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Lincoln Knights’ Reunion

September 20, 2017

The Lincoln Knights are back.

Having been removed from the streets at the beginning of September, much to everyone’s annoyance and disappointment, they are now lined up in Lincoln Castle.

All 36 knights are reunited at Lincoln Castle for one last time before being auctioned off for charity.

The Lincoln Knights will be sold at auction in Lincoln Cathedral to raise money for The Nomad Trust. A local charity which serves the homeless community of Lincoln and provides emergency accommodation for those who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets.


Removal of the Lincoln Knights

September 4, 2017

It was very depressing today to see the Lincoln Knights being removed, especially as  completely unnecessary.

The Lincoln Knights have generated massive public interest, drawing visitors in from far afield, thus their premature removal one huge mistake. I have yet to meet a single person, whether visitor, local resident or independent business who are pleased to see their removal or supports their removal

The Knights should have been kept in the street until at least the end of September, if not longer.

The miniature Knights remain in shop windows, a reminder of the cultural vandalism removing the Knights from the streets.

And Knight Ale is still available.


Afternoon in Lincoln

August 25, 2017

A very warm sunny afternoon.

Afternoon spent around Lincoln Cathedral (no way spending a tenner or whatever it costs to enter), Lincoln Castle, to The Lawn, then down Steep Hill but not into the city centre.

Usually I walk up Steep Hill.

To save time I walked along Lindum Terrace, above The Arboretum, with stunning views across the city.

Very impressive Victorian Mansions along this route.

I was looking for more Knights.

As I found my first Knight, I also came across my first Steam Punks.

Victorians, mix in the future of H G Wells, and you have Steam Punks.

A four day gathering of Steam Punks starting today.

Through Lincoln Castle, out the West Gate to The Lawn.

Stokes have now relocated to The Lawn have opened a very modern coffee shop, Stokes Lawn Cafe, have also relocated their roastery to The Lawn.

I had a cappuccino. It was not good, in fact it was awful. Worst I have had from Stokes.

Then, to the delight of the barista, a V60 using Finca Immaculada Laurina de Colombia roasted by Union Hand-Roasted.

They have something I have never seen before, a hollowed out wooden block, with a conical metal filter with different size holes. Maybe try one day.

Back through Lincoln Castle, I let the guard know where he could find a coffee, more Steam Punks, then down Steepp Hill, l but not into the town centre.

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Painting the ‘Knight of the Skies’

April 23, 2017

Rosie Rockets

You may remember the Lincoln Baron’s Trail in 2015 where I was fortunate enough to have a couple of designs chosen. Well this year, there’s yet another ‘Wild in Art’ trail to celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln and the sealing of the Charter of the Forrest. This time there’ll be 36 Knight Statues around the City of Lincoln, from May 20th – September 3rd 2017. At the end of the trail in October, they’ll once again be auctioned off, raising money for the Trussell Trust.

As soon as I heard news of another trail I submitted designs straight away, bearing in mind there were a few briefs for Aviation themes – a specialty of mine. I was delighted to hear that once my design was shortlisted I was able to produce a mini Knight, giving myself a much better idea of the outcome. Good news kept…

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