conspiracy. The trial collapsed when it emerged that the police were withholding key evidence, namely that their undercover police officer was there at the meeting where the alleged conspiracy had taken place and he had offered to give evidence on behalf of the defendants.

What has now emerged is that according to an interview Mark Stone aka Mark Kennedy has given for tomorrow’s Mail on Sunday, he had taped the meeting and the police had withheld this crucial piece of evidence from the defence lawyers.

In this Mail on Sunday interview Mark Kennedy aka Mark Stone claims to be in hiding, in fear of his life, living in a barricaded room in the US, but has nevertheless managed to give an interview to the Mail on Sunday and discuss book deals.

How much money was he paid? We know Judas got 30 pieces of silver.

He claims there to be 15 working under cover to his knowledge.

He claims he recorded the Ratcliffe meeting, thus there was no evidence of conspiracy. If true, why no disclosure by the Police to the defendants?

Mark Stone aka Mark Kennedy is not the only one to get caught. CAAT was infiltrated by someone working for BAE Systems.

But the underlying question is why? This is political policing. This is not Tunisia or Iran or the former Soviet Union. This has taken place in a supposedly democratic country. The police should not be going undercover, spying on, or interfering in the democratic process.

People have the right to protest. That is how change takes place. The police should be protecting our right to protest.

Have the police not got better things to do? Are there not criminals to catch, fraudsters, drug dealers, people traffickers?

Credit where credit is due to the Mail on Sunday, they have at least interviewed the guy, not trawled Indymedia UK then reported as though a scoop.

BBC Two Newsnight a few nights back had good coverage and raised some very serious questions.

One of the issues raised is that the police deliberately withheld vital evidence, evidence that showed that those charged were innocent. Worse still, the police are still running a smear campaign by falsely claiming the direct action would have put lives at risk. In his interview with the Mail on Sunday Mark Kennedy has shown that was not the case, a point reiterated the following day by one of those charged, Bradley Day. [see Ratcliffe case: Police smear campaign continues despite Mark Kennedy revelations]

There has to be a full and comprehensive Independent Public Inquiry, not of the activities of Mark Kennedy aka Mark Stone per se who appears to be the tip of the iceberg but of political infiltration by the state which is not acceptable in a democratic society.

Top story in What A Disaster (Monday 17 January 2011).

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