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Lunch at Stokes on High Bridge

February 5, 2015
mushroom soup

mushroom soup

roast lunch

roast lunch

Stokes is excellent for coffee, indeed the gold standard by which lesser coffees are judged. A pity the same cannot be said of lunch.

Last week I missed roast lunch by a few minutes. Scampi and chips was not good. I did consider lunch at the County Restaurant, but as I missed out on roast lunch last week, I thought I would give it a try. A big mistake.

For starters mushroom soup. It was ok, but I have had far better.

It came with an enormous bap. Too enormous.

Portion size meagre.

The roast dinner was beef. Indeed every time I have looked it has been beef. I would have preferred roast pork.

When served, it looked singularly unappetising.

Initial impressions proved correct. It was pretty awful.

Yorkshire pudding was dried up and burnt. Mashed potatoes were not very nice. Something which I think was red cabbage, but why was it sweet?

Last week I had breakfast, not the full English. Bacon in a bap. A lovely piece of bacon, but I did not think much of the fluffy white bap. The same bap that gets served with the soup.

Stokes on High Bridge is an establishment that prides itself on quality, excellent coffee, skilled baristas, charming waitresses in its coffee shop, knowledgeable on coffee, quality ingredients, and yet lunch is awful.

I suggest a new chef, as something is going very wrong in the kitchen.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stokes on High Bridge for coffee. I cannot recommend for lunch.

Lunch at Stokes on High Bridge

January 29, 2015
lunch at Stokes on High Bridge

lunch at Stokes on High Bridge

Stokes on High Bridge is known for its coffee.

They also serve lunch in their first and second floor restaurants.

Lunch finishes at two o’clock. I was there before two, looking forward to roast dinner. By the time the waitress asked for my order, it was gone two.

Sorry, we stop serving lunch at two. She offered an alternative menu. I should have walked out and gone elsewhere.

I chose scampi and chips. It was awful. The chips appeared to be hotted up, peas were ok. I have had better in Morrisons Cafe.

I would have expected a far higher standard for Stokes.

I probably should have gone to Stokes at The Collection. Chicken supreme with rice, pea and mint soup.

Oh yes, beetroot soup. That was disgusting.

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