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Aldershot Labour tried very hard not to win an election

June 11, 2017

Aldershot is a run down town, more like a large inner city. Prime picking for Labour one would have thought when Theresa May called an unnecessary General Election.

Labour in Aldershot ran an atrocious campaign. They tried very hard not to win.

Local candidate, local party, leader of local party, did an excellent job to work really hard not to win an election.

A useless candidate, and little evidence of any campaigning.

But when you look at their local councillors, easy to see something very wrong.

The only reason these useless candidates get elected is that they stand in slum estates where the electorate, when they can be arsed to vote, vote Labour as a knee-jerk reaction.

A complete failure to make use of social media, both by the candidate and leader of the local party.

Where were the posts of Jeremy Corbyn addressing mass rallies, John McDonnell making excellent economic points, the videos produced by Momentum?

The only video posted, of Dan Jarvis, who for some perverse reason was invited, the same Dan Jarvis who had been calling for Jeremy Corbyn to go. I say invited, not invited to visit, invited to post a message, that is so lacking in enthusiasm, it is palpable.  A video that was going to go a long way to obtain votes, I think not.  But if nothing else, illustrates how bad their use of social media, if this was the best they could do. And sadly it was.

But then this local party was one of the few not to support Jeremy Corbyn

Local activists did more on social media than the entire local party.

The candidate was not even local, parachuted in from outside.

Where Jeremy Corbyn inspired people, the Aldershot candidate generated as much enthusiasm as a wet dishcloth.

It could though have been worse, neighbouring Fleet the candidate was one of these useless local councillors.

To show how bad these councillors are, at least two have used social media to attack and abuse local activists who support Jeremy Corbyn.

The useless councillors would argue the Labour vote increased. Whilst this is correct, it should be noted the Tory vote has been on a  downward trend. Any increase in the Labour vote is entirely due to the efforts of Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Momentum, and the work of local activists.

Aldershot Labour would form an excellent case study in how not to win an election.

If a second General Election is called this year, which is a real possibility, the candidate needs to be someone from Momentum, an activist, a candidate with vision and drive and charisma, who is known on the streets and has the ability to communicate and connect with people.

Inappropriate comments on social media

September 5, 2016
letter from Iain McNicol

letter from Iain McNicol

You have made inappropriate comments on social media, including a post to social media on 16 July 2016. — Iain McNicol

Received in the post this morning a letter dated 1 September from Labour Party General Secretary Iain McNicol.

inappropriate comments on social media

No citation of what these comments may be, no link to the said comment of 16 July 2016, not even where it may be found.

Does the party have minions crawling through social media to find such comments? If yes, then an inappropriate use of Party funds.

Was wealthy donor Micheal Foster, a wealthy donor who thought he could buy a party,  who went to court to try and deny Jeremy Corbyn a place on the ballot paper, writing a load of garbage in the Mail on Sunday calling Jeremy Corbyn supporters Nazi storm troopers guilty of inappropriate comments?

Likewise, deputy leader Tom Watson labelling them Trotskyists?

Tom Watson and Iain McNicol signed off the challenge to the Appeal Court to disenfranchise 130,000 party members. They had no mandate from members or the leadership. Once again a misuse of party funds.

NEC has ordered local parties not to meet until after the Labour leadership elections. At least two local parties have been suspended. Brighton and Hove have had their democratically elected local officials suspended.

The local Labour Party in Aldershot has a discussion forum on Facebook. Participation is by invite only. The forum is subject to arbitrary censorship, comments deleted, at least one participant barred. No courtesy of an explanation for arbitrary action.

A panel of the Labour Party NEC has taken this decision to reject an application, but no name given of the committee, no names of its members. Who appointed them? How do we get rid of them? Appeal mechanism if any?

If an application to register as a supporter has been rejected, when will a refund of the £25 registration fee be made? If there is no intention to refund, then fraud has taken place.

Do we not have free speech, a right incorporated within the Human Rights Act? Do we not live in a democracy?

What we are seeing, is a self-serving elite within Labour trying to rig the leadership election, to try and prevent victory by Jeremy Corbyn.

Purge of Labour Party supporters who joined to support Jeremy Corbyn

September 1, 2016
Jeremy Corbyn on Labour Party purge

Jeremy Corbyn on Labour Party purge

John McDonnell on Labour rigged election

John McDonnell on Labour rigged election

If you registered as a Labour Party supporter, you were forced to pay £25.

