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Something very very rotten Lidl Aldershot

May 12, 2018

There is something very very rotten with Lidl in Aldershot.

This evening around 1940, a little before it closed, walked into Lidl in Aldershot with a friend.

The only reason we were there was because Lidl Farnham was out of stock of what we were looking for. As we knew what we wanted, we headed to what we wanted, picked up, headed straight to cash tills.

As we walked in past end of aisles, I noticed boxes scattered on the floor, a trip hazard.

The tills not manned, a scruffy looking woman standing near the tills but otherwise doing nothing, did not offer to man a till, nor did she offer help when not all the automated tills appeared to be working. When my friend queried which were working the woman looked straight through her as though she did not exist.

On leaving I commented we were being followed around the store. No soonest had I voiced my observations than a Nepalese security guard blocked our way and demanded to look in our bags. I refused and we walked out of the store.

There was no grounds to stop us, we were not acting suspiciously, and as my friend noted, it was obvious what we were carrying was not from Lidl.

If this was racist behaviour by the Nepalese security guard, then not an isolated incident at the store, as has happened before.

Earlier we were in Lidl Farnham and the experience could not have been different. The staff were helpful, checked what we were looking for, courteous at checkout, which was manned, and no we were were not stopped on leaving, even though we had wandered around the store and were carrying the same goods as in Aldershot.

It is common knowledge there is something rotten at Lidl Aldershot, and yet still no action by Lidl CEO.

We await an apology but are not holding our breath.

Customer abused by Lidl duty manager

July 10, 2017

Fuck off and don’t come back. — duty manager Lidl Aldershot

Is this acceptable behaviour for staff in any store, verbal abuse of a customer?

But let us rewind a little.

The service in Lidl Aldershot is appalling, and it is getting worse.

It is not uncommon to find pallets and boxes in the middle of aisles, ideal trip hazards, and in the case of pallets, all too easy to catch ankle and receive a nasty cut.

When this has been draw to the attention of a member of staff, that a customer could trip and fall, the response was: they got eyes haven’t they.

Tough luck I guess if of poor sight or blind.

This evening, milk in the middle of the aisle, apart from the obstruction, it should be in a chiller cabinet.

The service at the tills is appalling. It usually takes longer at the till than it does to shop.

Now getting worse following the introduction of automated tills, tills that keep failing, no one manning any of the tills.

This evening one of those occasions, no one manning the tills, a queue forming for the self service tills, three members of staff holding a conversion whilst looking on and doing nothing. A member of staff when asked to man the tills, an abrupt no. Not the first time a refusal by staff to man the tills when requested to do so.

On leaving, duty manager obstructed a customer and shouted at the customer for having had the audacity to complain about the appalling service.

She then shouted at the customer, fuck off and don’t come back.

Asked to identify herself, she refused, other than saying she was the duty manager.

Then to compound her appalling behaviour, accompanied by a fat male colleague, followed the customer out of the store, down the street, shouting down the street at the customer.

Does Lidl consider this an appropriate way to treat its customers?

The duty manager was clearly lacking in any social skills, and raises questions how she was ever appointed as duty manger.

If there is an issue to raise with a  customer, approach the customer, introduce yourself, ask may I have a word. The customer under no obligation to agree.

We live in a world of social media. Any error, any poor service, abuse a customer, and it will be on social media and go viral.

If your appalling service is highlighted on social media, you do not improve your image by abusing a customer and telling them to fuck off, that merely highlights that  something is seriously wrong with your business. What you do is apologise, and attempt to improve your appalling service.

When a member of staff abuses a customer, you do not hesitate, you fire them on the spot.

When it is highlighted that something wrong with a  store and its appalling service, you do not enhance your reputation by verbally abusing a customer.

Lidl Farnham does not have this appalling level of service. Why is it deemed accepatable in Aldershot?

There is something seriously wrong with Lidl Aldershot. Is it not time Lidl sent in a hit team and sorted it out or do they not care?

Lidl Black Friday scam

November 24, 2016

Lidl are offering on Black Friday only a 3000mAh power bank at 9-99 euros, a claimed 58% reduction for one day only.

This same identical 3000 mAh power bank has been on sale in UK for 9-99 pounds.

This is a good price, but not the special Black Friday price as claimed.

Beware Black Friday scams.

Lidl trip hazard and obstacle course

June 27, 2016
Lidl trip hazard and obstacle course

Lidl trip hazard and obstacle course

Two weeks ago in Lidl, boxes and pallets everywhere in the aisles. Quite dangerous. The usual piss-poor service.

