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Lunch at La Casita

October 3, 2020

One train cancelled, next one running 27 minutes late, I arrive in Guildford an hour later than intended.

A long time since I have eaten at La Casita. Owner welcomes me as a long lost friend.

Décor has changed since my last visit. Previously like an old Spanish restaurant, now very bright and modern. I like both.

Externally La Casita looks tiny, appearances though can be deceptive, inside it is quite large.

I am surprised how busy. I comment busy. Owner reminds me I usually arrive as he is about to close.

I choose a table as far away from other tables as possible.

I choose sea bass in a spicy sauce with rice.

My lunch excellent, but I would expect no less at La Casita.

Covid-19 biosecurity good, indeed sets a standard others should follow. Staff wearing visors at all times (though Japanese study shows next to useless), I am told off for not wearing a mask as I walk in (though I do don a mask to walk to the toilets at the rear), a simplified menu on printed paper brought to the table (to be disposed of). The only addition I would make, temperature screen on entry (as they do at Paste).

I then wander to Krema for a coffee.

Lunch at La Casita

June 26, 2015
 fillet of sea bass with white wine and garlic served rice

fillet of sea bass with white wine and garlic served rice

La Casita

La Casita

La Casita

La Casita

I had intended tapas, but chose instead sea bass covered in sauce with rice,  fillet of sea bass with white wine and garlic served rice.

I thought maybe the sauce would spoil it, as quite strong, and mask the flavour of the fish, but no, it was excellent.

The owner told me the sea bass  was fresh that day.

Very pleasant ambience, service good.  The owner, if not busy, is only too happy to talk about the food, how prepared and cooked, which is always a good sign.

Two recent fake reviews on TripAdvisor which not only stand out like a sore thumb, but bear no resemblance to my experience of La Casita (I have eaten there a few times).

La Casita is one of the few places worth eating in Guildford.

Afternoon in Guildford

June 26, 2015
barge on the River Wey

barge on the River Wey

Where for lunch in Guildford?

It used to not even be a question. I would pick up a few things off the market and head to the Guildford Institute where I was guaranteed an excellent lunch.

The lady who did those excellent lunches has sadly left. The Keystone was perfect on a warm sunny day, lunch in the back courtyard, but it has gone so far downhill it is a joke. Last week roast dinner at Debenham’s, but the vegetables were cold.

I looked in Debenham’s. The roast pork was off. I was surprised, as a hot day. I spoke with the chef, let him know the crackling was not crisp and the vegetables cold the previous week.

I then thought, a hot sunny day, tapas at La Casita. At least that was my intention. A girl from Catalonia brought me a lunchtime menu. I decided to try sea bream and rice. It was excellent.

On my way, I popped in the Oxfam shop. I am pleased to say they are not selling the cheap rubbish peanut butter, bulked out with sugar palm oil and sea salt that is on sale in Oxfam in Winchester.

Phyllis Tuckwell shop. Where the books are, two speakers blaring out awful music and advertising. I asked were they deliberately trying to drive people out of the shop? She said they had had many complaints, and I am not surprised. I told her other Phyllis Tuckwell shops do not abuse their customers in this way, they have it turned off. She said they were stupid. No, it is her and the shop in Guildford. The sick thing is they are paying a lot of money for this rubbish to be piped into the shops. How much I do not know. A good way for a charity to spend money?

The Christian bookshop opposite St Mary’s has gone bust, or at least closed down. No surprised. Since it changed hands and the good staff forced out, it has been rubbish. Mention of alternative shops, but no mention of Triangle. I had the notice changed.

Before leaving La Casita, I thought it looked dull outside. I though maybe it was shady in the street. No, the sun had gone it was dull, and cool.

Passing by St Mary’s earlier, they have a People’s Music Festival, run by People’s Record Shop. I popped in, to ask more. A tent, but I could not see where, but he said out the back.

I asked what the music was playing, as it was good, and he said Gretchen Peters who will be appearing at Holy Trinity (2 August 2015).

