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Cappuccino in Krema

September 23, 2017

Krema is one of those coffee coffee shops where guaranteed a consistently good cappuccino.

Today, no exception. Indeed one of the best cappuccinos I have had in Krema.

Horsham Pioneer v 5.0.

A new espresso blend from Horsham, which may in part explain why my cappuccino was so good today.

Cappuccino in Krema

April 29, 2017

Krema, for a decent coffee.

For some perverse reason, everything came in reverse order, first a cappuccino, followed by a sausage roll, followed by soup.

Maybe my fault, as I ordered in reverse order.

I also bought a bag of coffee beans, Pioneer v4.0 from Horsham Coffee Roasters.

Soup and cappuccino at Krema

October 22, 2016


I was pleased to find, now the weather has turned cold, that soup is back on the menu at Krema.

Excellent tomato and pepper soup, with a I think they said Wenslydale cheese. Big chunk of bread. Generous portion size.

A trip to the butcher, then back for a cappuccino and flapjack.

I noticed cascara on the board. I asked. Yes, it was a new addition.

Krema serve as tea, in a tea pot. Contrast with Coffee Lab who prepare and serve cold.

Excellent soup and cappuccino in Krema

April 9, 2016


Excellent tomato soup in Krema. To be precise, tomato and mascarpone cheese, with a hint of paprika.  No skimping on portion size, portion size generous.

I was going to ask for a glass of water. I did not have to, one was brought.

Excellent cappuccino.

I prefer cappuccino without chocolate and cocoa is better than chocolate, but I prefer to be asked.

Chocolate ruins a cappuccino, as does sugar, but in this case,  it did not.

I would have had a flapjack, I would have preferred a cookie, but decided on a walnut and coffee cake. I prefer cake with tea. The cake was excellent too.

As well as coffee from the espresso machine, Krema are experimenting with cold brew coffee.

Would I like to try?

I was brought  a small frosted glass, a cold brewed Kenyan coffee.

To say the least, very unusual, an acquired taste. Nothing like coffee. I expected something bitter. Not so, a fruity taste. Almost like an alcoholic drink without the alcohol.

On my  one and only visit, I was probably a bit hard on the barsita, a little bit miserable and needed to loosen up.

Maybe he had a hard day, maybe not the friendly type.

Not so today, went out of his way to be helpful, explain the coffee, the soup, the cake.

I would rather people were themselves than the plastic smile in a chain.

With excellent coffee available, someone knowledgeable on coffee, it begs the question of why anyone drinks the disgusting coffee in Caffe Nero, Costa or tax dodging Starbucks?

Though I would add, Krema is always packed, Starbucks near empty.

Maybe word is getting out.

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