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Lincoln farmers market

August 15, 2020

Friday farmers market in Louth second Friday of the month, Saturday farmers market in Lincoln third Saturday of the month.

An alert I found at two o’clock a farmers market today, sent five hours earlier. Poor use of social media. OK for a reminder but should have sent out an alert at least day before. Though I am also at fault for not checking.

Dash into Lincoln, maybe make farmers market as packing up.

Whilst waiting for a bus,  I am passed by a convoy of Porsche and Lamborghini. To my surprise I encounter later parked up near Lincoln Cathedral.

I made the farmers market as stalls packing up.

I was curious, why if farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds Lincolnshire Poacher does not have a stall at the Louth farmers market. Too many shops selling their cheese. Maybe that explains why the Louth farmers market only has one stall, many excellent local food shops therefore what does a farmers market offer?

Bread stall half price bread? No. Two for the price of three. A deal with a lady who was made the same offer. Two pound each. I gave her two loaves and she thanked me and said she would give the second one to a friend she was meeting later.

Excellent haddock and chips, late lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Parked outside a car with parking ticket stuck to the windscreen. No one came to the car.

Lack of social distancing The Lion and Snake.  Loud music audible half way down Westgate.  When will dysfunctional Lincoln City Council act and shut down pubs and bars flouting covid-19 regulations?

Walked around Lincoln Castle to have a coffee on the terrace at Stokes at The Lawn, if open. Sea haar last few days, making cooler. It was open but now too cool to sit on the terrace.

Walked the back way down into town.

Loud music, horrendous noise binge drinking bars top end of the High Street. Breach of covid-19 regulations but no action by dysfunctional Lincoln City Council to enforce the rules and close the bars and pubs flagrantly flouting the rules.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

Whilst sat outside Coffee Aroma, large gangs of drunken yobs roaming around. No sign of police.

Lincoln Christmas farmers market

December 21, 2019

Held Castle Hill, a dismal Christmas farmers market, a pale shadow of when I last visited the farmers market in the summer of last year or Easter this year.

Sadly it seems to be following the ad hoc farmers market held in the High Street which became smaller and smaller and finally died.

Contrast with Guildford Christmas farmers packed with Christmas shoppers.

I managed to pick up cheese from two different stalls, and raw milk unpasteurised milk from the same stalls.

I regret I did not shop in Redhill Farm shop in Bailgate, when I passed by it was busy, later when I passed by it was closed.

Lincoln hosts smallest farmers market in the country

January 11, 2019

At one stall, Lincoln can proudly lay claim to the smallest farmers market in the country.

The farmers market used to be held in the High Street, to be pedantic two different locations in the High Street, one week north of the level crossing, the following week south of the level crossing.

By swapping locations, guaranteed to ensure the market was never a success. A couple of stalls, maybe three, if very very lucky six.

It has now relocated to the side of the river, outside the side entrance to the Central Market, with little footfall, maybe out of sight, out of mind.

There is no information in the High Street to say the farmers market has relocated, therefore it is assumed it has finally collapsed.

Nor is there any information at its new location.

I found by pure chance.

I hoped last week to find the fruit and vegetable stall, but too late, it had already packed up and departed. I was in time to see a van for Redhill Farm departing.

In the week, I checked with Redhill  Farm shop in Bailgate and they confirmed, the farmers market had relocated.

Sincil Street has been trashed by the local Council in cahoots with the local Coop, the Central Market trashed by the local  Council, which guarantees very little footfall.

I found the regular Friday fruit and vegetable stall, this one stall is what constitutes a market in Lincoln, a market town, a bread stall, a disgusting doughnut stall and one stall for the farmers market.

At two o-clock, the one stall for the farmers market had already packed away his stock. I visited the fruit and vegetable stall. When I looked around, the guy running the stall had gone.

The doughnut stall should be kicked off. The stomach churning stench is guaranteed to kill any market.

Lincoln farmers market

April 14, 2017

Is this sad little market someones idea of a joke?

Half a dozen stalls.

Maybe middle of winter, early January, but this is mid-April, spring.

I chatted to one of the stalls, to learn it does not get much better in the summer, when fresh produce.

I found a leaflet, but what was shown appeared to be wishful thinking, as only fresh meat on the market today. I saw no bread, cheeses, cask ales.

I learnt there was a market Saturday, but up by Lincoln Castle. That there was a market every Friday, but in a different location.

Therefore had one found next week, a market further down the High Street, then turned up the next week, and found no market, would you turn up again?

And what of publicity? I have seen none.

I had had afternoon tea at Henry’s, was walking back down the High Street, through The Stonebow, was passing Stokes on High Bridge, when I noticed a few stalls further down the High Street.

As I walked past the stalls, I noticed people were walking past, not even glancing at the stalls, let alone stopping to have a look.

Very apparent no one was there for the market, but then with no publicity, only half a dozen stalls, hardly surprising.

I would not make a special trip.

Is this the best Lincoln can do, a city of 100,000 souls, surrounded by villages, a county town for an agricultural county?

But then Lincoln, a market town, does not even have a market.

Whoever is responsible for this market should hang their heads in shame.

I did at least pick up excellent strawberries.

Lincoln farmers market

January 13, 2016
Lincoln farmers market

Lincoln farmers market

A rather sad pathetic farmers market in the High Street, all of four stalls.  And no one was buying.

If this was Guildford, there would be stalls the entire length of the High Street. Ironic, Lincolnshire is a farming county.

Maybe they should follow the example of Guildford, not hold a market in January.

I spoke with one of the stallholders. I was curious, was it a farmers market, it could just have been stalls. It was confirmed, yes, it was a farmers market.

I saw no information on any of the stalls indicating when the market was held.

I was tempted to buy sausages off one of the stalls. But then decided no. I would rather buy from the excellent butcher in Heighington.

The High Street is the wrong location. Sincil Street would be a better location, where there are indie shops or there were until the local council destroyed the area.

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