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Love the Earth

April 25, 2012
Imogen Heap rehearsals Royal Albert hall Premier of Love the Earth

Imogen Heap rehearsals Royal Albert hall Premier of Love the Earth

Watch it, enjoy it, and talk about it to your friends. It is all about empathy and sharing, nothing else … — Imogen Heap

Last weekend on Earth Day, 22 April 2012, Imogen Heap premièred Love the Earth in a live streaming event from the back garden of the Round House.

Until that weekend, I had not heard of Imogen Heap. I was watching a talk by solo bass player Steve Lawson and he mentioned Imogen Heap as a good example of the use of social networking.

I checked her out, and as a result, stumbled upon the live streaming event from the back garden of the Round House.

I sadly only caught the tail end. I caught part of Love the Earth, followed by the premier of Heapsong6, now entitled Me, The Machine, in which Imogen Heap uses gloves with built in sensors to control the sound. The entire event was powered by pedal power.

Imogen said the streamed event would be made available, but currently only through a facebook app, which is not good news if you value your personally privacy.

I found her to be a very talented musician.

The beginning of Love the Earth is very reminiscent of Vangelis.

Although the premier of the film, this was not the premier of film and music. The premier of the music was at the Royal Albert Hall a year or so ago, with Imogen Heap conducting and the film showing in the background.

And yes, I agree with Steve Lawson, Imogen Heap makes very effective use of social networks.

She is using crowd sourcing and community support, but in a very novel way.

The film clips for Love the Earth were crowd sourced. Her album Heapsongs, of which we heard the premier of the sixth track last weekend is crowd sourced, she invited people to send her sound samples, which she may or may not use.

Those who have provided the film clips, the sound sources, will be paid if used.

The movements in Love the Earth follow a Fibonacci series: 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 …

The Fibonacci series is an important series in nature. It describes the spiral in a flower, the spiral in a seashell.

Love the Earth shows the wonder and beauty of planet earth. A wonder and beauty humankind like a cancerous growth is hell bent on destroying.

Love the Earth is available to watch on-line on vimeo. The sound track, will be, or is, available to download and buy (let us hope she puts it on bandcamp). The money raised, will then be ploughed back to produce a DVD.

Heapsong6 is about to be recorded as the sixth track of Heapsongs. Each time it is performed it will be different as it is an improvisation.

Earth Hour 2012

April 23, 2012

Live broadcast during Earth Hour, 31 March 2012, when Imogen Heap improvised on her piano for 60 mins in the dark before revealing the details of Heapsong6 and Love The Earth.

Let us hope Imogen records this beautuful improvised piano piece as an album Earth Hour 2012 and uploads to bandcamp.

“Me The Machine” Live Event

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