Although not happy, many thought it worthwhile, if it meant they could ensure Jeremy Corbyn had a massive mandate, an opportunity to clean up the Labour Party which is corrupt and rotten to the core, and a once in a generation opportunity to effect real political change.

The Blairites though thought otherwise.  They would rather destroy the Party than see it turned into a mass social movement effecting real change in society.

130,000 Labour Party members were disnfranchised.

Those who registered as supporters, were asked why they wished to register, for their facebook and twitter accounts, for their phone number and address.

Why was the Labour Party acquiring all this information, what were they using it for? All they required was address or e-mail address to send out a ballot form.

Those who filled out the box, with support Jeremy Corbyn, were immediately rejected.

For others, £25 was taken, then a trawl through social media to see if they were likely to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, if they were, then find a pathetic excuse to reject (but in what is tantamount to fraud still keep their £25 registration fee).

Here is an extract from a letter sent out today barring one supporter from voting, and the response.

The attached letter is meaningless.

You have made inappropriate comments on social media, including a post on social media on 16th Jul 2016.

What ‘inappropriate comments on social media’?

In what way, inappropriate, who decides?

A panel of NEC.  Who appointed them, what mandate do they have? They appear to have no mandate from either the members or the leadership.

No mention of what the comment was, where, or in what way inappropriate.

No mention of any appeal mechanism.

Do you waste your time trawling through social media to find pathetic excuses to bar supporters from voting? Especially if it is thought they may vote for Jeremy Corbyn?

If yes, then this is an entirely inappropriate use of Labour Party resources.

As was using Labour Party resources to go to the Appeal Court to ensure 130,000 Labour Party members were disenfranchised.

This stinks.

This is like North Korea or Stalinist Russia.

In case you have not noticed, we still have free speech in this country.

You seem quite happy to take £25. I will expect a full refund. If not, then I consider this to be fraud.

A massive own goal for the Labour Party, a party corrupt and rotten to the core.

The person who sent the e-mail, lacks even the common courtesy to put a name to their e-mail.

I hope Jeremy Corbyn has a massive majority, despite crude attempts to rig the election,  with a mandate to clean out Labour Party HQ.

Jeremy Corbyn v The Establishment

August 19, 2016
Parliament is there to serve the people

Parliament is there to serve the people

The Establishment hate Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Why, because they know their days are numbered, that their gravy train is about to hit the buffers.

When opponents attack Jeremy Corbyn, and say it is about being in power, what they actually  mean is that it is about a self-serving elite seizing power with party members and the electorate being used as ballot fodder.

Labour lost the last election because they offered Tory Lite, they supported the attacks on the poor, austerity and everything that comes with the neo-liberal agenda and Shock Doctrine. In Scotland, Labour were wiped out because SNP offered a radical alternative.

When Jeremy Corbyn threw his hat in the ring last year, he was to most people a breath of fresh air, here was for the first time in a generation the opportunity for genuine political change.

In less than a year, he has managed to form a mass social movement, which goes way beyond what can simply be measured as the numbers who have joined the labour Party.

And that is what worries the elite, the broad social movement which is eager for real change, and who having had a taste for it, are not going to give up lightly.

We are seeing the same in Spain and Greece, where the old corrupt socialist parties are dying and being replaced by vibrant dynamic radical parties like Podemos and Syriza.

When Thomas Paine proposed representative democracy at a time of Absolute Monarchs, he proposed radical change, so radical that he had to flee the country for fear of losing his head. What we are seeing now with Jeremy Corbyn, Podemos and Syriza is a change as radical. We are living in a post-2008, post-Capitalism world. In this New World Order, we have participatory democracy, not representative democracy, last seen in Athens in Ancient Greece.

Once Jeremy Corbyn threw his hat in the ring, the Party Establishment did everything they could to stop his election, then once elected everything they could to destroy his leadership.

The mainstream media talks of splits, the only split is between the Party Establishment who think they own the Party and have a God-given right to rule and the party membership.

This is our Arab Spring, the leadership election a counter coup by The Establishment.

Owen Smith was the scraping of the bottom of the barrel, the best they could come up with. A Blairite in his own words, who bragged he was more Blairite than war criminal Tony Blair, who called Blair a socialist. A former lobbyist for a major US drugs company, a PR drone, who wished to see privatisation of the NHS, who supported austerity, who abstained on massive Tory welfare cuts, but who now proclaims himself to be Corbyn Lite, as convincing as when Labour passed itself of as Tory Lite.

