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Leaving EU will start WWIII

May 9, 2016
Joseph Goebbels Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany

Joseph Goebbels Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany

Today we had yet more EU garbage and scaremongering from David Cameron.

Leaving the EU will trigger World War Three, it is only thanks to those good folks at the European Commission that WWIII has not already started.

Caroline Lucas, whose posts are getting ever more ludicrous, regurgitates the Cameron garbage on twitter.

Earlier in the year, we had Dodgy Dave trolling around Europe trying to get a new deal for the UK.

What did he get?

Minor concessions that foreigners would not be able to claim benefits. But they are not here to milk the benefit system (leave that to Nepalese parasites, who Cameron is noticeably silent on), EU migrants are here to work.

And even this minor concession, a senior member of the European Parliament has said it will not be honoured.

In February, Dodgy Dave told the Commons that Britain would be just fine post-Brexit. He said if he didn’t get minor changes to migrant benefits he would consider leaving:

I will never argue that Britain couldn’t survive outside the European Union… Let me say again, if we can’t secure these changes, I rule nothing out.

Today he tells us Brexit will start World War Three:

The serried rows of white headstones in lovingly tended Commonwealth war cemeteries stand as silent testament to the price this country has paid to help restore peace and order in Europe. Can we be so sure that peace and stability on our continent are assured beyond any shadow of doubt? Is that a risk worth taking? I would never be so rash as to make that assumption.

He  insulted WWII veterans. Did they make sacrifices, to usher in the EU dictatorship?

This begs the question, if Dodgy Dave seriously believes Brexit risks war, why would he consider backing Brexit over some tiny changes to the benefit system?

The truth is somewhat different.

EU was established as a democracy-free zone. It was established as a cartel for French and German heavy industry.

It is still a democracy free zone.

When the eurogroup meets, we have no control over its deliberations, we do not even know what those deliberations are, it publishes no minutes, no transcripts of meetings are made available

EU has contempt for democracy, as we have seen with the crushing of Greece, now served by a puppet government of the EU.

The countries of southern Europe are the indebted vassals of the EU.

EU has not kept the peace in Europe. It is Nato that has kept the peace.

We have also had garbage on intelligence sharing. Intelligence is not pooled, shared will-nilly with all and sundry. If it was, it would be of no value as would blow all your sources.

Intelligence is shared on a case by case, need to know basis.

Schengen Agreement allows terrorists, drug traffickers, people smugglers, illegal immigrants,  to move freely across Europe.

European Arrest Warrant allows any corrupt judge to order the detention of any British Citizen and their extradition, without the safeguard of  an Extradition Hearing.

Far from keeping the peace, EU has stirred up anti-foreigner sentiment across Europe.

It was EU meddling in Ukraine, that destabilised the country, gave Vladimir Putin the opportunity to seize Crimea, triggered a civil war, and led the West to the brink of WWIII with Russia.

It is the policies of the EU that is leading to the rise of Fascism across Europe.

We are heading to a re-enactment of the 1930s and all that it led to.

The EU is likely to break up, Brexit will hasten that breakup.

EU is a failing economic zone thanks to the failure of the euro.

Of economic activity in the UK, international trade accounts for around 10%. Of that, less than 50% is with EU, and it is declining.

UK has a trade deficit with EU. Worst case scenario, if zero trade, UK would be better off.

Is Mercedes or BMW going to not wish to sell us their cars?

Are the French going to wish us not to buy their wine and cheese?

Why do we need to negotiate new trade agreements, why can the existing trade agreements not remain in place?

We do not need the EU for people across Europe to cooperate.

Do we all hate each other so badly,  we will start killing each other if it were not for the good offices of the EU?

What may happen, and this is not being discussed, the EU, following the example of the treatment of Greece, may decide to destroy the UK for daring to leave the EU, to set an example to other countries.

The EU was a Nazi project.

Joseph Goebbels speaking in 1940:

The people of Europe understand increasingly that the great issues dividing us, when compared with those which will emerge and will be resolved between continents, are nothing but trivial family feuds. … In fifty years Europeans will not be thinking in terms of separate countries.

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