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Coups, plots and rigged election

August 23, 2015
Jeremy Corbyn -- John Pilger

Jeremy Corbyn — John Pilger

Labour Party is having a purge. Anyone with any decency, morals is out, out. — Chunk Mark

‘Labour trying to rig leadership election’ — Jeremy Hardy

In four years, Ed Miliband could not budge Labour Party membership from 200,000. Jeremy Corbyn has increased it from 200,000 to over 600,000.

The reaction of the Labour Party to this massive increase in membership, is to wring hands in horror and carry out a purge of anyone who may vote Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Party leader.

This modern-day McCarthyism is a crude attempt to rig he Labour leadership election.

Film maker Ken Loach has been barred, as has satarists Mark Steele and Jeremy hardy, as have many student activists, even long-time Labour Party members have been purged.

Comments people may have made on social media, did they support Caroline Lucas, maybe reposted comments by SNP, grounds to purge, made favourable comments for a Green candidate, they too must be purged.

Each day, in what is clearly an orchestrated campaign, a different member of the Labour Party Establishment is wheeled out to attack Jeremy Corbyn —  Blair, Brown, Kinnock, Mandelson, Blunkett, Straw, the list goes on and on and on. And it makes absolutely no difference, or at least not the difference they wish, it increases the support for Jeremy Corbyn. These are the people who have made Labour unelectable. They have still not got it why they lost the last election.

What the Labour Party Establishment has completely failed to understand, is that people want fundamental political change, they are sick of  Businesses As Usual Politics, politicians who are there to get their snout stuck in the trough, line their own pockets, act as puppets for the banks and big business.

People do not want hypocrites who cannot even be bothered to get off their backsides and oppose draconian welfare cuts for the poor.

Spiv Chuka Umunna has formed or threatened to form Resistance, a cabal within the Labour Party to oppose Jeremy Corbyn if elected leader.

Simon Danczuk wants to organise a coup. His wife on the other hand, merely wants to flash her breasts on twitter and get laid by whoever will have her. Jeremy Corbyn may be elected leader, but Labour MPs will depose and elect their own leader.

No self-respecting person would touch The Sun with a bargepole, not satisfied with his salary, Simon Danczuk received £10,000 for an article he “contributed” just five hours of his time too – £2,000 an hour. The payment was received by the Labour MP from the Murdoch owned News Group Newspapers, publisher of The Sun.

For the financial year 2013-2014 Simon Danczuk claimed £206,908.92 in expenses.

Andy Burnham, a poor looser, is threatening legal action if he loses. By saying he would include Ed Miliband as part of his team, he has made himself a laughing stock. And putting out an e-mail claiming Support from Unite (they support Jeremy Corbyn), is plain dishonesty.

Jeremy Corbyn supporters are being purged, on the other hand, is it OK for Yvette Coper to take £75,000 from a Tory Party donor? Or Liz Kendall funded by lobbyists?

Peter Hearn who gave gave Cooper £75,000 to support her campaign for the Labour leadership is not any old Tory donor. He is a multi-millionaire accountant behind PSD Group, an executive recruitment firm specialising in high-level jobs in banking, finance, and other sectors.

In light of the membership purge that has taken place, the one person who would be more than justified in mounting legal challenge would be Jeremy Corbyn.

Imagine for one moment, Vladimir Putin carrying out a purge to rig an election. There would be international outcry.

It is one thing a Member of Parliament to vote for what is right, that is what they are there for, that is what their constituents expect, not be a robot blindly following Party diktat. What though is no acceptable, is plots against someone democratically elected by the people.

It is time for these Members of Parliament to be de-selected.

In Brighton and Hove there are calls for Peter Kyle to be de-selected following an infantile anti-Corbyn rant in the Argus.

What all this shows, is the need for change, how out of touch with ordinary people is the Labour Party Establishment.

People want change, they wish to see a complete overhaul of the political system.

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