When Owen Smith was asked would he talk to Isis, his Pavlovian response was yes, presumably because he thought that would be what Jeremy Corbyn would say and he had to appear more Corbyn than Corbyn to win over any of the Corbyn supporters.

It badly backfired, it showed he had no understanding of Isis, how Isis has arisen, of Syria, Iraq or the Middle East.

Isis talks to no one. Canon Andrew White has tried. His intermediary had his head chopped off.

Isis is not the IRA, though it seems Owen Smith cannot see the difference.

Note: We are not allowed to call anyone ‘Blairite’, at least if not a Labour Party Member, as that disqualifies you from voting in the leadership election.

It is ok for the supporters of Jeremy Corbyn to be called Nazis, thugs, Trots, cultists and a whole load of other insults, ok to disenfranchise 130,000 party  members and use party funds, ie money belonging to the members,  to do so, but call anyone a Blairite and immediately face a sanction.

Blairites though have been remarkably quiet. In the last leadership election they were popping up in the media every day, all the has-been politicians we thought we had seen the back of were granted a soapbox.  Could it be they realise, if they are seen supporting Unelectable Owen, they will let the cat out of the bag?

Imagine for one moment, the impossible, that Oily Owen (as he is known in Wales) wins the leadership election, wins the next election, does anyone seriously think anything would change? It would be businesses as usual, one elite replaces another elite. It would be as the end of Animal Farm when the animals look in the farmhouse window, look from pig to man, man to pig, and cannot tell the difference.

But will Tony Blair be able to keep quiet?

It is not only the Blairites who are quiet, so is the rabid right wing press, controlled by Murdoch and Lord Rothermere. Not a dickybird.

Paul Mason (The sound of Blairite silence):

Normally, if a Labour figure stood up and, from thin air, plucked a £200bn spending pledge based on a wealth tax, the Sun, the Mail and the Telegraph would have reporters going through his bin-bags.

It’s the same over Smith’s call for a second referendum. The pro-Brexit tabloids would normally be eviscerating any Labour figure who called, effectively, for people to be made to “vote until they vote the right way”. But they’re silent over this.

The Blairite front groups, Progress, Saving Labour and now Labour Tomorrow, are also quiet. The latter two, who owns and controls them, who are their members, where is their money coming from, no one knows.

What we do know is, when Owen Smith was lobbyist for Pfizer, he arranged over £80,000 to be paid to Progress.

More appropriate names for the Blair fan clubs or cults would be Regression, Destroying Labour and Labour Yesterday.

Owen Smith shows his contempt for the British public by calling for a second EU Referendum, for Labour Party members by not opposing the decision to go to the Appeal Court to reverse the High Court ruling that struck down the act by Labour NEC to disenfranchises 130,000 members.

Time that should be spent drawing up a Post-Brexit future, has been squandered by the coup plotters on a completely unnecessary leadership election

We live in a world of newspeak constructed by George Orwell, where War is Peace, Peace is War, where Owen Smith tries to claim he is more radical than Jeremy Corbyn, where he claims Jeremy Corbyn fails to inspire people, has only sound bytes and no policies.

Owen Smith rally with free ice cream

Owen Smith rally with free ice cream

If the low point for Owen Smith was handing out free ice creams and burgers, he has yet to hit a high point.

Maybe he fails to notice the large numbers who attend a Jeremy Corbyn rally, when he can barely attract a couple of dozen, not even when he has an ice cream van or offers free burgers, that last year at Beyond Austerity, John McDonnell with Yanis Varoufakis sketched out a viable economic policy.

Jeremy Corbyn when asked a dumb question, did not recognise who Ant and Dec were, for most people this  enhanced his reputation, for who is interested in banal C-list celebrities?

When people attend a Jeremy Corbyn rally, they see here is a guy they can relate to. They see him travelling on the tube, travelling on the East Coast Mainline (now run by Virgin) sat on the floor. They see him without the distorting prism of the mainstream media.

From the coup plotters and those pulling the strings of Owen Smith, we have had smears and rigged elections. Their role, appears to be, if Jeremy Corbyn remains leader, which we can take as a given, destroy the Labour Party.

Where to now?

