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Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and thirty-three

May 27, 2021

The first warm day in I don’t know how many weeks. The day started off dull, mid-afternoon the sun came out. And it was dry and did not rain.

The bus into Lincoln too many passengers, and no windows open.

Moron in a white van, drove through Sincil Street, a pedestrianised street full of people, turned around, stopped outside a fish n chip shop, went in, came back out with fish n chips, drove off with on his lap, one hand on steering wheel, the other eating his fish n chips.

From Lincoln Central Market I found all that I needed for Risotto Primavera. Well almost I did not get white wine or cheese.

Fish n chips from Elite on the Bail a grave disappointment. It was not good, chips were old, not fresh. Empty. If serve food like today, they will remain empty.

Passing by a whisky shop in Bailgate, a cut glass tumbler in the window. Just what I am looking for. But not 350ml, at a guess 200 ml. pop in. Never seen such a large slection of whisky, not even in Granton-on-Spey. No, did not have.

Suggested a few shops in Bailgate to try. No luck. It was suggested House of Fraser, which I had alraedy intended to visit.

I did though buy a bottle of Fevertree Indian tonic water.

Half way down Steep Hill, almost opposite Imperial Teas a wine shop. Large selection of wine. No luck either. I was tempted to buy a bottle of white wine. Thought through may get better deal in M%S.

Ha, ha, writing on the door of Imperial Teas has changed. No longer making customers unwelcome. But, the door still not open. Coronavirus death trap.

Excellent espresso sat outside Madame Waffle.

Look in House of Fraser. What a dump. No surprise went bankrupt a couple of years ago. Was the liquidators now running. No, it had been bought within minutes of going bankrupt, thus at a strike shedding all the debt.

On the second floor a range of cut glass, and 20% off. Did not have what I was looking for, Settled for crystal glass.

I was thinking of popping back and getting cut glass, but I d not think offer will be on.

In M&S same price, a tenner for a bottle of same grape variety. The trick in M&S, or any supermarket, never buy the cheapest wines and always look for a special deal. So far the red whine has always been excellent.

I miss the bus.

Reteace my steps and sit Cornhill. Very pleasant in the evening, quiet, few people about.

Catch the klst bus.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty-eight

May 22, 2021

First weekend pubs fully open. Far worse than I expected, city centre, gangs of marauding drunken scum.

Hopped on Walk and Ride, hopped off at Lincoln Cathedral.

Whilst waiting for Walk and Ride running late, moron pulls up and parks on pavement, hazard lights flashing, whilst passenger jumps out to visit a shop.

As hopped off bus, lucky not to be run down by moron who drives wrong side of bus, wrong way down a one way street.

Look in the charity shop in Bailgate. Until a couple of weeks ago when they stuck a sign in the street, no one knew it was a charity shop. Only works part-time, a very pleasant young woman.

Late lunch at Elite on the Bail, worse from their viewpoint than Tuesday, first day they were open. I am their only customer. Unlike Tuesday, fewer staff. Only one waiter, a guy I had never seen before.

Look in Bailgate Deli, yes, two pieces of cheesecake left.  I am surprised bought in, I assumed they had made. I comment on falafel and salad last week, leave out the strips of bread, serve olives in a dish. I also recommend, ditch the disgusting coffee from Lincoln Tea and Coffee  and source instead from Seven Districts.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

I try an espresso at Madame Waffle, now roasting their own coffee. It is excellent, cannot believe how good.

Cappuccino from Coffee Aroma before they close.

On my way in, after hopping off the bus, I look in Lakeland. I decide to buy gadget that extracts spent coffee from aluminium coffee capsules.

I now have three. The one I bought a couple of days ago from Hotel Chocolat does not work. They say bring it back. I will also drop off the coffee capsule. I actually prefer it to the one from Lakeland, maybe give it another try.

A very cold and damp day. Last week of May and it is like winter.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

April 18, 2021

Saturday a lovely sunny day, lockdown day ninety-nine.

Tuesday I expected the bus to be busy, two passengers. Saturday I expected the bus to be busy, two passengers.

As last week, very little traffic into Lincoln. But, as Tuesday, a lot of traffic within the town centre.