It is good live music events are being promoted in Guildford, and I wished him luck.

Ben’s Records, I let Ben know. He said he knew and although a rival record shop, he had publicised on his facebook page.

Sad to learn Shaun had left Glutton & Glee. He had gone there from Harris + Hoole. He made a huge difference to the coffee. A big loss to Glutton & Glee.

On the entrance to the Castle Grounds a restaurant. It changes hands every few years always a failure, gets refurbished, then fails. It is in refurbishment phase. Cowboy builders cutting stone in the entrance to the Castle Grounds, dust everywhere, no attempt to damp down, builders not wearing face masks.

I asked Tourist Information when Godalming Food Festival. Next Saturday. I asked that they alert the council to the cowboy builders.

Santender get worse and worse. Two branches in Guildford, one at the bottom of the High Street, one at the top. The top one has been gutted. Where are the cashiers? No cashiers, no money. Have to go to the bottom of the High Street if you want money. A bank that has no money.

By the time I trekked down the High Street, then visited the market, all the stalls packed up.

Oxfam Bookshop. The Alchemist, The Devil and Miss Prym and Revolution. I do wish Oxfam would stop ripping people off. Paperbacks £2-49, Revolution (hardback) £2-99. Elsewhere paperbacks are £2-00 or less. But sadly they do not care.

Castle Grounds read a chapter of Revolution.

Too noisy, one of the cowboy builders using a power wash to illegally wash all their muck into the public highway.

In the Castle Grounds, floral displays to mark 150 years Alice in Wonderland.

Excellent espresso in Harris + Hoole before they closed. One of the staff said Shaun was an excellent barista.

Tapas at La Casita

November 4, 2014


champiñones al ajillo

champiñones al ajillo

In the High Street for Guildford farmers market, I was heading to the Thai restaurant in Jeffries, but as it was starting to rain, La Casita in Chapel Lane was nearer.

La Casita do a lunchtime menu which is quite good value, but as I had tapas previously, I thought I would have tapas.

I would have chosen tortilla española, champiñones al ajillo (mushrooms cooked with garlic and chillies) and pincho moruno (pork and peppers and onions on a wooden spit), but was persuaded to try the chorizos. Chorizos I found a little too strong and very salty.

La Casita

October 24, 2014

It is good when you stumble across somewhere worth eating, where they take a pride in their food.

Lunch at Guildford Institute was not up to much today, mainly because everything had gone and there was little choice.

Late afternoon, I decided to have a cappuccino and cookie in Harris + Hoole, but upstairs was closed (they now close at five) and downstairs was packed.

I walked to the Castle grounds and read a little of This Changes Everything on Google Nexus 7. On the way I passed La Casita and looked at the menu. On my way back, I looked again, and although it was only early evening, I was hungry, and decided to give them a try.

I asked was their offer three tapas for £10 still valid, they said yes.

I decided to stay.

A lovely atmosphere.

I chose tortilla española, champiñones al ajillo (mushrooms cooked with garlic and chillies) and pincho moruno (pork and peppers and onions on a wooden spit).

The portions were generous.

Something missing. Bread. I asked. Why did you not say? A basket of bread was brought out.

The tortilla good, though not as good as in Puerto de la Cruz, though half way through, I decided as good. The other portions excellent.

To have food this good, you would have to go to the old part of Puerto de la Cruz, where there are many excellent restaurants or El Limón or Meson California en Plaza Charco during carnival.

As it was early and I was the only customer, I had a long chat with the owner. Someone who takes a pride in what he is doing. A pleasant change to the ghastly chains that dominate our town centres, chains that do not even pay tax.

It is these little business we should be supporting. When was the last time a politician passed through the door and asked ‘what can we do to help?’ on the other hand they fall over backwards to help big business.

La Casita to be added to the list of places worth eating in Guildford, Friday lunch at the Guildford Institute, Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage.

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