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Lunch at Thai restaurant

June 15, 2016
lunch at Thai restaurant

lunch at Thai restaurant

Yesterday afternoon in Guildford, excellent lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage. Unfortunately the service not to match.

No crispy snacks.

Cutlery brought to my table after meal arrived.  Had to walk to the counter to pay, no one brought bill to my table.

On board outside, 10% off. When queried, told I had to have a voucher.

Usually given peppermints with bill. As I was not, I helped myself.

The owner was not there. As always when the owner not there. the service poor.

Had the owner been there, she would have automatically given me 10% off.

Lunch at Thai restaurant

July 31, 2015
lunch at Thai restaurant

lunch at Thai restaurant

Excellent lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage.

They have opened a takeaway higher up the High Street a little way past the Oxfam Bookshop on the opposite side of the road.

As McDonald’s has closed, yippee, I suggested to the boss they stuck a poster on the boarded-up shop front, Thai Takeaway with a big arrow.

Boss said help yourself and gave me a duck wrap to take away. I had it for my tea.

They had a reasonable choice, including what looked like Thai green curry.

I will have to inquire of the containers. They looked like card that can be recycled. But plastic forks. I will suggest they buy wood.

If Guildford Council wishes to see higher recycling rates, why are they not advising takeaways?

Lunch at Thai restaurant

August 29, 2014
crispy spring rolls

crispy spring rolls

lunch at Thai restaurant

main course

Lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage.

Usually I only have the main course, but today I was hungry, and added crispy pancake rolls as a starter.

Did I want a desert? No, I would have afternoon tea or coffee later with a cake or a cookie.

I remind them of farmers market on Tuesday.

A girl with half a dozen kids. I ask are they able to use chopsticks? They say yes. I am quite impressed when they ask for chopsticks, and yes, they are able to use.

I act as Pied Piper, take them to the Castle Grounds and show them Alice Through the Looking Glass. How I do not lose any of them on the way, I do not know, but they seem streetwise.

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