Last week, again piss-poor service.

Today, pallets and boxes in the aisles, though not as bad as two weeks ago.

I pushed boxes to one side to stop people tripping, and explained to the shop girl, she should not be leaving boxes in the aisle, someone could trip.

They have got eyes have they not, was the response.

Do their staff have no health and safety training?

I explained to the girl, if someone tripped, she was liable, as was the store.

Once again the usual piss-poor service.


Appalling treatment of elderly lady by Lidl manager

July 17, 2015
Lidll Aldershot pack of six rashers of bacon reduced

Lidll Aldershot pack of six rashers of bacon reduced

Yesterday evening (Thursday) the usual piss poor service in Lidl Aldershot, but that was not the half of it.

An elderly lady two before me in the queue, was querying why she was being charged full price for a pack of bacon that was reduced. She knew it was reduced, as that was why she had chosen it. No reduction sticker, but as she carefully explained, it must have fallen off. Store manager intervened, called her a liar, told the trainee cashier to charge her full price. Lady quite rightly refused to pay.

The customer should be given the benefit of the doubt, if there is a doubt, then check. The manager should have sent a runner to check, but instead called the lady a liar, and then walked off.  There were long queues at the check-outs, but instead of manning one, the manager walked away.

I knew the lady was correct. The reason why I knew, was because there were two different packs of bacon on the shelves alongside each other, six rashers and twelve rashers, and they had bright orange stickers 30% off on the front of each pack. I also knew because I had one in my hand.

I draw this to the attention of the cashier, waved it in the air, and said the lady was correct. The cashier apologised, said there was nothing he could do, as the manager had overruled him and then walked off.

I tried to catch up with the lady on leaving the store, but she was nowhere in sight.

Lidl should apologise to this lady, and give a her £100 as a goodwill gesture. It will not be difficult to identify her. My till receipt shows a time of 1816, she was two in front of me, and she paid by card.

This is not a one off with this manager. She has a bad reputation with customers. I have had problems with her, I know others who have had problems with her.

The service in this store is appalling. Always long queues at the check-outs, not uncommon to find one till, a queue half way down the store, not attempt to open additional tills.

It is long overdue for Lidl and this manager to part company.

This lunchtime I checked my pack of six rashers of bacon. Half the sticker was no longer there, which backs up what the lady had said, her sticker must have fallen off.

Yet again piss-poor service in Lidl

September 8, 2014
unhappy shoppers enduring piss-poor service in Lidl

unhappy shoppers enduring piss-poor service in Lidl

Lidl seem to have nothing but contempt for their customers.

I now rarely visit Lidl because the service is so bad. Today was a rare visit. A horrendous experience, if anything, Lidl is getting worse.

Two till opens, long queues at both.

Eventually, a Nepalese cashier, stands up, she must have summoned someone, as a third till opens.

But even with three tills open there are still long queues.

There needed to have been at least four tills open.

Someone called Andy, takes a look, then walks back into an office. Clearly he does not give a toss.

Lady behind me, dumps what she had hoped to buy, and walks out in disgust. A pity more people do not do the same.

The only surprise, folk stayed as calm as they did, as there was some very angry people waiting in the queue.

People end up taking it out in the cashiers, but it is not their fault, it is the bad management that cuts corners and has poor staffing levels.

Welcome to Lidl, welcome to Aldershot, where piss-poor service is the norm.

Know a special person who has gone the extra mile? I would be grateful just to get decent service.

Bad service in Lidl

July 28, 2014
Lidl Aldershot

Lidl Aldershot

Even by their abysmally bad, piss-poor service, the service in Lidl this evening was bad.

Only one till open, a queue stretching half way down the store.

The man operating the one and only till, doing his best, was asked to open another till. He apologised, dinged his bell. Nothing happened.

A lazy Nepalese security guard who had nothing better to do than hang around chatting to his friends, was asked to get someone. He just stood there, no response. He was asked again, he still stood there, no response.

Eventually a second till was manned. The person manning the till was asked, does the security guard understand English? The answer was yes.

There needs to be an investigation into this branch of Lidl, the service is always bad, this evening exceptionally bad. The pig-ignorant Nepalese security guard should be fired.

A secondary question that needs to be asked, does Lidl only employ cheap immigrant labour, why are no local people employed?

The poor service, and especially attitude of Nepalese security guard, is not acceptable, and shows the contempt Lidl has for its customers.

Or is it thought, this is Aldershot, bad service is acceptable?

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