The coup plotter have made it clear, the war of attrition will continue.  We must turn mass social movement into more than just words. We have to be active at all levels. We have to create open coops, collaborative commons, ordinary citizens seize control of local Town Halls (as seen in Frome in Somerset, Barcelona and other towns and cities across Spain), then network across Europe. The coup plotters must be de-selected, votes of no confidence at local party meetings, the Labour NEC diktat on no meetings until after the leadership election ignored, the Right of Recall must be brought in, not only for Parliament but also local councils.

Labour Party corrupt and rotten to the core

August 14, 2016

Labour’s owning class are liberally sprinkled with millionaires and millionaire backers. These are the people and the money who successfully took over the Labour Party under Tony Blair and re-moulded it into New Labour, a party of neoliberal apologists, spin doctors and careerist media-friendly robots.  — Sodium haze

What political party would go to the Appeal Court to use its own members money to disenfranchise its own members?

The Conservatives welcome new members at wine and cheese parties.

The Labour Party disenfranchises its members, 130,000 at a stroke.

The High Court reinstated.

It then went to Appeal. Who signed off that appeal? Step forward Deputy Leader Tom Watson and General Secretary Iain McNicol. They had no mandate to take this decision, no mandate from the leadership, no mandate from the members.

When members signed up, they had read the Party website which clearly stated they could vote in any Labour leadership election. But even without that explicit statement, it would have been implicit, unless there was small print to the contrary.

The High Court judge agreed. He said there had been a breach of contract.

The Appeal Court judges in what is seen as a perverse judgement, disagreed.

If we follow their perverse reasoning, then any contract has no validity, as it can be arbitrarily changed.

We have an example of this, Three mobile phone network claiming ‘all you can eat data’ does not mean unlimited data.

What of unfair terms and conditions?

We also have in the Appeal Court ruling an affront to democracy, 130,000 members on the whim of a clique, lose their right to vote.

Why am I not surprised to learn that one of the Appeal Court judges that overturned the initial ruling in favour of the membership is a Blair crony, had  previously worked for Tony Blair’s government and defended it in court against calls for an inquiry into the Iraq War,  pocketing £500,000 a year for his trouble.

Immediately after Labour’s victory in the 1997 general election, Judge Sales was recruited by Tony Blair.  Sales used to be a practising barrister at law chambers 11KBW, of which Tony Blair was a founder member. At the time of the appointment, there was uproar over Sales’ appointment and plunged Blair into a cronyism row.

Should this judge not have ruled himself out of dealing with this case when there was such a clear conflict of interest?

But that is how the corrupt Establishment works in this country, each looks after its own.

When it happens in another country it is called corruption.

Jeremy Corbyn ad John McDonnell have condemed the ruling. Owen Smith silent, once again showing the contempt he has for democarcy and the members.

Labour has an owning class and its members. One thinks it has a God given right to rule, to promote an austerity neo-liberal agenda, the only role of the members to cough up money and get out the vote on election day to keep the owning class in power.

Jeremy Corbyn has had the audacty to challenge the owning class, not only challenge but rabble rouse and stir up the peasants.

A regular complaint of the coup plotters is the loww standing of Labour in the opinion polls, all the fault of Jeremy Corbyn we are told, unelectable we are told, responsible for Labour being split from top to bottom we are told, with only Owen Smith capable of reuniting the Party we are told. Told from a soapbox provided by the mainstream media. This  is epitomised by Tom Watson who now briefs the corporate media against the membership on a regular basis. Not quite what a Deputy Leader of the party should be doing but all part and parcel of attempts to make Labour unelectable whilst Jeremy Corbyn is leader.

The only split is between the Establishment and the Members.

The litigants who took the Labour Party to court in order to win their democratic right to vote, are now being forced to pay an extra £30,000 in legal costs to the Labour Party within 28 days, after General Secretary Iain McNicol pushed for the 5 members to pay costs – that’s £5000 each. As I’m sure anyone would agree, £5000 is a lot of money. Please donate as much as you can to help cover the legal costs!

Note: Money has been raised to cover their costs.

The five members have decided to drop their legal challenge.

The only reason it was dropped, was because they could not afford to take it to the Supreme Court, not because a challenge lacked merit

It was not ok to disenfranchise 130,000 members.

It was not ok for Labour NEC to sneak it through a meeting when members had left, when it was not even on the Agenda.

It was not OK for Tom Watson to take this to the Appeal Court. To use members money to disenfranchise members.

It was not OK for Tom Watson to demand blood, to force the litigants to pay costs.

What mandate did Watson have?

No mandate from members. No mandate from leadership.

Why did Labour need to have this leadership election?