Tuesday I expected the town to be busy, it was but not as bad as I had feared.

Saturday it was horrendous far worse than I expected. The town centre packed with people, worse than anything since August, apart from when the dysfunctional city council decided to hold a junk food festival in the middle of a pandemic. Far too many people.

I was pleased to find PC Coaches now running the Walk and Ride. I hopped on, saved time, I was on my way to the farmers market.

Fruit and vegetable stall in Lincoln Central Market told me there was a famers market. The last three months there has been no farmers market, nor was there one in November.

Lots of tourists milling around, long queue outside the ice cream shop. Even the Tourist Information Office was open.

Chat with some of the stall holders. Cheese stall I asked why the milk was semi-skilled. I was told it was not, straight out of the cow. Vegans, is the cheese vegan, no it is real milk from a grass-grazed vegan cow.

Crass stupidity of environmental health officer, objecting to the sanitiser wipes on the stall.

Long chat with man selling soap. He said too many are melt and pour. Sums up many selling what is claimed to be artisan chocolate.

A new charity shop in Bailgate, or so I thought, except not, has a board outside saying a charity shop.

Excellent haddock and chips from Elite on the Bail. And yet quiet, no queue, and in the little square where I sit, not busy.

The Snake and Lion not as bad as I expected.

I kept looking a my, watch had it stopped, why the wrong time? No, it was the tolling of a bell from Lincoln Cathedral for the funeral of Prince Philip.

Three o’clock, a minute’s silence for the funeral of Prince Philip. Not respected by the drunken scum at The Lion and Snake.

Walking past The Lion and Snake after eating my lunch, noisy, drunken scum shouting, no social distancing. Why is this pub not shut down and landlord stripped of licence? Last year, fights in the street, urinating up the wall. Saturday I saw no portaloos. I was told Friday night was bad. At a guess, far worse Saturday night.

Walking sown Steep Hill, surprised to find the shop selling Lincolnshire produce not open.

I looked in Imperial Teas. I wished to tell the owner, green bens from Cameroon had arrived. But now only there on a Monday. I left a message

The young lady, always helpful, has done an excellent job on their displays. But a customer wished to enter. I pop back out then another customer wished to come in.

I wanted a French Press. I wanted to look at several, luckily on display. Too much to carry. I will try another day.

Glassware for tea and coffee I have never seen before. Simple Lab a Hong Kong based company.

I tried to remember, of course, I forgot. I did take photos, but could not read.

I looked up on their website. No name, other than the name of any individual piece. Check out their website, stunning photos. Imperial Teas must have the largest collection of tea and coffee making paraphernalia of any site.

I worked backwards, and found the company, Hong Kong based Simple Lab, the name I could not remember. I found through the name of a range of products Micro.

Long queue outside ice cream parlour on The Strait. I would not recommend.

I looked in the art shop on The Strait, opposite the ice cream parlour. I often pass by and look in their window, but have never in the past ventured inside. Upstairs a a small gallery. Very steep and narrow stairs to climb.

Sit outside Coffee Aroma with a coffee. Now too cold.

Whilst sat outside Coffee Aroma, an idiot drives through the pedestrianised street the wrong way, turns around, parks outside the bank, then goes for a walk.

Walking through Sincil Street heading to the Bus Station, an idiot drives through, turns around, parks outside Everyman Cinema.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day eighty-three

April 1, 2021

Tuesday a hot sunny day, warm air blowing in from the south.

Today two days later, winter has returned, no sun, cold, a cold northerly wind blowing.

Lincoln City Council seem determined to destroy Lincoln Central Market. A stall has opened selling disgusting Greek junk food.

Looked in Wilkinson’s. curious how much a French press. Cheap and tacky no thanks. On leaving a long queue at the checkout no social distancing.

Excellent coffee from Coffee Aroma.

— to b econtinued —

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day eighty-one

March 30, 2021

Second day of another relaxation of lockdown.

I expected many people in town. Outside Bus Station busy but elsewhere not

A hot day. Hottest day of the year, 25C in Kew Gardens.

Back way up Steep Hill.

