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Manor House

December 2, 2019

After visiting Mind the Cup and a little wander down the street, I head to Manor House opposite.

On my last visit, Manor House sourced their coffee from Tarreso but did tell me they hoped to roast their own coffee.

Now they are roasting their own coffee.

I am made a cappuccino.

Then head to Peristeri Metro Station. Luckily not raining.

Manor House

October 25, 2018

I looked in Manor House a couple of days ago. Today I returned.

A bar, outside seating, and to the rear coffee. There is a roof garden, but this I had no time to look at. On a shelf at the back, awards.

Music with a DJ from around eight. Open until three in the morning.

Whilst I was there, in walked Michalis Karagiannis, Greek latte art champion, No 2 world latte art champion, with a little dog. I asked and he kindly made me a cappuccino.

Coffee is sourced from Taresso, but soon they will be roasting their own coffee.

What I noticed, use of Aeropress, and used for tea not coffee.