A leader with massive support, but a tiny self-serving elite determined to destroy the Labour Party.

Does anyone seriously think members are going to come together with the coup plotters? Every single one of the coup plotters should be de-selected.

Watson should resign as deputy leader. He is unfit to hold the post. The general Secretary should be fired.

We have Unelectable Owen talking about Jeremy Corbyn splitting the party. The only ones to split the party are Owen Smith and the coup plotters.

We have Owen Smith accuse Jeremy Corbyn of sound bites and vacuous statements. I think he must have been talking about himself.

I was at a meeting with John McDonnell several months ago, where he sketched out a very intelligent economic policy, more than I ever heard from Gordon Brown and certainly not from Alistair Darling or Ed Balls

We need Jeremy Corbyn to win with massive majority in order that with the backing of the members and the public, he can clean up a party that is corrupt and rotten to the core.

High Court strikes down disenfranchisement of Labour Party members

August 8, 2016

For the party to refuse to allow the claimants to vote in the current leadership election, because they have not been members since 12 January 2016, would be unlawful as in breach of contract. — Mr Justice Hickinbottom

The judge seemed very clear that his decision was all members of the party should have a right to vote in the leadership contest. Surely that has to be the right decision. — Jeremy Corbyn

Labour’s National Executive Committee did not have the right to bar roughly 130,000 new members from voting in the upcoming leadership election, the High Court has ruled today. Such a decision should be seen as a victory for democracy and another loss for an out-of-touch Labour party establishment. — Liam Young

The manner in which the Labour Party Establishment behaves would do justice to Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Labour Party NEC met to decide whether or not Jeremy Corbyn would be allowed to remain on the ballot for leader. The rules were crystal clear, but it took Labour NEC nearly six hours to reach a decision.

It was reinforced when a wealthy donor thought he could buy the party, or at least the leader. He challenged in the High Court that Jeremy Corbyn was allowed on the ballot. The judge quite rightly threw the case out.  But what the case flushed out was the extent to which Party officials were acting to undermine the leadership.

Today, five party members won their case, when a Judge in the High Court decided Labour NEC acted unlawfully when they acted to disenfranchise around 130,000 members.

For Hannah Fordham, one of the five new members, the reason for the NEC’s decision is ultimately irrelevant. Her campaign is an appeal to democracy and fairness:

Regardless of who you support in the leadership contest, or whether you are even a Labour member, I am sure you will agree that it is incredibly unfair to all the members, around 130,000 of them, who joined since 12 January to have their voting rights taken away.

Labour members who joined after 12 January were promised a vote in the leadership election when they handed over their membership fees:

As a member, you’ll be a key part of the team. You’ll be eligible to vote in leadership elections.

Representing the new members, Stephen Cragg QC argued:

They paid their dues and found to their surprise they had been excluded from the present election.

We say they have been wrongly excluded by breach of contract from the right to vote. We say there is nothing in the Labour Party rule book that suggests a limit on the members who can take part in the leadership election.

Joining the party involved a transaction for the now disenfranchised members. They were paying not only to support the party, but also to have their voice heard within the Labour movement. Anything less surely constitutes a breach of contract.

But even if there had not been an explicit promise they could vote in a Labour leadership contest, it would have been implicit upon joining the Party.

The party claimed that the six-month freeze date was “normal for internal selections”. But Cragg argued in court that no prior leadership contest had set a retroactive cut-off date for members to qualify to vote.

Up to a quarter of registered supporters, who paid £25 for a vote within a 48-hour window, have been banned from the Labour leadership election, with the party keeping up to £1,250,000 in voting fees – leaving a bitter taste for those rejected.

The High Court’s decision to expand the democratic exercise should be welcomed by all. Supporters handed over fees for a vote in any leadership election. To remove that right was not only a breach of contract, but an unjustified suppression of democracy.

What was also appalling was the manner in which Labour NEC decided to disenfranchise party members.

The vote had been taken to allow Jeremy Corbyn to be on the ballot. He and a few supporters left the meeting to inform the crowd outside of the good news. It was only then, Labour NEC pushed through disfranchisement of 130,000 members. It was not even on the Agenda.

The High Court has ruled.

But now, taking contempt for its own members to a whole new level, it looks as though Labour Party may appeal the decision.

This is against the interest of the membership, against the wishes of the leadership, so who are the Labour officials acting for?

If an Appeal is lodged against the members, it could cost the Party £250,000.

