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Snapshots of Lisbon

March 24, 2014
decaying buildings

decaying buildings

wide avenues

wide avenues


open plazas

grandiose buildings

grandiose buildings

decaying buildings

decaying buildings

Elegant buildings, wide avenues, side streets lined with tables and chairs, street level little shops, old colonial wealth, decaying buildings, open plazas.

Mariza – Concerto em Lisboa

March 21, 2014

Portuguese singer Mariza was a guest of Paulo Coelho at Festa de São José in Cascais, where she delighted everyone by singing.

Lisbon Airport to Cascais

March 17, 2014

From airport, outside airport yellow bus to train station (Cais do Sodré). Last stop, about 30 minutes. Cost 3.50 euros.

Announcements on bus in English.

Decaying colonial wealth en-route through Lisbon.

There is a metro, but I was told bus is better as metro longer journey.

At train station, train to Cascais, last stop, about 35 minutes. Cost a little over one euro, half price if over 65 years old.

Ensure get on train that is leaving and it states Cascais.

Announcements in Portuguese, but also display of stations as station is approached.

Lovely train journey along the coast.

Area around train station not attractive, head to old part.

Old part within walking distance, or hire taxi for hotel.

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