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Little Tree pie and salad and dessert

March 5, 2023

I wanted soup. No soup. Only pies.

I expected pie like cheese and spinach pie in Gregorys. What was served was a tart. Not sure what was in it, accompanied by a small green salad, mainly rocket.

Followed by lemon curd. I have never liked lemon curd. This was excellent.

And a cappuccino.

Whilst there I picked up a book by Alexandros Papadiamantis. More of a short story or a novella.

Little Tree cauliflower soup and yoghurt bowl

February 24, 2023

Little Tree, bookshop cum coffee shop behind the Acropolis Museum.

Service is always bad, but lazy waitress this aftenoon was in another league.

Long wait to order, long wait before soup arrived, then time stretched to infinity before I was able to order a yoghurt bowl.

I wished for a coffee, but could not face another long wait.

I thought she had gone on strike. Sat at a table smoking with friends, the smoke blowing in my face.  She got up,  I thought maybe taking a break. But no, serve one table, then sit and smoke with friends.

A pity the service so appalling as my cauliflower soup and yoghurt bowl with honey and nuts were excellent.

I then went to Makrianni 3 for a coffee where the service was bad, though not as bad. I got up and walked out. I never did get my coffee.

Little Tree celery and green apple soup

February 21, 2023

Soup was not as good as last week.

Little Tree

February 17, 2023

Book shop cum coffee shop located behind the Acropolis Museum.

Excellent celery and green apple soup.

Derelict mansion

December 3, 2019

An essay in Walking in Athens, A forgotten staircase beside the Acropolis, features this derelict mansion behind the back of the Acropolis Museum.

I pass by the derelict mansion on my way to Little Tree to pick up a copy of Walking in Athens.

Yogurt and cappuccino at Little Tree

November 27, 2019

Wednesday four weeks ago, end of October, I was intending to climb Hill of the Muses, last warm day before the weather changes.

Last warm day end of October before the weather changes to cooler weather. I got as far as Little Tree, and no further.

AirBnB causing major problems in Athens and other major cities. In Athens dirty Turkish, Russian and Chinese money buying apartment blocks, local residents forced out creating ghettos.

Graffiti most apt.

Synchronicity: Passing by the derelict mansion behind the Acropolis Museum a lady stopped and spoke to me, asked was I interested in buying as she had similar properties for sale. I learnt such properties were protected, could not be demolished, expensive to buy and would cost as much again to renovate. She was on her way to an appointment, could not stop and chat.

I regret I did not ask how much to buy?

Derelict mansion featured in Walking in Athens, a collection of essays by Nikos Vatopoulos, in an essay A forgotten staircase beside The Acropolis.

Yogurt and cappuccino at Little Tree bohemian bookshop cum coffee shop located behind Acropolis Museum.

I made a mistake ordering a freddo cappuccino not a cappuccino. Waiter brought me a freddo cappuccino before I could correct my mistake. I said a mistake, he took away freddo cappuccino, brought a cappuccino, billed me for both.

A chat with a young lady who had a white e-scooter, her own not a rented e-scooter. She agreed the dumping of e-scooters everywhere is a menace.

I mentioned Mallorca was now taking action on e-scooters. We agreed long overdue Athens did the same.

Then a very long chat with a young guy, H G Wells, democracy, AirBnB, Greek financial crisis.

By then it was dark and turning cool.

Little Tree

November 22, 2019

Coffee at Little Tree. Saturday it was packed.

Note to self: Avoid Little Tree on a Saturday.

Walking to Little Tree passed a derelict mansion.

Flipping through a book in little tree, it fell open at an essay about the very same house. Walking in Athens, a collection of essays by Nikos Vatopoulis, A forgotten staircase beside The Acropolis.

Little Tree a bohemian bookshop cum coffee shop is tucked behind the Acropolis Museum.

Cappuccino al fresco at Little Tree

May 15, 2019

Located beind The Acropolis Museum, little tree is a bookshop cum coffee shop. I have though yet to see anyone buy a book.

Great place to relax with a coffee or later a craft beer. They do food too.

Something though needs to done about the near continous convoy of noisy pollution belching tour buses, like close and pedestrianise the roads.

A break in the pollution belching bus convoy, it is lovely and peacefull and quiet under the shade of the trees, then along comes the next pollution belching bus convoy.

Excellent cappuccino, coffee supplied by Taf.

Pleasant and friendly staff. Nice comment when one said you are one of us. In other words an Athenian.

Last time I visited, there was music I fancied, and I regretted that I did not buy. I did not know what it was, neither did they when asked.

I took a chance and picked up the sole remaining copy of Amorgos by Ada Pitsou.

Little Tree; a film of their own

December 14, 2017

Little Tree

July 27, 2012

Little Tree a duo on vocals Evelien de Weger and bass guitar Sophie van Eck.

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