What political party spends £250,000 to abuse its own members?

This is gerrymandering on an industrial scale.

They are running scared of  Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, they know the game is up.

Please sign the petition demanding Labour NEC do not Appeal the High Court ruling granting their own members the right to vote.

Labour NEC gerrymandering

July 20, 2016

Labour NEC appear to be determined to rig the Labour leadership election

First they disenfranchised over 130,000 members who had joined after 12 January 2016.

Then they made registered supporters pay £25 to register, ensuring many would not be able to afford to register thus lose their right to vote.

They also  restricted the registration period to 48 hours.

Trade Union affiliated members who were entitle to vote, were barred from voting.

A crowd funding scheme, to help those who could not afford the £25 registration fee was ordered to close, with the lady who set it up threatened with expulsion from the Labour Party.

Local Labour parties issued with a  diktat that they could not meet until after the leadership election.

Then when you think it could not get any worse, The Canary has reported blocking of the registration of Corbyn supporters.

New evidence has come to light that suggests the National Executive Committee (NEC) may be stalling registered supporter applications, to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from winning the Labour leadership.

As last year, a box for why you wished to join. If put Vote for Corbyn, was to ask for trouble, on the other hand, leaving blank would arouse suspicion.

The question should never have been asked. Nor should several other questions, which were a trawl for personal information. Why do they need phone number, Facebook profile?

Are they performing background checks on people?

Supporter Naciye Ozbilenler has spoken out on Facebook about her experience of signing up as a registered supporter. She states that she joined as a supporter, stating her reason as Jeremy Corbyn, but did not receive a confirmation.

Many supporters have spoken out about similar experiences, revealing they have had their application stalled or have not received any confirmation if they have detailed their support for Jeremy Corbyn. In comparison those who did not give Corbyn as a reason, have received a confirmation straight away. Similarly, those who gave Corbyn as a reason and did not get a confirmation and who then joined again without a reason, received their confirmation straight away.

Michelle Regan facebook post

Michelle Regan facebook post

Naciye Ozbilenler tried again this time making no mention of her support for Jeremy Corbyn, having been warned Labour head office was full of Blairites.

Naciye Ozbilenler warned of Blairites blocking registrations

Naciye Ozbilenler warned of Blairites blocking registrations

Naciye Ozbilenler has no problem when no mention of Jeremy Corbyn

Naciye Ozbilenler has no problem when no mention of Jeremy Corbyn

The Canary has reported these are not isolated examples

We have been here before. This is a re-run of what happened last year.

Last year, there was a problem getting registered. If accepted, lists wee sent to local parties to purge the leist of any undesrables. Many failed to receive ballot papers.

I had a battle over weeks, registration only accepted an hour before the deadline.  Ballot paper was never received. Thus I never did get to vote, even though I had paid £3 registration fee.

A Brighton political  facebook discussion forum  had many people complaining they were unable to register, and when they did register they never received a ballot paper.  A Pro-Corbyn forum has similar complaints.

At the time, complaints to Labour head office went unanswered, and when hey did answer,  pathetic excuses, went round and round in circles, met with bloody-minded obstruction.

Over 180.000 had registered as party supporters before the deadline. This exceeds the entire membership of the Tory Party.

Unbelievable listening on World Tonight to a member of Saving Labour (We Hate Corbyn group) and former member of Labour head office.

He said any electoral system that leads to the election of Jeremy Corbyn is seriously flawed. That Labour MPs have effectively become disenfranchised and they are the ones with a mandate. That focus on political engagement was wrong and the focus should eb on power.

This one individual illustrated the contempt for the members and all that is rotten and corrupt with Labour, and why change is needed.

The Entirely Fake Owen Smith

July 19, 2016
Owen Smith

Owen Smith more Blairite than Blair

Owen Smith unelectable

Owen Smith unelectable

Even the mainstream media feel compelled to drop hints that Owen Smith is not what he is being promoted as. The Guardian’s words yesterday were unintentionally revealing;

the former shadow work and pensions secretary plans to pitch himself as the soft-left option

Note “to pitch himself”. For PR professional Smith, political stance is nothing to do with personal belief, it is to do with brand positioning. On Channel 4 News last night, an incredulous Michael Crick pointed out that the “soft left” Smith had previously given interviews supporting PFI and privatisation in the health service. He also strongly supported Blair’s city academies.