Fish n chips from Elite and the Bail.

Back down Steep Hill.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day fifty-eight

March 3, 2021

What a difference a week makes, cold, grey, misty, 4C. A week ago, sunny, 18C.

Not many people about. Miserable day, woken up to cases rising?

There are still too many stupid people about.

Butcher in Central Market, roast pork in a bap, I feel hungry. As I am waiting, a moron in my face, mask hanging around face, woman serving food, no mask. I walk away in disgust. What action local council?

Excellent cappuccino Coffee Aroma. A sample espresso grind to calibrate hand grinder.

From M&S bottled spring water in a glass bottle.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day forty-two

February 15, 2021

For over a week, snow on the ground, during the day temperature barely above zero, at night plunging. Last night, slowly warming up, rain. Morning, snow washed away during the day, sunny, around 10C.

Today more traffic, far more people out in the city centre, too many.

Lincoln was running a little below 300 covid-19 cases a day, last week has as managed less than 100 cases a day, now likely to start rising.

Groups of people, lots of kids. Why kids? Should kids not be in school. Yes, schools are in lockdown but kids should be home, home schooling.

In butchers, an idiot, one sausage roll ordered, palms of hands on counter.

I asked butcher to sanitise. Butcher told me of earlier, a child running its tongue along the front of display cabinet. What stupid parent permits, what infection child picks up, leaves?

I wanted half a pound of pork mince, butcher showed me. No not sufficient, add half again, now too much, take a little off. For Asian meatballs.

Looked in 200 Degrees. Staff told me steady trickle of customers.

Caught zero waste store before closed. Today opening later. Random opening times not good.

I mentioned Tony’s chocolate, poor quality industrial chocolate, manufacturing outsourced, links to slavery. It sells.

Tomatoes and one chili pepper off fruit and veg stall. Chili pepper for Asian meat balls.

Look in sweet shop, first day open. Had work to do, may as well leave door open and let money flow in in through the door.

To Grape Tree. I want miso paste, only place that stocks. Ideally white, only have brown. Again for Asian meatballs.

Cappuccino off Coffee Aroma.

Woman on bus tells me shoe does not mind lots of people around as she has been vaccinated. I point out no, she has not been vaccinated, she has had her first dose, still vulnerable. I could have added, and you are spreading coronavirus. This raises the question of people going false sense of security, as we saw last summer, then we are back in lockdown.

Imbecile Member of Parliament for Lincoln is calling for immediate end to knockdown everything to reopen.

Press conference, Pepsi Trump said relaxation of lockdown no time soon. When it happens, slowly slowly, pause three weeks between each stage to appraise. Finally, after tens of thousands of deaths we are going to implement what I and others have been calling for for months.

We need to close or towns and city centres to traffic, pedestrianise the streets. As the weather warms up, indie restaurants and coffee shops, socially distanced tables in the street. Win win for everyone kicks starts the local economy, help local businesses, improves city centre ambiance.

Finally starting from 4am this morning, border controls which are not tough enough. Arrivals from 30 countries mandatory hotel quarantine, everyone else, hop onto public transport, carry on with their journey, self-isolate when reach destination.

Only citizens and residents should be allowed in. Everyone should be take into 14 day mandatory quarantine.

Chatting with a Bulgarian citizen last week. She flew in from Portugal. No border controls at airport, has been traveling around meeting up with friends. She also told ne, people are crossing from Portugal into Spain, then travelling onward from Spain.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day twenty-eight

February 1, 2021

First day of February, a new month, lockdown day twenty-eight.

The bus I would usually catch no longer running, a revised timetable for essential workers only, buses running in the morning and afternoon, but not midday.

When I did catch the bus that is no longer running there was only ever two passengers, maybe once three passengers.

I catch a different bus, a double decker bus, the service cancelled a small bus, only two passengers, the service cancelled a small bus.

More people about than previous weeks early in the week.

A rump steak off the butcher. I wish I had had the sirloin steak previous week.

Central Market deserted. Zero waste stall shuts early at one, fishmonger only open Friday and Saturday.

River Witham flowing fast, though not as fast or as high as last Friday

To Wilkinsons, a griddle pan. I would prefer cast iron, but only aluminum. I need for the steak.

