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Labour NEC gerrymandering

July 20, 2016

Labour NEC appear to be determined to rig the Labour leadership election

First they disenfranchised over 130,000 members who had joined after 12 January 2016.

Then they made registered supporters pay £25 to register, ensuring many would not be able to afford to register thus lose their right to vote.

They also  restricted the registration period to 48 hours.

Trade Union affiliated members who were entitle to vote, were barred from voting.

A crowd funding scheme, to help those who could not afford the £25 registration fee was ordered to close, with the lady who set it up threatened with expulsion from the Labour Party.

Local Labour parties issued with a  diktat that they could not meet until after the leadership election.

Then when you think it could not get any worse, The Canary has reported blocking of the registration of Corbyn supporters.

New evidence has come to light that suggests the National Executive Committee (NEC) may be stalling registered supporter applications, to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from winning the Labour leadership.

As last year, a box for why you wished to join. If put Vote for Corbyn, was to ask for trouble, on the other hand, leaving blank would arouse suspicion.

The question should never have been asked. Nor should several other questions, which were a trawl for personal information. Why do they need phone number, Facebook profile?

Are they performing background checks on people?

Supporter Naciye Ozbilenler has spoken out on Facebook about her experience of signing up as a registered supporter. She states that she joined as a supporter, stating her reason as Jeremy Corbyn, but did not receive a confirmation.

Many supporters have spoken out about similar experiences, revealing they have had their application stalled or have not received any confirmation if they have detailed their support for Jeremy Corbyn. In comparison those who did not give Corbyn as a reason, have received a confirmation straight away. Similarly, those who gave Corbyn as a reason and did not get a confirmation and who then joined again without a reason, received their confirmation straight away.

Michelle Regan facebook post

Michelle Regan facebook post

Naciye Ozbilenler tried again this time making no mention of her support for Jeremy Corbyn, having been warned Labour head office was full of Blairites.

Naciye Ozbilenler warned of Blairites blocking registrations

Naciye Ozbilenler warned of Blairites blocking registrations

Naciye Ozbilenler has no problem when no mention of Jeremy Corbyn

Naciye Ozbilenler has no problem when no mention of Jeremy Corbyn

The Canary has reported these are not isolated examples

We have been here before. This is a re-run of what happened last year.

Last year, there was a problem getting registered. If accepted, lists wee sent to local parties to purge the leist of any undesrables. Many failed to receive ballot papers.

I had a battle over weeks, registration only accepted an hour before the deadline.  Ballot paper was never received. Thus I never did get to vote, even though I had paid £3 registration fee.

A Brighton political  facebook discussion forum  had many people complaining they were unable to register, and when they did register they never received a ballot paper.  A Pro-Corbyn forum has similar complaints.

At the time, complaints to Labour head office went unanswered, and when hey did answer,  pathetic excuses, went round and round in circles, met with bloody-minded obstruction.

Over 180.000 had registered as party supporters before the deadline. This exceeds the entire membership of the Tory Party.

Unbelievable listening on World Tonight to a member of Saving Labour (We Hate Corbyn group) and former member of Labour head office.

He said any electoral system that leads to the election of Jeremy Corbyn is seriously flawed. That Labour MPs have effectively become disenfranchised and they are the ones with a mandate. That focus on political engagement was wrong and the focus should eb on power.

This one individual illustrated the contempt for the members and all that is rotten and corrupt with Labour, and why change is needed.

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