As chief lobbyist for Pfizer, Smith actively pushed for privatisation of NHS services. This is not something Pfizer did very openly, and you have to search the evidence carefully. Footnotes often tell you what is really happening, as in this press release  in which Owen Smith says of a Pfizer funded “focus group” study:

We believe that choice is a good thing and that patients and healthcare professionals should be at the heart of developing the agenda.

You have to look at the footnotes to see what kind of choice Owen Smith is actually talking about. Note to Editors 3 includes

“The focus groups also explored areas of choice that do not yet exist in the UK – most specifically the use of direct payments and the ability to choose to go directly to a specialist without first having to see the GP.”

Well, at least it is clear – direct payments from the public to doctors replacing current NHS services. Smith was promoting straight privatisation. As Head of Policy and Government Relations for Pfizer, Owen Smith was also directly involved in Pfizer’s funding  of Blairite right wing entryist group Progress. Pfizer gave Progress £53,000. Progress has actively pursued the agenda of PFI and privatisation of NHS services.

Owen Smith went to Pfizer from a Labour Party job, while Labour were in government, and there is no doubt that his hiring was an example of the corrupt relationship between New Labour and big business which is why the Blairites are so hated by the public. It is also beyond any argument that if Pfizer had any doubts about Owen Smith’s willingness to promote the Big Pharma and NHS Privatisation agenda, they would never have hired him.

Owen Smith is a strong supporter of Trident and assiduously courts the arms industry. He is a regular at defence industry events.

Perhaps most crucially of all, Owen Smith  joined his fellow Red Tories in abstaining on the Tory welfare benefit cuts.

I do not doubt Owen Smith’s expertise in brand positioning. I expect that there are indeed a large number of Labour Party members who might vote for a left wing alternative to Corbyn. But I also suspect that Smith has adopted the PR man’s typical contempt for the public, who are not as stupid as he seems to think. There is no evidence whatsoever that Smith is a left winger. There is every evidence that he is another New Labour unprincipled and immoral careerist, adopting a left wing pose that he thinks will win him votes.

People will notice, Owen. They really are not that stupid.

Re-posted from Craig Murray.

Owen Smith claims to be the unity candidate, only he can heal the wounds in the Labour Party, that he is as radical as Jeremy Corbyn.

His record shows anything but. He was one of the coup plotters, thus hardly a unity candidate or someone to heal wounds when it is he and hos coup plotters that have caused the damage to the Labour Party.

To claim  as radical as Jeremy Corbyn, is laughable.

His background is PR, he is a former lobbyist for a major US pharmaceutical company, favours privatisation of the NHS, has obtained funding for Blairites within the Party from a  US drugs company.  A former adviser.. He abstained on damaging Tory welfare cuts. Has contempt for democracy with his call for a second referendum on Brexit.  In Wales he is known as Oily Smith.

A candidate who is as shallow as Tony Blair.

Is this the sort of person suited to lead the Labour Party?

Most would say no.

Owen Smith and Angela Eagle have done a dirty little deal as to who would stand. Labour MPs met to decide who will stand.

Once again contempt for democracy, contempt for the members.

The only thing that ties the coup plotters together, is intense hatred of Jeremy Corbyn and contempt for the members.

Owen Smith is a careerist politician, satiated on his lust for power.

If not already registered to vote in the leadership election, please register before 5pm on Wednesday.

Labour votes for sale

July 16, 2016
They've pulled a Wonga

They’ve pulled a Wonga

Next time we criticise rigged elections in another country, they will simply point to the level of corruption in the Labour Party.

Come the General Election, this will be used by other parties as to why Labour is unfit to be a party of government.

Labour NEC has disenfranchised around 130,000 Party members.

Labour has votes for sale.

Local parties are barred from meeting.

We do not know why Brighton has been suspended, as the local party has not been told, but the suspicion has to be, because they are pro-Corbyn.

Local parties across the country must meet in defiance of Labour NEC, or if they are not prepared to go that far, hold an informal meeting, and pass a Vote of No Confidence in Labour NEC.

If local parties are unable to meet, how can they hold leadership hustings, how can they decide who they wish to back?

It is Labour NEC that must be dissolved and fresh elections to Labour NEC.

If the Labour establishment wants war, then give them war.

The coup plotters, come a General Election, must be de-selected. They chose war then let us take war to them, but in a comradely fashion, no lynchings, no bricks through windows, no abuse.

What we are seeing is not Left v Right or Jeremy Corbyn v Labour MPs. What we are seeing is the Members v Labour Establishment, the 99% v the 1%.