I also want a long skewer but they do not have. Something I have never seen before.

I require for a dish from Friday Night Feast, Jamie Oliver Friday of last week Channel 4 end of South End Pier.

A simple dish, skewer chicken wrapped in bacon, sits over a pan of tomatoes and par-boiled potatoes sitting in the oven. But needs a long skewer. Something I have never seen, but then I do not go looking. I did not think I had a suitable pan, but found one in the cupboard.

Cappuccino off Coffee Aroma.

By the River Witham warm in the sun. In the High Street pleasant, outside Coffee Aroma freezing cold. Hard frost last night, barely above zero.

I take my coffee by The Stonebow in the sun.

I walk through The Stonebow. I see a woman and small child waiting for the Walk and Ride. I tell her I doubt that it is running as revised timetable. She thanks me, tells me she has been waiting a long time, at least half an hour. The Walk and Ride runs every twenty minutes. Never more than five minutes late, usually on time. She say she will get a taxi. I say not safe, safer to walk. She takes my advice and walks.

I notice a sharp edge on griddle pan. I take it back.

Store is overcrowded, too many people, a long queue zig zag at checkouts, complete lack of distancing. Store and especially the queue coronavirus death trap.

I speak with a member of staff, tell them what I am doing, hand them damaged griddle pan and walk out with replaced. I had already spoken with staff member as I walked in and they had advised me what to do.

To M&S Food Hall. I do not need to visit, but need a bag for the griddle pan. Wilkinsons tried to charge 70p for a bag.

I would question why is Wilkinsons open when Lakeland closed? It is not essential. I did not have to have a griddle pan, useful yes, essential no.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day eight

January 13, 2021

Lockdown, third lockdown, started Tuesday of last week.

Tuesday third lockdown day eight, the first time I have been into Lincoln since lockdown began, my first outing since tier 4 New Year’s Eve.

I see at least double the number of cars parked at Ferry Lane Washingborough than I would usually see. People driving to go for walk alongside the River Witham not acceptable, if not a breach of lockdown, it should be.

Little traffic, few people about, very much like the beginning of the first lockdown early last year.

Although bus station deserted, many buses parked up, causing problems for buses trying to enter.

Easy to see why coronavirus spreading so rapidly even though few people about.

At the butcher, a limit of three people. With new highly infectious mutation, limit should be reduced to two people. I wait outside. A woman with mask dropped below her mouth. I raise with butcher. Not for us to enforce. I disagree. Ask to wear mask or leave shop. Speaking straight into your face with no mask.

Baker, limit of three people. I suggest they reduce to two. We are compliant with government regulations. Are these people brain-dead?

Only two stalls open in Central Market, zero waste and fruit and vegetables. I am tempted to buy a box of dates, a bargain at one pound, I look again four pounds, I decide not.

I look in Wilkinsons few people in the shop. But why is it open?

Coffee at Coffee Aroma. No queue. A steady trickle of customers, maybe one every ten minutes.

The only coffee shop I will visit, where they take coronavirus biosecurity seriously, nowhere else does, and their coffee is good. A model of coronavirus biosecurity, other coffee shops should follow their excellent example.

  • form orderly socially distanced queue outside
  • only one customer
  • contactless payment
  • takeaway cups
  • no reusable cups

To go out for a coffee is a breach of lockdown, is a breach of the rules. To take a coffee whilst out for legitimate reasons food shopping or exercise is not.

For me food shopping and exercise.

I am told M&S Food Hall not the coronavirus death trap it has been of late. I chance it. Not crowded and staff tell me it has not been crowded all week. Never spent so much in M&S.

So-called plant-based junk heavily promoted. No, lentil shepherd’s pie is not shepherd’s pie, nor does shepherd’s pie have a long list of ingredients. Shepherd’s pie is a simple dish of lamb, root vegetables  and potatoes. Come end of January, hype of Veganuary over, thee same products will be heavily discounted and sold off

The Sound of Silence

December 31, 2020

To end the year.

This could have been any city during lockdown.

It could have been Athens during lockdown when not a soul around.

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