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Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day eighty five

June 16, 2020

A very murky misty start to the day, high humidity, once the sun came out, hot.

Three passengers on the bus. Masks are now mandatory, have been since Monday, £100 fine. What has changed, nothing. Very unpleasant wearing a cloth mask. It should be as in Scotland advisory.

No hand sanitiser at entrance to bus station. Nor free masks being handed out.

Popped over to the train station, asked were the trains now running normally? No, more frequent trains, but not back to normal. Wearing of mask mandatory and cannot even enter the station without. Free masks are available. To travel on a train for an hour or more, forced to wear a mask, is going to be very very unpleasant.

Monday was the first day shops could open, today the second day, many people about, too many.

The tat now open in Lincoln Central Market. It was better when they were all closed.

Long chat with the zero waste stall due to open in Lincoln Central Market, the sooner the better.

Decided to have a coffee at Stokes on High Bridge, maybe something to eat, expected a queue. No queue. Only one person serving and making toasties and serving coffee. Only accept contactless cards, no cash.

A large empty space in front of Stokes on High Bridge, more than sufficient space for Stokes to spread their tables in the streets. This is being blocked by intransigence of local councils.

Stokes at the Lawn not open for the foreseeable future.

Chocolate and ice cream from Hotel Chocolat. Ice cream disgusting. No idea what it was supposed to be, I expected a choice. The choice, salted caramel or pistachio, goo poured out of a bottle. This causes the ice cream to melt, runs down the ice cream, down ones hands and drips onto ones clothes. Quality ice cream it is not.

Many businesses had hand sanitiser at entrance and in store.

Coffee Aroma opens takeaway only on 1 July 2020. Several days yet fir coffee, real coffee.

200 Degrees opened a few weeks ago.

Looked in Waterstone’s. Empty.

Three passenger on return bus.

When I left lovely and sunny. An hour later, skies turned black, massive thunderstorm very heavy rain for an hour.



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