Labour NEC contempt for democracy

July 14, 2016

Labour NEC has nothing but contempt for the demos, the people.

Two days ago they met to decide whether or not Jeremy Corbyn should be on the ballot for leader. The rules are crystal clear, no ambiguity, and yet it took them almost six hours and threat of legal act to reach an agreement, that yes, he would automatically be on the ballot.

They went into secret session. Are they not accountable to Labour Party members?

Then, as Jeremy Corbyn left the room to let supporters know the good news, and a couple of his supporters also left, NEC pulled a fast one. They decided anyone who had joined the Labour Party after 12 January 2016, would not be entitled to vote.  They also decided that to register as a supporter there would be a fee of £25 (last year it was £3). The window of opportunity to register is very small, a couple of days only within which to register. Those who registered last years, apparently cannot vote (though this need clarification).

This ruling, which at a stroke, disenfranchised well over 100,000 members, was not even on the agenda.

A check of the Labour Party website this afternoon, no information on the leadership election, no information on how to register as a supporter.

Labour Party changed its rules a couple of years ago. No longer could Trade Union leaders cast a Bloc Vote at Party Conference on behalf of their members,  individual members  had to register and vote as affiliated members of the Labour Party.

This offered an alternative route to vote in the leadership election, for example register as a community member of Unite.

Today, Labour NEC blocked trade union affiliate members from voting. Affiliate members who registered after 12 January 2016, will be disenfranchised.

What is particularly insidious about these rulings, is that they are retrospective.

Member who joined in good faith, have found that they had a vote, and now it has been taken away.

There has been no discussion, no debate, within the Party, to bar members from voting, or to hike the supporter fee to £25.

None of this is new. Last year, people experienced problems registering as supporters. Lists were passed to local parties and names scrubbed off the voting register. Many people did not receive ballot papers.

Labour NEC has suspended Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party, strong supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party has been suspended and its recent election results annulled, according to its new secretary.

On Saturday (9 July 2016), the city’s Labour party voted for its new executive committee and Corbyn supporters took the top jobs.

But the recently-elected secretary Greg Hadfield said this afternoon the branch received a letter from Labour’s national executive committee (NEC), which said the local party had been suspended.

Please sign the petition demanding that Brighton suspension is lifted and the elections at their AGM honoured.

Labour NEC has suspended all local party meetings until the leadership election is over at the end of September.

Local parties are defying the NEC ruling.

In Wallasey, the Merseyside constituency of Angela Eagle – one of the two challengers to Corbyn – members booked a hall for a meeting of the New Brighton branch on Wednesday night. It went ahead as an informal meeting of Labour members rather than an official event.

At the end of the two-hour meeting, a vote of no confidence in Angela Eagle was passed by 54 to 9. In a second vote, they unanimously rejected the £25 membership fee, which one of those in the hall denounced as “a surcharge on democracy”.

Members at the meeting accused the labour NEC of trying to exclude the tens of thousands who had joined since the attempt to remove Corbyn a fortnight ago. Kathy Miller, secretary of the Wallasey constituency party, said 369 new members had joined her branch since 24 June , bringing the total to 1,221.

Local parties across the country should hold meetings in defiance of Labour NEC. What are they going to do, suspend every local Labour Party in the country, disenfranchise the entire labour Party membership?

What we are seeing is gerrymandering on an industrial scale.

If this level of gerrymandering and vote rigging was seen in Iran or Russia or Zimbabwe, there would be international outcry, call for international monitors, questions raised as to the validity of the election.

The behaviour of Labour MPs is little better.

They mounted a coup against Jeremy Corbyn. They had no mandate to do so.

Two Labour MPs have tossed their hat into the ring, to challenge Jeremy Corbyn.

Monday, Labour MPs will decide behind closed doors, which of these two MPs will stand, one will drop out. Party members are not allowed to participate. The only policy the Candidate will have, We Hate Corbyn.

If coup plotters, Labour NEC, Labour head office, want war, then let us give them  war.

There should be meetings across the country in defiance of Labour NEC, pass a Vote of No Confidence in NEC.

Ordinary people should take control of their local Labour Party. Labour NEC needs a clear out, as does the Labour head office. And when a General Election is called, every single one of the coup plotters should be de-selected and replaced not by Party automatons (we have had enough of them), but with people who are capable of independent thought, who will act for the people who elected them.



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