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The Royal Oak

April 23, 2015
Holy Trinity churchyard

Holy Trinity churchyard

Holy Trinity churchyard

Holy Trinity churchyard

After a visit to the farmers market, a special one for St George’s Day, I decided on a drink in The Royal Oak, hidden behind Holy Trinity.

A Fullers pub, overlooking the graveyard.

London Pride is a classic beer, difficult to beat.

I ordered a half, and settled in the corner.

I was very disappointed to find the old seating had gone, but I learnt the last landlord had taken it with him.

Strange, I needed no password for wifi, and on the Fullers page, welcomed me by name.



The chef had tried a new dish and invited me to try it. Kebabs, marinated lamb, on a  skewer with peppers and onions. It was excellent. I would have to be in Greece or Athens for something this good.

A good sign when pubs try to cook quality meals, not hotted up white van chiller food. Whether they will get the custom another matter.

Having had a free meal, I thought only fair to stay and have another half.

Irritating though the background music. When are pubs going to learn, a quiet pub, ability to relax or converse, is far better?

It was a pub for live music, but no more, drives away the punters.

I am happy with live music, at least if you can listen, but background music is a bloody pain.